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Still no media mentions Henry Curteis or English Democrats as postal voting starts

There is still  no mention of English Democrats (Teds) candidate Henry Curteis in any main media across West Mercia, Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. There is almost no media of any kind about the election. Despite that the election voting cards have gone out and people are already casting their postal votes. BBC is offering me […]

English Council Culture

Councils are implementing policy from climate emergency codswallop to primary school child sexualisation curriculum up and down the country. Fortunately, they are being challenged. Once upon a time ‘sticks ‘n’ stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’ was the mantra. Today thought crime and hate speech are absurdly real. During a […]


English Sovereign Tea

Inspired by Put the kettle on! English Sovereign Tea England calling, England calling, England calling To you an’ you an’ you…. you an’ you an’ you England calling, England calling, England calling Get up ‘n’ get off your knee Flyin’ high the Saint George Cross It bears heart in English trust That before […]

Algeria extends English-language learning as France’s influence ebbs

The Associated Press (AP) reported: “More than a year after Algeria launched a pilot program to teach English in elementary schools, the country is hailing it as a success and expanding it in a move that reflects a widening linguistic shift underway in former French colonies throughout Africa.” “Students1 returning to third and fourth-grade classrooms […]

Hitchens weighs in behind English Independence

STAY FREE ANOTHER THOUSAND YEARS.  Get rid of world government invasion of our country and prevent the break-up of England into regions.  Join as allies with the the Welsh Independence Movement. Source

The UK is literally mad. Leave, say the English Democrats.

Ukrainians Caught Trying to Sabotage Russian Nuke Plant; Putin says “Trained by British” – for whom “There will be consequences” “Vladimir Putin today warned Britain of ‘serious consequences’ and said Prime Minister Rishi Sunak ‘doesn’t understand’ the risks after the UK’s special forces tried to disrupt Russian nuclear power plants. President Putin said that Britain’s elite forces were […]

Massive Manhunt As Suspected Terrorist Escapes English Jail

Ports and airports were placed on alert after former soldier Daniel Abed Khalife slipped out of London’s medium-security Wandsworth Prison. Source

Video Chronicles “Donbass 2022” by journalist Alina Lipp now in English!

The most important video I have ever made. Through my camera you see what is really happening in Donbass and what my work consists of – for which Germany is even persecuting me This is kept from you in the western media. Donbass 2022 from Alina Lipp (Video) (English subtitles) For filming in Donbass in […]

Indo-European Languages Like English and Sanskrit Had a Common Ancestor 8,100 Years Ago!

Language is one of humanity’s most fundamental and defining characteristics, shaping our thoughts, cultures, and societies. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

‘Our Father’ is problematic, English state church founded So Henry 8th Could Divorce His Wives He Chose Not To Murder, leader claims

Know why British “elites” wear kilts? Because sheep and little children can hear zippers. The first line of the Lord’s Prayer is “problematic” as it describes God as “our father,” the Arch-bishop of York told a meeting of Pedophile Church of England clergy on Friday. The Church of England exist because the Vatican would not […]

Skeletal Remains Of 150 English Children Starved And Worked To Death In Factories Show No Evidence Of ‘White Privilege’

(The Surrey Comet UK) Scientists have uncovered the first direct, grisly evidence of the harrowing lives of children known as “pauper apprentices” who were forced into labour during industrialization in England: “Lead author Rebecca Gowland, a professor in the Department of Archaeology, Durham University, said: “This is the first bio-archaeological evidence for pauper apprentices in […]

Al-Manar English Website is Live Blogging on Hezbollah Military Drill in South Lebanon

May 21, 2023 Hezbollah launched a military drill in South Lebanon on Sunday, drawing the presence of local, regional, and international media personnel. The itinerary included a visit to a resistance camp and participation in a live weapons military exercise, showcasing Hezbollah’s military strength on the commemoration of the May 25, 2000 Resistance and Liberation Day. As […]

Italian Government Introduces Legislation to Stop Invasion of English Language

A member of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s party introduced new legislation that would penalize Italians who use English and other foreign words in official communications, in an attempt to stop the invasion of foreign languages in Italy. Source

Viking-Era Boat Has Been Discovered Under an English Pub

Archaeologists from the University of Nottingham are currently studying what locals believe to be a Viking-era boat that was discovered buried beneath a pub car park in Wirral, England.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Medieval Gatehouse Likely Witnessed First Action of English Civil War

Pock-marked with bullets that likely came from the muskets of Parliamentarian troops bound for the very first battle of the English Civil War, the remains of a medieval gatehouse have been uncovered in England. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Europe Read Later  Source

ACH (2049) Mallificus Scott And Paul English – The Limeys #106 – Andy’s 50th Birthday Party

In today’s show originally broadcast on February 1 2023, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-hosts Mallificus Scott and Paul English for a show entitled, “Andy’s 50th Birthday Party.” We discussed: how our speech is primarily restricted by the mainstream media in the UK; the background to Andy’s book; how if governments throughout the world […]

Medieval Gatehouse Reveals Hundreds of Musket Ball Marks from English Civil War

While digging at a centuries-old estate in Warwickshire known as Coleshill Manor , archaeologists from the United Kingdom’s HS2 high-speed rail project unearthed evidence of an armed conflict that marked the outbreak of hostilities in the 17th century English Civil War . Around 200 musket ball impact marks, along with more than 40 musket balls […]

UK Home Office To Dump 400 Migrants At Hotel In Small English Village Of 500

A decision by the Home Office to open up a migrant centre in a hotel in a sleepy English village has been met with outrage. The residents of the village of Creaton, who weren’t even […] The post UK Home Office To Dump 400 Migrants At Hotel In Small English Village Of 500 appeared first […]

Elizabethan-Era Ship Found in Quarry Lake Along English Channel Coast

Marine archaeologists recently removed the remains of a nearly 500-year-old Elizabethan-era ship  discovered in the bottom of a quarry lake approximately 1,000 feet (300 meters) from the Kent County coast in southern England.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Technology News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

More Than 45,000 Illegal Immigrants Crossed English Channel to UK in 2022

A record 45,756 illegal immigrants crossed the English Channel to reach the UK in 2022, UK government figures show. The last crossings of the year took place on Christmas Day when 90 people made the journey from France in two boats. The Ministry of Defence recorded no further crossings for the remaining six days of […]

Are Climate Lockdowns Beginning? An English County Will Require Permits to Drive Through Other Neighborhoods

Residents can travel freely in their own areas. However, attempting to enter a different restricted area using a private vehicle will require a permit. Source

Vladimir Putin Address to SCO and CIS Defense Ministers Dec 9, 2022 – English Subtitles

December 09, 2022 Source

CDC Adds Declining Math, English Scores To List Of COVID Symptoms

ATLANTA, GA — After extensive research, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the declining math and English scores of American students were being added to its list of COVID-19 symptoms. Source

King Charles I: The Only English Monarch Executed for Treason

Quite a few European monarchs met their fates at the end of an executioner’s axe. One of the most famous examples is King Charles I of England, sentenced to death for treason. Unlike many executions of the time, Charles’s execution went smoothly. Most interestingly, Charles’ execution bolstered rather than damaged his reputation because of the […]

Rare Roman Navy Anchor Recovered Off English Coast

Since 2019 maritime archaeologists exploring the sea floor below an offshore wind farm in the North Sea have discovered many ancient artifacts.  Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Migrant Armada: English Channel Boat Migrant Numbers Cross 30,000

The number of illegal migrants arriving in the United Kingdom after crossing the English Channel by boat has now surpassed 30,000. The 30,000 threshold was broken on Thursday according to figures from the Home Office, the government department with broad responsibility for policing, national security, and border control. Led until recently by Priti Patel MP, […]

Control Freak Losers Who Can Spell Adulterated yankee English

Every now and then some loser will try to take me to task because I can not spell adulterated yankee English. Got an Email. Looking at your index I note that you have twice spelled ‘speech’ as ‘speach’ .It jars on the eye a tad and detracts from otherwise sensible points. I share your contempt […]

Quebec Election: Legault Sorry for English Content on His Party’s Website

Coalition Avenir Québec Leader François Legault says he regrets that English-language content was published on his party’s website. Campaigning ahead of the Oct. 3 provincial election, Legault told reporters in the Montreal suburb of Longueuil today that he intervened personally to have the content removed. The party had published an English version of a document […]

English football clubs flaunt financial power in €2bn transfer spree

A record spending spree by Premier League clubs in the summer transfer market passed more than €2.2 billion.

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