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The Ultimate Monument to Journalism

An assassin took several shots at Donald Trump. A poor debate performance exposed the senility of President Biden. Some of the headlines the media have produced have been utterly beyond belief. The meme of the “Fiery but Mostly Peaceful Protests” is reoccurring in front of our eyes to develop narratives that call for the extra-democratic […]

Washington Monument closes due to strong winds

The Washington Monument closed on Sunday because of high winds, the National Mall National Park Service (NPS) announced on social media. The NPS later clarified that the monument itself was not at risk but that it was closing to make sure visitors were not standing in line for a prolonged period during that weather. “That’s… […]

Ukraine Replaces Soviet-Era Emblem On Towering Kyiv Monument

The Mother Ukraine statue has lost its hammer-and-sickle, as officials replaced it with the country’s trident coat of arms to help reclaim its cultural identity. Source

Pole attacks Pope over CHILD RAPE , 25-year-old man, who was charged with defacing the monument and insulting the feelings of believers-Athorities not Worried About Pedo Priest iInsulting and Assaulting the Feelings Of The Raped Children’s A$$es

The Polish police have arrested a man for defacing a John Paul II statue following pedophilia revelations. Two monuments to Pope John Paul II have been defaced over the past week in Poland, after a book and a documentary aired explosive allegations that he had tolerated pedophile priests during his term as the archbishop of […]

Serbs outraged after Chinese construction firm destroys war monument

Serbs became outraged after a Chinese construction company destroyed a war memorial monument honouring Serbian soldiers of World War I and II, so-much-so that only pieces of it remain, Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty reported. A Chinese construction company working on a highway project tore down the towering statues of fighters near the village of… […]

US Ambassador Tsunis condemns vandalism of Holocaust monument in Thessaloniki

US Ambassador George Tsunis condemned the vandalism of the monument at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki commemorating the Jewish cemetery the Nazis destroyed in 1942 as ‘abhorrent and disgraceful’. “This unconscionable act desecrates the lives and precious memory of the 50,0000 Jews from Thessaloniki the Nazis murdered during the Holocaust,” Tsunis said on a social… […]

1,000-Year-Old Cañada de la Virgen Monument Given Protected Status in Mexico

Mexico has a new protected archaeological monument. The site is a 1,000-year-old ceremonial center of the Otomi or Hnahnu people, an indigenous group that still inhabits the area around the Sierra Madre mountains. The announcement is the first of its kind in a decade, a long absence due to a severe lack of budgetary funding […]

Fortress discovered under ‘mega-monument’ burial mound in Cyprus

An enormous fortress wall has been discovered hidden underneath an ancient burial mound from over two thousand years ago a rampart, or part of a defensive wall, according to a statement from the Department of Antiquities Cyprus. Fortress discovered under ‘mega-monument’ burial mound in Cyprus 4 The mound itself measures 328 feet long by 196 […]

TCP – Georgia Guidestones: Monument to the New World Order Georgia Guidestones: Who Paid for It and Why? Click to access COMM%2012%20BRIEFING001%20(1).pdf   The post TCP – Georgia Guidestones: Monument to the New World Order appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

Arizona’s Tuzigoot National Monument: Ancient Legacy of the Sinagua People

The Tuzigoot National Monument is a small national monument located in the Verde Valley, in the southwestern US state of Arizona. The monument contains the ruins of an ancient pueblo village built by the Sinagua people. The pueblo was built around 1000 AD  and was occupied for four centuries before its abandonment. During the 20th […]

Indigenous Woman Monument To Replace Columbus Statue

Above Photo: In this Oct. 12, 2020 file photo, a pedestrian takes a photo of graffiti on a temporary metal barrier set up to protect the perimeter of the Christopher Columbus’s statue which was removed by authorities on Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico Cito. Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum announced on Sunday, Sept. 5, […]

Sacred Farming: Huge Monument Find Showcases Neolithic Earth Worship

Archaeologists excavating near the village of Biddenham in Bedfordshire, England, have uncovered several ancient structures dating back 6,000 years. But most recently, a huge ritualistic monument has emerged from the timeworn fields. The team have uncovered several layers of archaeology dating back to the Neolithic. Bronze Age , Iron Age and Saxon period artifacts have […]

Phrygian Temple Found Beneath the Famous Maltas Monument in Turkey

For almost 100 years archaeologists in Turkey thought they knew everything about the famous 7th-century-BC Maltaş monument. That just changed, after a 40-day emergency excavation revealed the rock-cut sacred site is three times deeper and that sat on top of an ancient Phrygian temple. The famous Maltaş monument is one of the most visually impressive […]

Jews Dedicate A Monument In Jedwabne, Poland To Another WWII ‘Atrocity’ That Likely Never Happened

Several dozen protesters disrupted a commemoration ceremony for Jewish victims of an alleged 1941 pogrom in Jedwabne, Poland, symbolizing the country’s fraught debate over who should be blamed for World War II-era atrocities, many of which never happened: The nationalists brought flags and signs and disturbed people praying at the site of the pogrom on […]

Mleeta National Monument of Resistance – the “Miracle of Lebanon”

International Editor of the Morning Star newspaper in Britain. 11 Jul 2021 Steve Sweeney Source: Al Mayadeen “the National Monument is not about war, it is about peace.” “We are blessed” Mohammad tells me, a sentence he would repeat a number of times during our gatherings. He is referring to the so-called “Miracle of Lebanon,” […]

Man arrested in Florida over ‘Defacing Monument’ with Tire Burnout on LGBT flag, but how about BLM Statue Demolishing?

Home » Injustice, North America, Suppression » Man arrested in Florida over ‘Defacing Monument’ with Tire Burnout on LGBT flag, but how about BLM Statue Demolishing?     A Florida man has been slapped with felony charges for leaving tire tracks across an intersection painted in the rainbow colors of the LGBT pride movement. LGBT […]

Greeks Honored in New Australian National Monument to Migration

The National Monument to Migration in Sydney, Australia. Credit: J Bar/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0 Greek philanthropists have banded together to commemorate Greek migrants on the new National Monument to Migration in Sydney, Australia to recognize the 200th anniversary of Greek independence. The Welcome Wall at the Australian National Maritime Museum was recently named the National […]

Biden To Tear Down Wall, Replace With More Compassionate ‘Rigid Vertical Border Monument’

Biden To Tear Down Wall, Replace With More Compassionate ‘Rigid Vertical Border Monument’ EL PASO, TX—Fulfilling a campaign promise to get rid of Trump’s racist and xenophobic border wall, President Biden announced today he will be replacing the wall with a brand-new, more compassionate “Rigid Vertical Border Monument.”  The new monument will be identical to […]

Graffiti equating Holocaust with Uighur persecution painted on monument

As the world commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day on Wednesday and the six million Jews killed by the Nazis, France’s Holocaust Memorial was vandalized with pro-Uighur graffiti, the Agence Press (AP) reported. Paris police discovered the graffiti early on Wednesday morning, the AP reported, as ceremonies were planned around the world to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance […]

Israeli Defense Ministry to Dedicate Monument in Honor of South Lebanon Army Soldiers

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu observes an IDF exercise near the border with Lebanon, Oct. 28, 2020. Photo: Amos Ben Gershom / GPO. – Twenty-one years after the Israel Defense Forces withdrew from Lebanon, the Israeli Defense Ministry has announced plans to commemorate the soldiers of the South Lebanon Army. The monument, set to […]

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