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Phrygian Temple Found Beneath the Famous Maltas Monument in Turkey

For almost 100 years archaeologists in Turkey thought they knew everything about the famous 7th-century-BC Maltaş monument. That just changed, after a 40-day emergency excavation revealed the rock-cut sacred site is three times deeper and that sat on top of an ancient Phrygian temple. The famous Maltaş monument is one of the most visually impressive […]

Experts Claim There is a Lost, Underground ‘City’ Beneath the Pyramids of Giza

There is an incredible ‘Lost’ underground city located beneath the Pyramids of Giza, and despite the fact that only a few know about it today, it was extremely well documented in the past. Despite the fact that only a few know about it today, the vast underground city was extremely well documented in the past. […]

Well-preserved, Ancient Wooden Road Discovered Beneath Old Polish Town

Jaroslaw, a town in south-east Poland, developed as an important trade center in the 16th and 17th centuries and now an amazing ancient wooden road (one of the longest in Poland) has been unearthed in the town center. Trade routes from Jaroslaw were established with Silesia, Gdansk and Hungary, and goods came from as far […]

Obsidian From Oregon Found at Early Holocene Site Beneath Lake Huron

A team of archaeologists and anthropologists from the University of Michigan found something highly unusual while exploring the underwater realms of Lake Huron in the Great Lakes region. Supervised by their team leader, anthropologist John O’Shea, they were digging on the Alpena-Amberley Ridge, a narrow land corridor occupied by Native Americans before it was permanently […]

Iron Age Dagger and 700-Year-Old Village Found in Scotland Beneath Motorway!

Four buildings, part of a Scottish medieval settlement, discovered beneath a motorway hard shoulder in Scotland in 2016 stood “no chance” of being destroyed over the last 700 years. They were “magically protected” by an Iron Age dagger which archaeologists say was a talisman applied in the battle against malevolent supernatural forces. On Friday, 26th […]

Evidence of Seven Levels of Infrastructure Beneath the Giza Plateau

Five miles from Cairo stands one of the most ancient and alluring sites in human history. This mystery comprises the three main pyramids of Giza that have come to represent one of the most famous ancient civilizations. The megalithic stones that form these structures lie on a great plateau, and now investigators have found something […]

Rare Images Show How to Access the Hidden Chambers Beneath the Sphinx

In 1987 a Japanese team from Waseda University (Tokyo), under the direction of Sakuji Yoshimura carried out an electromagnetic sounding survey of the Khufu Pyramid and Sphinx and found SEVERAL cavities and tunnels. Rare images of the Great Sphinx suggests there are several intricate entrances. The Great Sphinx of Giza has captured the imagination and […]

Secret bunker discovered beneath Warsaw Ghetto in Poland

A secret underground bunker has been discovered under the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto with ten pairs of Jewish Tefillin (phylacteries) hidden behind other items, Israel Hayom reported.  The area of the Warsaw Ghetto is being demolished by the Polish authorities to make room for residential building. The bunker was discovered following demolition work done […]

Surprise Discovery of a Headless ‘Buddha’ Statue Beneath Chinese Apartments

A huge, headless religious statue has been discovered carved into the rock face under apartment buildings in China. It is of questionable age – some claim it’s from the Republican era and others assert that it’s a ‘thousand-year-old relic.’ The origins are also debated, with some sources claiming it’s a Buddha statue and others suggesting […]

‘The land will sink beneath your feet’ — a century of Jews wrestling with Zionism

WRESTLING WITH ZIONISM: Jewish Voices of DissentBy Daphna Levit288 pp. Interlink Press. $20 Daphna Levit’s new book, “Wrestling with Zionism: Jewish Voices of Dissent,” offers a concise introduction to 20 major Jewish critics of political Zionism since its inception in the 1890s. The book is a treasure trove of anti-Zionist zingers. On a deeper level, […]

Enormous Ancient Building Identified Beneath Monte Albán’s Main Plaza

Researchers in Mexico have discovered a vast ancient building buried beneath the Main Plaza at the ancient capital of Monte Albán. Monte Albán is a large pre-Columbian archaeological site located in the Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán Municipality, in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, approximately 9 km (5.59 miles) west of Oaxaca City. Representing one of the first developed cities in pre-Hispanic Mexico, this expansive civic-ceremonial […]

Long-lost Medieval Friary Found Beneath English Car Park

British archaeologists have long speculated over the most probable site for a long lost medieval Friary that once stood in open countryside near Gloucester, England. Now it’s been discovered, but not in its tranquil English old-world setting, rather, beneath a carpark and bus station. Every British reader knows the poem telling the story of Dr. […]

Canada today slipped beneath the waves, like the Titanic, but into deep dictatorship.

August 18, 2020 By Marcel Woland for The Saker Blog Today, the Minister of Finance, Morneau, was forced by Trudeau to resign, after he and Trudeau were caught (*see below) diverting one billion dollars to personal, non-governmental, associates. George Soros, through an Ukrainian agent/mole, is now the de facto head of Canada. George Soros’s designated ‘biographer’ (hagiographer) Ukrainian-Canadian Fascist, […]

Picasso’s secrets: Cutting edge tech reveals what lies beneath ‘Crouching Woman’ (PHOTOS)

In 1957, Picasso pondered whether x-ray technology might one day reveal the secrets of his technique, reports National Geographic. Now, teams from the Northwestern University/Art Institute of Chicago Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts (NU-ACCESS), the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), and the National Gallery of Art, Washington appear to have proven him right, […]

What lies beneath: ‘Monster’ plankton discovered in Arctic ice (PHOTO)

The fortuitous discovery of the eight-legged creature – which freakishly only has one eye, no mouth and two hairy antennae – was made by a University of Manitoba student in 2014. READ MORE: Jellyfish invasions caused by human construction at sea – study Aurelie Delaforge was working at an ice camp in the wilds of Cambridge […]

Hitler busts & Nazi paintings found beneath Austrian Parliament

“It’s not really a surprise when you clear out a building after 130 years,” a spokeswoman for the parliament said, as cited by AFP. “We know that the building was used as a ‘Gauhaus’ (local Nazi party headquarters) during World War II and we expected to make discoveries like this.” A total of four paintings, […]

Massive ‘UFO’ Lurks Beneath Antarctic Ice, Scientists Claim

Scientists believe they have found evidence of a massive UFO lurking beneath the Antarctic ice in an area called Wilkes Land. The mysterious anomaly lurks beneath a frozen area that spans 151 miles across and has a depth of over 2,700 feet. reports: Some researchers believe it is the remains of a truly massive […]

Beneath Helsinki, Finns Prepare for War

Defense planners develop vast network of tunnels and shelters as Moscow plans war games Russia is planning its biggest military exercise in years, and its neighbor Finland is going underground. A subterranean city beneath Helsinki forms a crucial line of defense for the capital. Finnish soldiers routinely train here, with a mission to keep Finland’s […]

Is 14 Legged Killer Squid Found TWO MILES Beneath Antarctica Being Weaponised By Putin?

A KILLER giant squid that can hypnotize its prey and paralyze humans at a distance of 150 feet using poisonous venom is being developed as a secret weapon by Vladimir Putin, a scientist has claimed. Doctor Anton Padalka claims he was part of a Russian scientific expedition to a subterranean lake in the Arctic that […]

Age of the Aztecs: Ancient tower of skulls unearthed beneath Mexico City (PHOTOS)

     An ancient tower of human skulls has been unearthed beneath Mexico City – a discovery that researchers say raises fresh questions about the culture of sacrifice in the Aztec empire. Archaeologists unearthed the 676 skulls embedded in a tower near the site of the Templo Mayor, one of the main temples in Tenochtitlan, the […]

UNCOVERED: Obama Had A HUGE Secret Hidden Beneath The Streets Of DC

It’s fairly common knowledge that there is a complex series of tunnels beneath Washington DC. Through most of them, dignitaries and federal workers travel from place to place, making it easier to navigate the city: That is the closest you will get to finding out where there are tunnels. IKt’s not to scale, not directionally […]

Meet The Enigmatic ‘Pre Flood’ Pyramids Beneath Lake Fuxian In China

At the bottom of Lake Fuxian—rising 1,720 meters above sea level and encompassing an area of 212 square kilometers—experts discovered the remains of a massive city, and several pyramids-shaped structures believed to be the remains of an advanced ancient pre-flood civilization Pyramids are a global phenomenon. For thousands of years, ancient cultures around the globe […]

Israeli cabinet meets in tunnel beneath Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli cabinet held its weekly meeting on Sunday in tunnel underneath Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the meeting was held in the tunnel “to mark the liberation and unification of Jerusalem.” He described the tunnel as being underneath the Western Wall, known to Palestinians and Muslims as the […]

New Mural beneath Eiffel Tower promotes White Genocide

Paris Mural Artist Depicts Whites Getting Murdered, Raped, and Enslaved report from national vanguard PEOPLE SEEM TO BE catching on to the mural that was painted beneath the Eiffel Tower last September. The mural depicts White and Black figures intertwined and in the middle a Black male figure looks like he’s having sex with a White […]

Beneath Modern Sheen Of Gulf States Is Slave Labor

The awe-inspiring skyscrapers and buildings that litter the region have been described as being “stained by the blood of migrant workers.” This subjugation of laborers lines corporate coffers while putting the lives of migrant workers at risk. Though many believe slavery is a thing of the past, it is very much alive in the regimes […]

Dark Truths Protected Beneath Progressive Facades. NATO and its Allies are the Terrorists in Syria


Dakota Access Pipeline Now Has Oil Beneath Missouri River

Above Photo: Native American protesters and their supporters are confronted by security during a demonstration against construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, September 3, 2016. Robyn Beck / AFP/Getty Images The Dakota Access pipeline developer said Monday that it has placed oil in the pipeline under a Missouri River reservoir in North […]

Israeli forces kidnap 25 Palestinians

Days of Palestine, West Bank/ Jerusalem -Israeli occupation forces kidnapped on Tuesday night 25 Palestinian citizens from occupied West Bank and Jerusalem. According to Palestinian sources, the Israeli occupation forces raided several neighbourhoods of the occupied Jerusalem and stormed several Palestinian houses. In the wake of the Israeli occupation raids, families reported the kidnapping six […]

Antiquities of Iraqi origin seized in Tehran subway

According to a report by ISNA, as translated by IFP, the antiquities recovered in Tehran’s Sadeghieh metro station were later handed over to the Tehran Province Department of Cultural Heritage. Mohammad Reza Nemati, the head of the Department, told ISNA that the relics included 6 glass scent bottles, some bronze bangles dating from a different […]

The science of intuition: How to measure ‘hunches’ and ‘gut feelings’

     Whether you call it a “gut feeling,” an “inner voice” or a “sixth sense,” intuition can play a real part in people’s decision making, a new study suggests. For the first time, researchers devised a technique to measure intuition. After using this method, they found evidence that people can use their intuition to make […]

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