‘Prophet’ Julie Green Assures Eric Trump That His Father Is God’s ‘Anointed and Appointed One’

Clay Clark, the right-wing conspiracy theorist behind the far-right ReAwaken America tour, has openly bragged that the participation by members of the Trump family in his events is “legitimizing what we are doing in the minds of many people” and allowing him to get various dominionist “prophets” directly into “Trump’s inner circle.”

One of the “prophets” whom Clark has connected to the Trumps is Julie Green, a Trump cultist who first came to prominence in 2022 because of her association with failed GOP Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano.

Since then, Green has become a regular speaker at Clark’s ReAwaken America events, joining dozens of other COVID-19, election, and QAnon conspiracy theorists and, increasingly, members of Trump’s family and inner circle, including Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Lara Trump, and Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Earlier this year, Lara Trump appeared on Greene’s program, and on Thursday morning, her husband Eric joined Clark on Green’s broadcast, where he repeated the racist right-wing trope that his father’s legal troubles are winning him support among Black voters.

“Now you’re seeing certain segments of the population—like the African American segment of the population—who are coming out and saying, ‘They’ve done the same crap that they’re doing to Donald Trump, they’ve done it to us for years,’” Trump claimed. “They’ve indicted us for nonsense. They’ve thrown the legal system at us. They haven’t given us a chance in Hell. It’s been a rigged system.’”

“They’ve literally made my father a martyr with certain segments of the population that they otherwise claim to own,” Trump added. “It’s backfiring on them. It’s the law of unintended consequences.”

Green agreed, declaring that God has told her repeatedly that nothing will harm the former president because Trump is God’s “anointed and appointed one.”

“No matter what they’re going to try to do to your dad, it will not go the way they want it,” Green proclaimed. “It will not go the way they want it because God’s on his side, and he’s called him his David. He’s his anointed and appointed one. He’s said it more than once. He continues to say it. I’ve had so many different prophetic words regarding your father. I’ve cried because I know the love that God has for him, the love that God has for your family, and I could just feel it. He’s not going to forsake you, and he’s not going to let this continue.”

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