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Obama Judge Sentences Peaceful Protester to 8 Months in Prison for Praying on Senate Floor

Peaceful Jan 6 Capitol protester Paul Allard Hodgkins has been handed an eight month prison sentence for the crime of taking a selfie and praying on the Senate floor. Hodgkins only spent 15 minutes inside “the People’s House” but after being threatened with a hefty 20 year prison sentence he accepted a plea deal last […]

Production of advanced uranium fuel is for peaceful purposes: Iran

Production of advanced uranium fuel is for peaceful purposes: Iran – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh has reacted to a statement by the foreign ministers of Britain, France and Germany about Iran’s decision to produce silicide fuel using 20-percent enriched uranium, saying the fuel was produced for peaceful purposes. Khatibzadeh noted […]

Who were the Anglo-Saxons? Peaceful Settlers or Barbarians?

The skull shapes of ancient Anglo-Saxons have revealed that they were bonded not so much by genetic heritage as their shared language and culture. What they farmed and how they fought is well understood, but what remained a mystery until this new study was: who were the Anglo-Saxons? Studying the skeletal  remains of Anglo-Saxons,  particularly skull shapes, researchers […]

Violent Gangs Target Jews, the New York Times Insists They Are ‘Overwhelmingly Peaceful’

A taxi passes by in front of The New York Times head office, Feb. 7, 2013. Photo: Reuters / Carlo Allegri / File. Reporting on a firebombing in New York’s diamond district and other anti-Jewish violence, a New York Times news article insists, “The protests remained overwhelmingly peaceful and organizers said they believed some were […]

Why Imperialism May Be In Its Most Dangerous Phase Now; Resistance Needs Peaceful Path of High Creativity

Silently and stealthily,  unannounced and unheralded, imperialism may have already entered its most dangerous phase. Ironically this dangerous phase may not necessarily be linked to any definite evidence of increasing strength of imperialism. In fact the forces of imperialism have become so dangerous precisely because these are increasingly weaker and vulnerable in some respects, yet […]

Daraa: Weapons Unearthed Left Behind by NATO’s ‘Peaceful Protesters’

 ARABI SOURI MAY 6, 2021 Daraa, Syrian law enforcement authorities unearthed one more warehouse loaded with weapons and advanced munition left behind by NATO-sponsored terrorists in the southern Syrian province. With the help of the locals, the law enforcement authorities busted a number of hideouts used by Al Qaeda ‘peaceful protesters’ in the al-Lajat Badia and […]

Maxine’s Goons? Minneapolis Church Set Ablaze Blocks From BLM ‘Peaceful Protests’

A Catholic church just blocks away from the violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests in Minneapolis was set ablaze Monday night. The fire occurred just two days after Rep. Maxine Waters incited civil unrest in the area. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use. The Sacred Heart […]

Mad Maxine: ‘I’m Mostly Peaceful and Non-Violent, Honest’

Rep. Maxine Waters insisted on Monday that she is mostly “nonviolent” and “peaceful” after lawmakers slammed her for inciting violence if the Derek Chauvin trial returns the wrong verdict. Waters, who was once named the ‘most corrupt member of Congress,’ joined protests outside a police station in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, on Saturday where she incited […]

Iraq: Things are not Entirely Peaceful in Baghdad

Last month, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi convened a conference that he said would give people hope in the “turbulent” political system that emerged following the 2003 US invasion and overthrow of former President Saddam Hussein. “We call on all political forces and parties to defend the interests of the country, avoid discussions of violence, and […]

Nation Braces For Most Peaceful Protests Yet

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—As the Derek Chauvin trial continued this week, the nation began bracing for the most peaceful protests so far.  “We’re getting ready for some really peaceful protests,” said one business owner as he boarded up his storefront. “We ain’t seen nothin’ yet when it comes to just how peaceful Black Lives Matter can be.” […]

PLO: Hamas is on board with a 2-state outcome and ‘peaceful’ resistance

The Palestinian Liberation Organization says it has secured Hamas’ agreement to a two-state outcome and the terrorist group’s commitment to peaceful action. The commitments were laid out in a letter the PLO sent last month to Hady Amr, the top Biden State Department official dealing with Israel and the Palestinians. The letter was based on […]

The Peaceful Path Ahead for the Farmers’ Movement—Increasing Internal Strength While Reaching Out Widely

It appears now that an early agreement with the government is not likely and so the farmers’ movement has to prepare for the long haul. The popular farmer leader Rakesh Tikait has said that the sit-in or dharna can continue up to October this year, and he as well as others have said that this […]

In A Democracy What Should be the Ideal Response of Government to Peaceful Protest Movements?

Peaceful protest movements by various sections of people are an essential part of a democracy. A government in a democracy should respond to smaller movements at  an initial stage at a decentralized level so that the issues are tackled at an early stage and there is no need for protests to become too big and […]

Despite What You Heard, There Was No Peaceful Transition

By Eleanor Goldfield Source A critical look at Biden’s first Executive Orders set against the backdrop of Operation Peaceful Transition in Washington, DC. Anyone trying to find the edges of the U.S. Overton Window right now must feel like they’re tracing an amateur rendition of an early Picasso. After a summer spent chanting “defund the […]

“We had No Weapons. We Were Peaceful. They Started Shooting At Us.” Police Attacked Protesters With Pepper Spray, Tear Gas and Clubs. — Decoded-Information

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If Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful, why hide it? – analysis

Iran’s nuclear facility at Natanz appears to be paving the way for sensitive facilities to increasingly go underground according to satellite photos analyzed by The New York Times.Publication of the suspected findings is timed to coincide with Iran-Israel tensions and comes before US president-elect Joe Biden is sworn in. This is important because there is […]

War in Space: Rules-based cooperation is only way to keep space peaceful

In 2019, US President Donald Trump declared that “space is the new war-fighting domain.” This followed the creation of the US Space Force and a commitment to “American dominance” in outer space.Other space-faring nations, and those who fear the acceleration of an arms race in space, were greatly concerned. At the latest meeting of the […]

Farmers have the right to peaceful protest to get their grievances heard

The police brutality on the farmers protesting against the farm bill passed by the Parliament need to be unconditionally condemned. The farmers are agitating againsnt these bills since they were passed without proper discussion in Parliament. The fear is that the bills will pave the way for corporatisation of agriculture and will leave the farmers […]

Police using ‘excessive violence’ against peaceful protesters in Poland

Police in Poland are using increasingly violent tactics against peaceful demonstrators at women-led protests over abortion rights, according to activists. Authorities have thrown protesters on the ground, hit them with telescopic batons, and used kettling — a tactic that involves employing blockades to contain a crowd within a limited area — a human rights lawyer […]

Polish Nationalist Who Advocated Peaceful Deportation Of Jews From Poland In 1930s Finally Honored In London

Jewish supremacist groups are predictably criticizing Poland’s embassy in London for promoting the legacy of Polish nationalist, Władysław Studnicki, who died in exile in the U.K. after World War II. “We are appalled by this case of glorification of an antisemitic, pro-Nazi collaborator by officials of the Polish state,” Rafal Pankowksi — director of the […]

The peaceful BDS movement will prevail over the far right Trump-Netanyahu alliance

Editor’s Note: The following statement was issued on November 19, 2020 by the Palestinian BDS National Committee in response to the Trump administration’s designation of the Palestinian-led campaign for boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) as a “manifestation of anti-Semitism.” Mondoweiss occasionally publishes press releases and statements from organizations in an effort to draw attention to overlooked […]

Peaceful MAGA Protest and Mob Owned Media Can’t Handle It!

Media Confused By Completely Peaceful Protest November 14th, 2020 51.2kShares39.5k Share5.3k Share Share WASHINGTON, D.C.—The media is scratching their heads today after thousands of angry Trump supporters descended on the capital and were completely peaceful throughout the entire demonstration.  “I don’t even know what this is. This is really confusing,” said D.C. correspondent Cork Dorgen. “We’ve […]

Trump Is Interfering With ‘Peaceful Transfer Of Power’ Says Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff (D-CA) has accused President Trump of impeding the “peaceful transfer of power.” Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, who was responsibile for hyping false allegations of “Russia collusion”, made his comments in an op-ed for USA Today Breitbart reports: In 2016 and 2017, the outgoing Obama administration used intelligence and law enforcement to […]

Peaceful ‘count the vote’ protests in NY as tensions rise in Detroit, Phoenix

Thousands of Joe Biden supporters marched Wednesday evening in New York to demand every vote in the tight presidential election be counted, as supporters of US President Donald Trump protested in Detroit and Phoenix demanding a halt to ballot counting in the key states of Michigan and Arizona. New York demonstrators were peaceful and spanned […]

Anthony Scaramucci: peaceful power transfer ‘is in Donald Trump’s best interests’

Donald Trump will lose the US presidential election and realise it is in his best interests to calmly transfer power to Joe Biden, former White House staffer Anthony Scaramucci has predicted. The former Trump aide, who controversially served 11 days as communications director before being fired, was previously a big supporter and friend of the […]

Can Trump delay election or reject peaceful transition of power? Amy Coney Barrett refuses to say

[embedded content] Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett faced 11 hours of questioning in the Senate Tuesday but refused to provide clarity about her views on the Affordable Care Act, Roe v. Wade, voting rights and even if President Trump could delay the election. Republicans are racing to confirm the 48-year-old federal judge before Election […]

LAPD Car Attacked by ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Maskless Lakers Fans Outside Staples Center

Los Angeles Lakers fans partied outside the Staples Center on Saturday night, with zero social distancing and zero masks, after their team won its first NBA title in a decade. This is the city that won’t allow my children to go to school—even distanced, with masks, desks cubicled with plexiglas. — Abigail Shrier (@AbigailShrier) […]

Berlin, London, Warsaw, France, Poland: Silent Peaceful Protests #Covid19 #NoMasks Skeptics

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American Civil War: No matter who wins the election, there will be no peaceful transfer of power

    Failed plot to allegedly kidnap Michigan Governor is precursor for a larger political battle over the US’ future where opponents lack any common ground and neither side is ready to accept an election result where they lose. A foiled plot by 13 self-described “militia” to allegedly kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer underscores just […]

(Mostly) Peaceful gun fight gets interrupted by racist police

(Mostly) Peaceful gun fight gets interrupted by racist police. How many social workers do you count? [embedded content] Anyone who thinks this is some black gangstas shooting up the neighborhood is racist! Dey good boys who are expressing their opposition to slavery & white privilege.  Then there’s this expose of the future prez, the privileged […]

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