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Poland’s President Duda assures support for Finland against Russia’s hybrid border attacks

    In an official visit to Poland, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö was welcomed by President Andrzej Duda, with talks emphasizing Poland’s support for Finland amid hybrid aggression from Russia at the border. President Niinistö was warmly received by his Polish counterpart at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. The visit, starting with one-on-one discussions and […]

HOW COMFORTING! The former Super RINO Speaker is put out to pasture and the turncoat assures us he won’t smash up the House again.

READ HERE: McCarthy Won’t Seek Speaker Position In Re-Vote   Source

‘Prophet’ Julie Green Assures Eric Trump That His Father Is God’s ‘Anointed and Appointed One’

Clay Clark, the right-wing conspiracy theorist behind the far-right ReAwaken America tour, has openly bragged that the participation by members of the Trump family in his events is “legitimizing what we are doing in the minds of many people” and allowing him to get various dominionist “prophets” directly into “Trump’s inner circle.” One of the […]

Mayorkas Assures That Droid Army Deploying Onto Planet Is Not An Invasion

WASHINGTON, D.C. — At a joint press conference with Trade Federation representatives, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas assured the nation that wave after wave of transport ships descending to the surface of the planet carrying heavily-armed battle droids is “definitely not an invasion.” Source

Biden Assures American Public Ukraine Has Never Been Stronger

WASHINGTON, DC — People across the nation breathed a sigh of relief as President Joe Biden used his State of the Union address to assure the American people that Ukraine is making tremendous progress and is stronger than it has ever been before. “These are uncertain times,” Biden said to the assembled members of Congress […]

US assures Israel that Iran will not become a nuclear power

US President Joe Biden, on Wednesday, reiterated his country’s commitment to not allow Iran to become a nuclear power, Anadolu News Agency reports. In a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister, Yair Lapid, Biden “underscored the US commitment to never allow Iran to acquire a nuclear weapon,” according to a readout by the White House. […]

US “Assures” London Court That Assange Can Serve All Prison Time In Australia

US prosecutors who are on Wednesday arguing for the London High Court to overturn a prior January ruling by Judge Baraitser banning WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition to the US on the basis that he would face cruel punishment in a US federal ‘supermax’ prison, are now offering multiple “assurances” in order to get that […]

Thief Assures Victim Robbery Will Cost $0 Since Victim Is Paying For It

COLUMBUS, OH—According to sources, local college student Tom Smith was robbed at gunpoint yesterday in the early morning hours as he was getting in his car. In a statement to police, he revealed that the gunman assured him the robbery would cost $0 since it would be paid for by the money being stolen.  “It all […]

Biden Assures Everyone That While The Taliban Now Has American Tanks, Rocket Launchers, And Machine Guns, They Haven’t Gotten Any AR-15s

Biden Assures Everyone That While The Taliban Now Has American Tanks, Rocket Launchers, And Machine Guns, They Haven’t Gotten Any AR-15s WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Biden has received some criticism for how the exit was handled in Afghanistan. One problem is that Americans fled so quickly that numerous military weapons have now ended up in the hands […]

Facebook assures Australian government it’s making it hard to find vaccine-skeptic content

Following news that more than one-in-three people would refuse a coronavirus vaccine, governments such as that in Australia want tech companies such as Facebook to share what they’re doing to suppress vaccine skeptic content and other forms of “misinformation.” Facebook has recently shared a submission it sent to the Australian Select Committee on Foreign Interference […]

Bahraini revolution to remain peaceful: Representative

“The popular and peaceful revolution in Bahrain will continue,” Sheikh Abdullah Daqaq, representative of Sheikh Qassim in Iran, said Wednesday in a press conference at the head office of the Tasnim News Agency in Tehran. It is not expected that the Bahraini revolution become violent unless the regime resorts to assassination of Sheikh Qassim or […]

Cops Break Into Mother’s House Without Warrant, Kill Her Pet Parakeet and Beat Her Children

STATEN ISLAND — Evelyn Lugo, a 57-yr-old mother in Staten Island, is devastated after police officers broke into her house without a warrant, beat up her children, and murdered her pet parakeet, according to the lawsuit. Evelyn’s bird, Tito, was a small parakeet that clearly posed no danger to […]

African Hebrews organize after apparent army cover-up in death of Israeli soldier

Over the last month, members of Israel’s African Hebrew community have begun to organize over an apparent cover-up in the death of Toveet Radcliffe, a nineteen-year-old soldier who was found shot in the head, on the night between February 21 and 22, 2015. The African Hebrews are are a group of African-Americans based in Dimona […]

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