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German novelist Horst Kruger’s autobiography up for review at Book City

TEHRAN – Iranian literati will come together in a session on Saturday at the Book City Institute in Tehran to attend a review of German writer Horst Kruger’s autobiography “The Broken House: Growing up Under Hitler”. A Persian translation by Minu Lalroshan has recently been published by Tarh-e No in Tehran.  The review session will […]

Migrants turn German city of Plauen into no-go zone

    Saxony is generally considered to have some of the lowest migrant numbers in Germany, and for years, commentators and newspapers made a point of lambasting the region’s anti-immigrant sentiment when there were few living there. Now, the mayor of Plauen is desperate as crime and violence soar in his city due to migrants […]

German gov’t plans to subsidize UP TO 80% of energy costs for certain industries

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The German government plans to shoulder up to 80 percent of energy costs for certain industries, amid the country’s energy crisis caused by failed green policies and over-reliance on Russian gas.Economic Affairs and Climate Action Minister Robert Habeck put forward the plan, which would see German industries pay a … [Read More…] […]

Study Shows Benin Bronzes Are Made from German Metal

A new study of famous 16th-19th century works of art found in abundance in West Africa has revealed something surprising about their composition. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

German MP wants US troops Which Have Been Occupying Germany Since 1945 Kicked Out

OTHER LOSSES: The Shocking Truth Behind the Mass Murder of Disarmed German Soldiers and Civilians Under General Eisenhower’s Command The No Combat Coward Ike “redesigned” German POW’s as “former POWs” so they would not be covered by the Geneva Convention so he could Holocaust them using starvation, no shelter, no winter cloths in open fields […]

German Study Documents Heart Damage, Death of Parkinson’s Patient Caused by Covid Jab

New, mind-blowing research about the Covid so-called “vaccinations” has been published recently in medical journals. Sadly, mRNA “technology,” not Covid, is destroying people’s hearts and brains, and it’s being documented in medical journals for all the “pro-science” pro-vaxxers to ingest. Recently, a patient died a few weeks after getting his third mRNA stab. Right after […]

Caesar’s Savage Human Skewers Unearthed In German Fort

Was this German silver mine really defended by two Roman forts and a line of “spike defenses”? Or, were the Romans protecting something even more valuable than silver? Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Technology News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

DEATH BY mRNA: German study documents heart damage, death of Parkinson’s patient caused by covid jab

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) New, mind-blowing research about the Covid so-called “vaccinations” has been published recently in medical journals. Sadly, mRNA “technology,” not Covid, is destroying people’s hearts and brains, and it’s being documented in medical journals for all the “pro-science” pro-vaxxers to ingest.Recently, a patient died a few … [Read More…] Source

German health minister says ‘new pandemics are certain’ after meeting with Bill Gates, WHO director – LifeSite

The Microsoft founder is said to have significant influence on the WHO, as his foundation is the second largest financial contributor to the organization after the U.S. government. Gates is a strong proponent of vaccine development and distribution (including the ineffective and dangerous Covid injections), as well as population control and abortion.  Germany’s health minister Karl Lauterbach is known as an ardent supporter of draconian Covid measures, […]

ACH (2065) Alfred Schaefer & Monika Schaefer – Remembering The German Civilians Who Were Burnt To Death In Dresden

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (2065) Alfred Schaefer & Monika Schaefer – Remembering The German Civilians Who Were Burnt To Death In Dresden Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on February 17 2023, Andy is joined by Alfred Schaefer and Monika […]

German Ballet Director Fired After Smearing Feces On Critic’s Face

Marco Goecke was suspended from his post as ballet chief this week after the Saturday attack. Source

Poland Pushes For More Tanks For Ukraine, Will Seek German Approval

Poland needs the consent of Germany, which builds the tanks, to send them to a non-NATO country. Source

German government says COVID vaccines are now causing AIDS-like symptoms

Official Data shows Germany suffered over 102k excess deaths in 2022, a 276% increase on excess deaths recorded in the year 2020, the alleged height of the Covid-19 pandemic, and prior to the emergency use authorisation of Covid-19 injections. Does this prove that the COVID Vaccinated did go on to develop Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome […]

German Gov’t Bombshell: ‘Alarming Number of Vaccinated Are Developing AIDS’

The German government has admitted that an ‘alarming number’ of vaccinated people are developing ‘AIDS-like symptoms.’ According to new data released by German authorities, Germany has experienced over 102k excess deaths in 2022, a 276% […] The post German Gov’t Bombshell: ‘Alarming Number of Vaccinated Are Developing AIDS’ appeared first on News Punch. Source

Painful Similarities Between the German and Aztec Collapses

January 18, 2023 Painful Similarities Between the German Collapse and the Aztec Empire – with Some Clarification On The Transformation Of Europe Against Mesoamerica Source By Thorsten J. Pattberg JUST IN, so funny: ‘Shove Your Democracy Up Your Ass’ went viral in China and Taiwan. My sense of humor! If you can, grab five mint copies […]

German bishop outlines new guidelines, mandates priests accept homosexuality, transgenderism

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Leftists have taken over nearly every institution that made Western civilization so successful and great, including the Christian faith, as evidenced by the growing number of denominations now actively advocating the opposite of what Jesus and the Bible teach.The latest example comes from Germany, where a Catholic bishop … [Read More…] Source

Greta Thunberg Removed By Police From German Anti-Coal Protest

“The science is clear, we need to keep the carbon in the ground,” the Swedish activist said. Source

Highly Alarming: Analysis of Vaccine Ingredients by German Industrial Engineer

A German Industrial Engineer has analyzed samples of COVID-19 vaccine batches that cover over 1 million doses. USMortality Jan 13 2023 The German Industrial Engineer Mr. Holger Reißner, a former consultant to the German Federal Robert-Koch-Institute, has analyzed many vaccine charges for its consistency and ingredients. All-Cause Mortality Monitoring – is a reader-supported publication. […]

Tomorrow she will be taken away: German court sentences Holocaust survivor (85) to forced vaccination

Covid-19 Legal actions Vaccination Originally published on 10th Jan 2023 by Willi Huber, The facts of the case seem unbelievable, because Germany has probably really learned nothing at all from history. Confidants of a Ukrainian-born composer, famous in her homeland, turned to Report24. A court in Stuttgart has decided on a year of forced confinement in […]

Guido Goldman, the CFR and the German Marshall Fund

Guido Goldman, the founder and driving force behind the German Marshall Fund, was the son of Nahum Goldmann, one of the most influential Zionist leaders in history who was central to the creation of the modern state of Israel. While Guido Goldman took great pains to distance himself publicly from his father’s legacy, throughout the […]

German Justice Minister Replaced For Being a White Male

The German Green Party has fired Justice Minister Dirk Adams, ostensibly for no other reason than him being male and white, and replaced him with an unqualified woman of African heritage. Yes, really. Adams was dismissed from his role in the German state of Thuringia, not because he had been caught engaged in any wrongdoing, […]

Top German virologist says COVID-19 pandemic is over

December 26, 2022 Famous German virologist Christian Drosten believes the coronavirus pandemic has ended and COVID-19 is now an endemic disease. And Justice Minister Marco Buschmann called for the last restrictive measures to be lifted. The COVID-19 pandemic can be considered over because it is now an endemic disease, the German virologist Dr. Christian Drosten told the Tagesspiegel newspaper. […]

RIDICULOUS: German Ethics Council chair says anyone who advocates review of COVID-19 policy is an enemy of democracy

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) German Ethics Council (DE) Chair Alena Buyx said any plans to investigate the German government’s policy regarding the Wuhan coronavirus  (COVID-19) is “dangerous to democracy.” According to Buyx, anyone who advocates a fundamental review of COVID-19 policy and demands personal and legal consequences is an enemy of … [Read More…] Source

German police officers chase Tesla on autopilot, driver literally asleep

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) German police officers chased a Tesla car on autopilot before finding out that its driver was asleep.Officers of the Bavarian State Police (BSP) spotted the said Tesla driving along Autobahn 70 on Dec. 29. The vehicle was headed eastward to the town of Bayreuth from Bamberg, both located in Germany’s Bavaria state. It … [Read More…] […]

German study finds that COVID-19 vaccines perpetuated the pandemic and caused immune system failure

I will repost pieces which have some good information in them mixed with damage control. Any article which pushes the false idea there was any pandemic caused by a “SARS-COV-02” “virus” is either written by someone who does not understand real; science to the level needed to be writing such articles, or someone paid 30 […]

A senior German Army officer and former Commander of Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum, General Hans-Lothar Domröse, has predicted that the Russia-Ukraine conflict will run into a stalemate and some sort of a ceasefire will be reached by summer.

READ HERE: Ex-NATO general predicts Ukraine ceasefire “Neither Moscow nor Kiev will succeed with their military goals, a top German officer claims” Source

“Welthauptstadt Germania” – Adolf Hitler’s Vision for Renewal of the German Capital Berlin

Aside from the great hall, the most important and psychologically the most interesting of the buildings was to be Hitler’s palace. Source

German public television station tells citizens to bathe only once a week to prevent energy collapse and blackouts this winter

(Natural News) To keep the lights and heat on for as long as possible this dark winter, WDR and ARD public broadcasting in Germany are urging citizens to bathe only once a week at most. Staying dirty and using minimal water will help to offset German politicians’ failed “green” initiatives, which resulted in a shutdown… […]

German Vice President Calls for Autopsies of People Who Died After COVID Vaccine

The vice president of the German Bundestag has called for an immediate official investigation into the deaths that occur in a disturbingly large number of Covid vaccine recipients. “I think it is essential that every unexplained death that occurs within 14 days after a vaccination is automatically registered as a suspected case with the Paul […]

German insurance data shows 88 fully Killer Jabbed people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly every day

No one, anywhere on this rock has Scientifically Identified, Purified, Isolated a Reproducible sample of the Alleged “SARS-COV-02” “virus”, said without real proof to be causing the Mythical “COVID-19” “illness”, “diagnosed” with a PCR process “test” the Nobel Prize Winning Real Scientist who invented the process said should never be used as a stand alone […]

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