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Applied Predictive Programming – Long in Advance the XFiles told everyone what will be happening now


Paradigm for peace applied to Russia, Ukraine, and the US: Proposal for a peaceful pathway forward – Part 4. Mental escalators of violence in US policy and media makers – Part 4Q

Part 4q. US and NATO policymakers blame Putin, and not themselves, for violating the post-cold war settlement   False Bias #17. This Confrontation Is Not America’s or NATO’s Fault. Russia Is to Blame for “Rolling Back” the Post-Cold War Settlement. In his January 29, 2019 testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee for the Senate […]

Paradigm for peace applied to Russia, Ukraine, and the US: Proposal for a peaceful pathway forward – Part 4. Mental escalators of violence in US policy and media makers – Part 4P

Part 4P. Proxy wars for fur and fossil fuels: Obsessions for resources are the cause and effect of mental, spiritual, physical, economic, and environmental imbalance False Bias #16. Oil Is a Vital Resource, and US Policymakers Are Smart and Psychologically Balanced in Their Pursuit of Fossil Fuels. The night of February 8, 1690, some 200 […]

Paradigm for peace applied to Russia, Ukraine and the US: Proposal for a peaceful pathway forward

PART 3. THE ROOTS OF VIOLENCE: NEEDS FOR POWER AND FREEDOM Part 3A. Fears of US Political Interference and Coups, Much Like the 9/11 Coup of Allende We’ve been discussing one way to approach non-violent conflict resolution by applying the Paradigm for Peace model to the current crisis in Ukraine. In our imaginary chart for […]

Israeli army rule allowing shooting of stone-throwers will be applied to Palestinians, not Jews

From now on, Israel Defense Force militants may fire on Palestinians who have thrown stones or firebombs even when they no longer pose any danger. Or, in the IDF parlance, when they’re escaping. These changes in the IDF’s Rules of Engagement (RoE) were exposed by Roee Sharon of Channel 13 on Sunday (Hebrew). This change […]

Tesla has applied to sell electricity in Texas

Tesla submitted an application to begin selling electricity to consumers in Texas. Tesla Energy Ventures is a subsidiary of Tesla that would expand the company’s role in the energy industry. Tesla is known for selling its electric vehicles, solar panels, and solar batteries, but has not operated as an energy provider before. After this February’s […]

Indian Civilization Applied Advanced Nanomaterials to Their Pots 2500 Years Ago

Researchers in India have made an amazing discovery. They have found evidence for the earliest known carbon nanotubes. These are tiny materials, known as ‘nanomaterials’, that have several applications. This discovery is helping researchers to better understand the sophistication and advanced technology of the ancient civilization in Tamil Nadu in southern India. Researchers were working […]

PETITION: to ensure that the use of any coronavirus vaccine in NZ is voluntary and that no coercion will be applied

With the pulling down of The Highwire YT channel recently (200Ksubscribers), It just further confirms the rampant censorship aroundthe world from BigTech on important topics. You will understand there’s a building narrative in NZ of a miraclecoronavirus vaccine being just over the elusive horizon. Public debateshould be held on the safety of any potentially rushed […]

No Exit: 16,000 Palestinians who have applied to leave Gaza are waiting to hear from Israel

Israel extends processing time for exit visas from Gaza, with 16 thousand requests pending Haaretz 9 Nov by Amira Hass — Israeli bureaucracy stymies Gazans striving to get out — …Back in May, Israeli Liaison Office officials told the Palestinian civil affairs committee in Gaza that aside from urgent cases, the processing time for exit-permit […]

The strength of kindness

     There are many things being exposed, old wounds reopened and more and more realizing that all they say and do in the media, entertainment, government and banking system is not what it seems. We have been living in bizarroland where we ignore our elderly and sick, drug and poison ourselves as well as destroying […]

BBC Journalist Comes Clean: “Believe Nothing You Read Or Watch”

“I am ashamed to be a journalist,” says grieving BBC radio host John Darvall is a BBC radio host who recently had an epiphany over the state of journalism, after realizing the industry he’d served so well wouldn’t think twice about screwing him over for a good story. Darvall, who hosts a show on BBC […]

Jewish Elite, the Bell Curve and the End of The West – Veterans Today

. <!– –> Home Health Agent Orange Coping Gulf War Illness (GWI) Medical Disability Benefits PTSD Investigations 9/11 Holocaust JFK Assassination Paris Attacks 2015 Sandy Hook Life Art, Books, & Entertainment Economy & Business Education Environment Food, Wine & Travel History Civil War (1861-1865) Cold War (1947-1991) Gulf War (1990-1991) Iraq War (2003-2011) Korean War […]

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