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News from Poland with Ania K – Exploitation/Abuse and Migration/Depopulation Agenda moving full steam ahead


Poland confirms NATO troops are in Ukraine

(NaturalNews) The West wants war DESPERATELY with Russia. The Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski has come straight out and admitted on Friday, March… Source

EU demands Hungary, Poland and Slovakia begin importing of Ukrainian grain

The European Commission insists on extending the duty-free and quota-free access of Ukrainian agricultural products and foodstuffs to EU markets for another year. EU trade commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis recently called on Hungary, Poland and Slovakia to immediately lift the ban on imports of Ukrainian products, which was introduced under national jurisdiction last September. He noted […]

Poland is increasing its national Gold Reserves by 20%

The management of Poland’s central bank, the National Bank of Poland (NBP), has decided to increase the share of gold in the country’s reserves to 20 percent. NBP President Adam Glapinski announced this momentous occasion during a press conference, where he noted that “a 20 percent share of gold in reserves is characteristic of the […]

Poland on Alert after Russia Bombs Civilian Blocks in Kyiv

Poland was forced to scramble at least three F-16s today as Russia fired missiles towards its NATO border with Ukraine, say reports. In the event the missiles turned away from the NATO country and hit targets across Ukraine as part of a massive new onslaught unleashed by Russia. Deeply distressing footage from Kyiv showed residential […]

Now Farmers in Poland Stage Tractor Protests

Slow-moving machinery such as tractors and groups of pedestrians held up traffic all over Poland as Poland’s farmers joined in with European-wide protests designed to push back against a range of government policies farmers say are endangering the future of their industry and trade. The outbreak of protests, which were signaled last week, comes on […]

New Liberal Government of Poland Arrests former Conservative Ministers

The new liberal government in Poland is intensifying its purges against the former conservative government, with police storming the presidential palace and arresting two high-ranking conservative politicians on Tuesday, citing alleged abuse of power. This dramatic event is part of an ongoing conflict between the new liberal Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, and conservative President Andrzej […]

Poland’s new pro-EU govt has seized control of public broadcasters, firing  management boards & taking channels off-air

Described by former Education Minister Przemysław Czarnek as “Stalinist.” This is censorship at its most blatant and surely not a good sign. We had the slightly more subtle version in NZ with yours truly claiming to be the one source of truth … Source

Pfizer Sues Poland For Bailing On COVID-19 Vaccine, Citing Shady EU Mega-Deal

In April, 2021, the world learned that European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had been negotiating the biggest contract ever sealed for 1.1 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines via text messages back and forth with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. And while those texts were ‘somehow‘ lost, Pfizer is now suing Poland – which, under […]

Pfizer sues Poland Because Poland Does Not Want To Keep Killer Jabbing Polish People

Poland’s President Duda assures support for Finland against Russia’s hybrid border attacks

    In an official visit to Poland, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö was welcomed by President Andrzej Duda, with talks emphasizing Poland’s support for Finland amid hybrid aggression from Russia at the border. President Niinistö was warmly received by his Polish counterpart at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. The visit, starting with one-on-one discussions and […]

EU Commission Orders Germany to Take Back 38,000 Tones of Thrash Dumped into Poland

The European Commission has agreed with Poland in its dispute with Germany over German waste illegally transported into the country, Polish climate and environment minister Anna Moskwa has informed. “Germany must take away the waste illegally stored in Poland! The European Commission has admitted that Poland is right in the dispute with Germany,” Anna Moskwa […]

Poland’s Opposition Leader Declares Win

Polish opposition leader Donald Tusk declared a win after exit poll shows ruling conservatives lose majority. Source

Poland Prepares To Vote In A High-Stakes National Election With Foreign Ties And Democracy At Stake

Poland is holding an election Sunday that many view as its most important one since the 1989 vote that toppled communism. Source

A Huge Election in Poland

Huge election and referendums coming up in Poland this weekend. Please share this video! SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: Follow on Twitter: Follow @PrisonPlanet ——————————————————————————————————————— Brand new merch now available! Get it at ALERT! In the age of mass Silicon Valley censorship It is crucial that we stay in touch. I need you to sign […]


Poland’s PM to Zelensky after ‘political theater’ UN remarks: Never ‘insult Poles again’

Poland Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to never “insult Poles again” after he suggested its neighboring country was putting on “political theater” over grain export disputes.  Zelensky made blanketed statements at the United Nations General Assembly earlier this week, claiming “some of our friends in Europe” have “made a thriller from… […]

NATO Fractures: In U-Turn, Poland Announces It Will No Longer Arm Ukraine

NATO Fractures: In U-Turn, Poland Announces It Will No Longer Arm Ukraine The dam is breaking on unified Western support for Ukraine, and the timing couldn’t be worse for Zelensky, given tomorrow he’s expected to meet with President Biden at the White House. On Wednesday evening there is monumental news out of Poland which could […]

Under the shadow of war, Poland sets election date

Campaigns begin as anxieties in Poland are rising over the presence of Russian Wagner mercenaries near the border. Source

Poland Which Holocausted 58,000 Ethnic Germans to Help Britain Start WW2, Before Germany Was Forced To Invade To Stop The Slaughter, wants Ukraine to admit guilt for Nazi-linked WWII massacre

Which brings up the question. Are the Poles really as stupid as they are said to be, or are they just brass balls Huge assed Hypocrites? The Ole Dog! Share this: Source

Hundreds Of Thousands March In Poland Anti-Government Protests For Democracy

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Hundreds of thousands of people marched in an anti-government protest in Poland’s capital on Sunday, with citizens traveling from across the country to voice their anger at officials who they say have eroded democratic norms and created fears that the nation is following Hungary and Turkey down the path to autocracy. […]

Binance is delisting privacy tokens in France, Spain, Poland and Italy

(Natural News) Cryptocurrency is poised to become a lot less private in several European countries as a top crypto exchange is planning to delist “privacy tokens”. Starting June 26, Binance users in Spain, France, Poland and Italy will no longer be permitted to buy and sell enhanced anonymity crypto assets (CAE). The platform identified 12 […]

Osiris Figurines and Bust of Bacchus Recovered Side by Side in Poland. Why?

In a recent archaeological excavation carried out in the village of Kluczkowice in Poland, a peculiar discovery has been made of Roman and Egyptian gods lying side by side. Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Poland’s Anti-Bug Law Battles Globalist Meat Replacement Agenda

Janusz Kowalski, a government minister in an unnamed country, recently announced a proposed law that would require food products containing insects to be labeled with a special warning. This is intended to inform consumers about the use of bug additives, which are being introduced as an alternative protein source. This “anti-bug law” is consistent with […]

Prince William Makes Surprise Visit To Poland To Support Ally Ukraine

The heir to the throne met with British and Polish troops in Rzeszow, a city that has become a hub for shipments of military and humanitarian aid bound for Ukraine. Source

Poland detains suspected Russian spies ‘preparing acts of sabotage’

Poland’s security services say they have detained members of a Russian espionage ring, alleging they were preparing acts of sabotage and had been monitoring railroad routes used for the transport of weapons into Ukraine. Interior Minister Mariusz Kamiński said the Internal Security Agency arrested nine people suspected of spying for Russia. Three were detained Wednesday. […]

Poland and Slovakia urge allies to send fighter jets to Ukraine

Warsaw and Bratislava say they are ready to send their Soviet-made MiG-29 jet fighters to Kyiv as part of an international coalition. Source

US Sends Large Amount of Military Equipment to Poland

    On Twitter, a video that appears to show a sizable amount of American military hardware in the Polish port city of Gdynia has been circulated. A number of American tanks, APCs, and military trucks can be seen at the port in the video, which was also released by a Latvian Twitter news outfit. […]

RH – Interview with Barbara Novak about the Jews and Poland

The post RH – Interview with Barbara Novak about the Jews and Poland appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

Poland, Rothschild’s Bitch Used To Start World Wars

Germany did not start WW 1, the Ratschilds had their Bitch Britain instigate WW 1. Germany was not loosing but Khazariann Jews Germany had given refuge to who are used by the Ratschilds as useful bitches betrayed their Host country of Germany by starting a clandestine campaign in public opinion via the media to undermine […]

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