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A Coup Without Firing a Shot 

The last few years can be tracked at two levels: the physical reality around us and the realm of the intellectual, mental, and psychological.  The first level has presented a chaotic narrative of the previously unthinkable. A killer virus that turned out to be what many people said it was in February 2020: a bad […]

Poland’s new pro-EU govt has seized control of public broadcasters, firing  management boards & taking channels off-air

Described by former Education Minister Przemysław Czarnek as “Stalinist.” This is censorship at its most blatant and surely not a good sign. We had the slightly more subtle version in NZ with yours truly claiming to be the one source of truth … Source

New Oct 7 Footage Shows Israeli Tank Firing at Settler Homes in Kibbutz Be’eri

Israel Defense Forces tanks on Oct 7 shelled settler homes full of noncombatants in Kibbutz Be’eri while some 500 IDF soldiers “waited outside doing nothing,” new video obtained by Israel’s Channel 12 reveals. Source

Capitol police INCITED January 6 riot by firing munition into peaceful crowd, new footage shows

Capitol police INCITED January 6 riot by firing munition into peaceful crowd, new footage shows In the interest of transparency, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has released more than 40,000 hours of January 6 “insurrection” footage showing that what the media reported and what actually happened are two entirely different things. Those few short minutes […]

Sam Altman: The extraordinary firing of an AI superstar


Syria now firing missiles on Golan Heights as U.S. provides “surging” support for Israeli operation in “cleansing” Gaza of all Palestinians

(NaturalNews) The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has confirmed that the Syrian Army just fired missiles at the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on Tuesday evening,… Source

British Telecom CEO Firing Whites, Hiring Non-Whites to ‘Hit Diversity Targets’ and ‘Pocket £220K Bonus’

By Chris Menahan The CEO of British Telecom giant BT is reportedly firing some 1,100 employees in overwhelmingly Source

Ukraine Begins Firing U.S.-Supplied Cluster Bombs on Battlefield

Ukraine is using cluster bombs against Russian forces less than a week after they were first delivered from U.S. reserve stores, the White House confirmed Thursday. Source

Teen in Custody After Firing at Perth School

A teenager is in custody after allegedly firing multiple shots from a rifle at his former school in Perth’s northern suburbs. WA Police responded to reports of gunfire at Atlantis Beach Baptist College on Wednesday about 11.50am. “At the scene, police took into custody a 15-year-old male,” Commissioner Col Blanch told reporters after the incident. The […]

Many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that used now-defunct Silicon Valley Bank are firing workers left and right

(Natural News) It might not seem like all that big of a deal to the average person for Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) to go under, but it actually is a really big deal. The 18th largest bank in the United States, SVB is best looked at as the next domino after FTX to fall – […]

‘Firing on All Cylinders’: RNC Hits 50 Million Voter Contacts 2 Months from Election Day

The Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel says the committee is “firing on all cylinders” as the party’s central political committee hits 50 million voter contacts two months from Election Day.

CNN ‘Woke’ Staff Terrified As New Boss Begins Firing Anti-Trump Employees

‘Woke’ staff at CNN are “terrified” that they will lose their jobs following a recent purge of anti-Trump employees, including prominent names, at the network. Far-left staffers are reportedly working in a state of fear […] The post CNN ‘Woke’ Staff Terrified As New Boss Begins Firing Anti-Trump Employees appeared first on News Punch.

Zelensky Regime Firing Missiles at Civilian Russian Homes

Zelensky Regime Now Randomly Firing Missiles at Russian Homes Source

Shock: Facebook moves away from Woke SJW, Begins Firing Leftist Employees for ‘Destroying the Company’

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced plans to fire hundreds of ‘woke’ staff for running the company into the ground by being lazy and self-entitled. According to reports, during a fiery Q+A session, Zuckerberg said he plans on “turning up the heat” to purge activist employees who “shouldn’t be there.” “If I had to bet, […]

Woman with Pistol Stops Man Firing at Graduation Party Crowd with AR-15

An alleged attacker with an AR-15 was shot dead in Charleston, West Virginia, Wednesday night by a woman who was carrying a pistol for self-defense. 

South Carolina Inmate Chooses Death by Firing Squad

South Carolina death row inmate Richard Moore has chosen to be executed by a firing squad when his sentence is carried out on April 29, 2022. 

Herschel Walker: Presidential Fitness Council Firing Threat Meant to Throw Campaign ‘Off Track’

Wednesday, the Biden administration asked for the resignation of Herschel Walker, a candidate for U.S. Senate in Georgia, and Mehmet Oz, a candidate for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, two Trump-appointed members, from the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition. Source

Senator Dr. Rand Paul to Put Firing Fauci to a Vote, US Post-Vax Rollout, All-Cause Deaths Up 40%

Above image: Pro soccer player Adama Traore goes down clutching chest in unprecedented spate of heart attacks, strokes and deaths among young pro athletes. Via New York Post, March 14, 2022, by Mark Moore ​Sen.​ Rand ​​Paul ​said he will introduce ​an ​amendment to ​remove ​Dr. Anthony Fauci as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious […]

India Issues Apology After Accidentally Firing A Missile Into Pakistan

The Indian government has issued a statement apologizing for the accidental firing of a missile into Pakistan earlier this week. The statement issued by the Indian Ministry of Defense on Friday, claims that a “technical malfunction” occurred “in the course of routine maintenance.” BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered straight to […]

After firing all unvaccinated doctors and nurses, Ontario orders hospitals and clinics to CANCEL non-urgent surgeries due to lack of staff

After firing all unvaccinated doctors and nurses, Ontario orders hospitals and clinics to CANCEL non-urgent surgeries due to lack of staff / Ethan Huff (Natural News) Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore has announced that all non-urgent surgeries are being canceled throughout the province due to an overload of sick patients […]

Funeral of Palestinian shot dead after firing at Israeli troops

A Palestinian man who reportedly fired on Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank Wednesday was shot dead by Israeli forces returning fire, the army and Palestinian health ministry said. The Palestinian health ministry said Mohammed Issa Abbas, 26, died from gunshot wounds to the back after the vehicle he was in came under fire […]

Hospitals Regret Firing Workers for Resisting Tyranny & Are Now Hiring Them Back

In September, despite claiming he wouldn’t issue one, President Joe Biden announced a jab mandate for all companies in the United States with more than 100 employees. If these companies refuse to comply, they were told they would face massive fines, upwards of $700,000. Not wanting to go out of business from massive fines, companies across […]

Exclusive—Mark Meadows: Firing Fauci Right Before Nov. 3rd Election Would Send Message We’re Not Taking Science Seriously

Mark Meadows, former White House chief of staff and author of , said on Tuesday’s edition of the Breitbart Daily News podcast with host Alex Marlow that Dr. Anthony Fauci wasn’t fired by the Trump administration due to concerns over how such a termination would be framed by news media and perceived by the American public. Marlow […]

2nd ‘Rust’ Crew Member Sues Alec Baldwin: ‘He Did Not Check the Gun Himself,’ No Firing in Upcoming Scene

Mamie Mitchell, the script supervisor for the unfinished film Rust, filed suit against its lead actor and producer Alec Baldwin Wednesday, declaring “Mr. Baldwin cannot hide” from responsibility for the fatal on-set shooting that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded the movie’s director. Deadline quoted from Mitchell’s filing, which says, “Mr. Baldwin cannot hide behind the Assistant […]

Hospital System Blocked in 19 States From Firing Workers Over Jab

Hospital System Blocked in 19 States From Firing Workers Over JabPublished on November 16, 2021Written by Oklahoma was granted a temporary restraining order that blocks Ascension Healthcare from terminating employees who were denied religious exemptions from the firm’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor had filed for a restraining order against the […]

Biden Vows To Keep Firing His Giant Money Hose At Everything Until Inflation Is Fixed

Biden Vows To Keep Firing His Giant Money Hose At Everything Until Inflation Is Fixed WASHINGTON, D.C.—Inflation is out of control, but President Joe Biden has a dynamic solution to that problem: a giant money hose. This has so far been his solution to every other problem he has faced, but he’s especially certain it […]

Academic David Miller Speaks Out Following Firing & Israel Lobby Smear Campaign

October 08th, 2021 By Lowkey Source [embedded content] Ironically, Miller’s book, “Bad News for Labour: Anti-Semitism, the Party and Public Belief,” detailed how bogus charges of anti-Semitism were weaponized against Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in order to defame and destroy him. Instead of simply stopping its human rights abuses, the Israeli government has built […]

American Airlines to Employees: Get Vaccinated or Face Firing

American Airlines set an official deadline for its Chinese coronavirus vaccine mandate for employees, the Charlotte Observer reported. According to the Observer, the airline sent an email to all of its U.S. employees on Wednesday telling them they must be fully vaccinated by November 24 or face getting fired. “To be clear, if you fail to […]

ONLY Conservative Media Voice Threatened With Firing Due to Anti-Defamation League Which Represents the Crime Cabal

The ADL is mad at Tucker because he has been critical of how White Americans are being intentionally replaced by foreigners. The ADL has said that this is anti-Semitic even though Tucker has never explicitly talked about the Jews. Jonathan Greenblatt the head of the ADL was on CNN several months back whining about how […]

Why are Hospitals Firing Staff During a Pandemic?

By firing health care workers for refusing a covid vaccine, globalist governments are showing their hand. There is no health emergency. The priority is simply to make everyone take the jab. Vaccine mandates in hospitals – gross incompetence or deliberately creating a crisis? Across Canada, as well as in many states, healthcare workers are quitting, being fired, […]

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