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Biden Admin Pulls Trump-Era Deal Allowing Road Through Alaska Wildlife Refuge

The Biden administration is withdrawing from a land exchange deal that would have given the green light for construction to begin on a road through the protected lands of the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland announced the administration’s withdrawal from the deal, initially made between the Interior Department and […]

Federal Court Reinstates Law Allowing Florida to Defund Planned Parenthood

Florida will be allowed to defund Planned Parenthood on June 1, after a federal judge ended a permanent injunction on Tuesday blocking part of a 2016 law. Source

Florida Legislature Passes Bill Allowing State to Relocate Illegal Immigrants

The Florida House of Representatives passed a bill authorizing the state to transport illegal aliens regardless of the state in which they were picked up. Source

Appeals Court Dismisses Challenge to CT’s Policy of Allowing ‘Transgender’ Boys to Play in Girls’ Sports

(ABC News) — A federal appeals court on Friday dismissed a challenge to Connecticut’s policy of allowing transgender girls to compete in girls high school sports, rejecting arguments by four cisgender runners who said they were unfairly forced to race against transgender athletes. A three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in […]

Australia’s crime: not allowing UN inspectors in on Human Rights abuse

The colony called Australia is a crime scene. The colonialists in office have been misbehaving since the 1800’s where the imperial government had enough of the ‘rascals and outlaws’ (in office) and installed the Colonial Laws Validity Act in 1865. That didn’t deter the scoundrels in government where the democratic process of law making was […]

California Forced To Scrap Bill Allowing Kids To Have Covid Jabs Without Parental Consent

A California bill that would have allowed children get ‘vaccinated’ against covid without parental consent was scrapped last week after failing to generate sufficient support. The bill’s author, Democratic State Senator Scott Wiener, has blamed […] The post California Forced To Scrap Bill Allowing Kids To Have Covid Jabs Without Parental Consent appeared first on […]

Biden Admin’s Weakness Allowing China to Create ‘War Machine’: Rep. McCaul

House Republicans lambasted the Biden administration for a perceived lack of action against growing hostilities from China’s reigning communist regime. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) and several other Republican lawmakers said in a Sept. 8 press conference on the subject of China that a GOP-controlled Congress would do better in holding the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) […]

New York Supreme Court Strikes Down Dem-Passed Law Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote


Black Americans File Federal Lawsuit Against NYC for Law Allowing Foreign Nationals to Vote

A handful of black Americans, residing in New York City, have filed a federal lawsuit against the city’s Board of Elections for a local law that would allow nearly a million foreign nationals to vote in citywide elections. As Breitbart News has chronicled, Democrats on the 51-member New York City Council approved a plan last month that allows […]

New Mexico Supreme Court greenlights policy allowing illegal aliens to practice law

(Natural News) Illegal aliens can soon practice law in New Mexico, thanks mainly to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s appointees in the state’s Supreme Court (SC). The New Mexico SC has removed the citizenship requirement in a unanimous policy decision, allowing undocumented workers to become licensed lawyers in the mountain state through an amended set of rules […]

UK university blasted for allowing student to complete PhD documenting child porn experience

Photo Credit: Francisco Osorio/Wikimedia Commons (The Christian Institute) — The University of Manchester has been criticized for allowing a student to complete a PhD documenting his sexual gratification from reading erotic comics involving children. Karl Andersson wanted to research Japanese “shota” comics, which depict adolescent or prepubescent boys in a sexually suggestive manner. He said […]

UK Approves Extradition Of Julian Assange, Allowing The US Government To Continue Criminalizing Journalism

It appears all but inevitable that Julian Assange will be receiving an all-expenses-paid (except for his defense!) one-way trip to the United States to face espionage charges for, mostly, performing acts of journalism. The Wikileaks founder has done plenty of self-inflicted damage to his reputation over the past few years, but his organization was instrumental […]

NEA President: Allowing Teachers to Carry Puts ‘Pressure’ on Teachers to Have Guns, Leads to ‘More Violence,’ and Teachers Won’t Carry

On Tuesday’s “PBS NewsHour,” National Education Association President Becky Pringle argued that allowing qualified teachers to carry guns in school “puts more guns into schools, we know more guns equals more violence,” and will put “pressure” on teachers “that the

Caitlyn Jenner Blasts NCAA for Allowing Trans Women to Compete with Natural-Born Females

Caitlyn Jenner blasted college sports for allowing transgender women to compete against natural-born female athletes.

Virginia Tech Swimmer Blasts NCAA for Allowing Lia Thomas to Take Sport from Biological Females

Virginia Tech swimmer Reka Gyorgy published a letter accusing the NCAA of being “disrespectful against the biologically female swimmers.” Source

Caitlyn Jenner Slams Woke Culture Says Allowing Trans Women In Female Sport Is ‘Just Not Fair’

Transgender celebrity Caitlyn Jenner has offered a dose of common sense. Slamming woke culture Jenner claimed that “allowing trans women like swimmer Lia Thomas in female sport is ‘just not fair’” and that and “everyone needs to calm down” about Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered […]

NYC Enacts Law Allowing Over 800,000 Immigrants To Vote In Local Elections

Above Photo: Electoral workers wait inside a school in Manhattan during early voting in the New York City mayoral election on October 23, 2021. Kena Betancur / AFP via Getty Images. “New York City must be seen as a shining example for other progressive cities to follow.” A New York City law granting more than 800,000 […]

Israel Weighs A New Attack On Gaza, Allowing Hisham Abu Hawash To Die On Hunger Strike

This Saturday, perhaps the largest escalation between the Palestinian armed factions and Israeli military occurred, when 2 rockets — allegedly fired by Hamas — struck the sea near Israel’s Tel Aviv. With Israel provoking Gaza frequently since the unconditional ceasefire in May last year, the Israelis now threaten war and the murder of a Palestinian […]

Mexican Government Allowing Cruise Ships With COVID-19 to Disembark

Mexico will allow cruise ships carrying people infected with COVID-19 to dock, the country’s government announced on Tuesday. In a news release, the government said it will allow passengers who show symptoms of the virus, also known as SARS-CoV-2, to disembark but they must quarantine. Those who test positive will be provided with medical assistance. “In accordance with […]

Israeli army rule allowing shooting of stone-throwers will be applied to Palestinians, not Jews

From now on, Israel Defense Force militants may fire on Palestinians who have thrown stones or firebombs even when they no longer pose any danger. Or, in the IDF parlance, when they’re escaping. These changes in the IDF’s Rules of Engagement (RoE) were exposed by Roee Sharon of Channel 13 on Sunday (Hebrew). This change […]

USA Today Columnist Calls Allowing Noncitizens to Vote ‘Smart Policy’ ‘Rooted’ in ‘American Tradition, Ideals’

Allowing noncitizens to vote is “legally sound,” a “smart policy,” “good for democracy,” and even “rooted in both American tradition and ideals,” according to a USA Today columnist who claimed the inability of “potential citizens” to vote is “not fair,” while blasting Republicans — who have “no legal or moral standing to whine about protecting […]

Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in Case of Miss. Law Allowing Abortion, Except After 15 Weeks

Hundreds of women gather in support of abortion and birth control at a Planned Parenthood rally. (CNBC) — The Supreme Court’s conservative majority on Wednesday appeared poised to side with Mississippi in its bid to uphold a 15-week abortion ban, a ruling that would erode decades-old precedent protecting the right to an abortion before viability. […]

EU Correctly asks to Sanction Belarus for Allowing Arab Army to Invade Poland but why not ask to Sanction Turkey also?

    European Union officials are backing Poland’s accusations that Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko is conducting a form of “hybrid warfare” in unleashing armies of Arabs on the Polish border into the EU and yes these EU officials are right to blame Belarus for this but why aren’t these officials demanding the same thing for […]

Putin Says West is “Completely Insane,” “Subverting Human Nature” For Allowing Takeover by Gender Mob

Police Scotland have released a campaign ad that suggests calling a woman “nice” and buying her dinner are pre-cursors to “sexual violence.” Yes, really. The campaign is “hoping to tackle male sexual entitlement” and features several different men describing behavior which supposedly is a gateway to sexual assault. Such behavior includes calling a girl “doll,” […]

Putin: Allowing Children To Swap Their Gender Is a ‘Crime Against Humanity’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared that adults who allow children to change their gender are commiting crimes against humanity. During a speech at the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi on Thursday, Putin argued that the move to eliminate gender-based language and teaching children that biological sex does not exist is subverting human nature. “The […]

Woman Who Joined Islamic State Says UK Govt Must be ‘Open-Minded’ in Allowing Her to Return

(BBC) — A British woman who joined the Islamic State group with her young children has said UK politicians should “open your minds” to allowing them to return. Nicole Jack and her three daughters are currently being held in a detention camp in Syria alongside thousands of wives and children of IS fighters. She said […]

Viktor Orbán Warns Pope Francis: You Are Allowing Christianity to Perish

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán warned Pope Francis that Christianity is being allowed to “perish” under his leadership, and told him to end his support for mass migration in Europe before its too late. “At the meeting on Sunday, according to state media, Orban even handed the Pope a provocative gift: A copy of a […]

High Court Won’t Block TX Law Allowing Abortion Up Until 6 Weeks, Prohibiting Thereafter If Heartbeat Detected

(Business Insider) — The Supreme Court has refused to block a restrictive new law in Texas that bans abortions after six weeks, with no exception for rape or incest. In a 5-4 vote, Justices Amy Coney Barrett, Brett M. Kavanaugh, Neil M. Gorsuch, Samuel A. Alito, Jr., and Clarence Thomas overruled the dissenting votes cast by Justices […]

Lawmakers: State Department No Longer Allowing American Citizens to Enter Kabul Airport

Members of Congress said Sunday evening that the Biden administration was not allowing Americans to enter the Kabul airport and leave Afghanistan, as the evacuation mission nears its end by August 31. Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) tweeted Sunday night that the State Department was not helping American citizens trying to evacuate. “I am furious!! My […]

Australian Council SHOT SHELTER DOGS Dead Instead of Allowing Volunteers to Collect Them, Because… Covid

A government probe has been launched after officials in New South Wales, Australia, shot and killed shelter dogs that were due to be rescued by volunteers – allegedly in an effort to prevent the volunteers spreading Covid-19. © Reuters / James Redmayne The dogs, one of which had just given birth to puppies, were housed […]

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