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Hezbollah commander unveils new weapon on Al Mayadeen

February 27, 2024 Source: Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English The commander of Hezbollah’s anti-armored munitions unit reveals a new NLOS weapon developed by the Resistance in the face of the Israeli occupation. Since the start of the confrontations on the Lebanese-Palestinian border area on October 8, there have been talks within “Israel” about the […]

Data Analyst Unveils Where the Vaccine Deaths Are Hiding

“Myocarditis has become the darling of the anti-vax community. But myocarditis is about 1% of the overall vaccine deaths,” says John Beaudoin Sr, author of “The Real CDC.” Beaudoin discovered that in 2021, excess deaths in Massachusetts shifted from respiratory deaths to blood and circulatory system issues, such as clotting and bleeding. There is where, […]

US Senate unveils aid bill amidst criticism over support for Netanyahu’s military actions

The unfolding scenario brings to light the complexity of U.S. foreign aid and its ramifications on international relations and human rights. Source

Former Pharma Insider Unveils Big Pharma’s ‘Open Secret’

If you’ve ever wondered why the American news media appears to shy away from delivering impactful critiques of the pharmaceutical industry, your curiosity has now been answered. It may or may not come as a surprise, but TV pharmaceutical ads are illegal in every country besides the United States and New Zealand. One of the […]

WEF Unveils ‘Flying Microchips’ That Can Detect ‘Thought Crimes’ and ‘Disable Your Brain’

The World Economic Forum in Davos has unveiled the latest technology designed to surveil populations, monitor for thought crimes and alter human behavior – with or without your consent. As NPR report, it’s “neither a […] The post WEF Unveils ‘Flying Microchips’ That Can Detect ‘Thought Crimes’ and ‘Disable Your Brain’ appeared first on The […]

Samsung unveils “Ballie” SPY MACHINE that rolls around your home spying on everything while controlling your electronic devices

Samsung unveils “Ballie” SPY MACHINE that rolls around your home spying on everything while controlling your electronic devices In a race with Amazon to the bottom, Samsung has unveiled a new spy machine robot called “Ballie” that rolls around people’s homes watching and listening to everything they do while controlling all their electronic devices. First […]

Wealth over fairness: Shocking report unveils tax favoritism for the rich in 41 US states

According to the report, in 41 out of 50 states, the wealthiest 1 percent are subjected to lower tax rates compared to other income groups. Source

AMD Unveils New AI Chip To Challenge Nvidia’s Market Dominance 

Shares of Advanced Micro Devices rose in premarket trading on Thursday after chief executive Lisa Su unveiled AMD’s newest artificial intelligence chip, the Instinct MI300X, at an event in San Jose, California, on Wednesday. Su highlighted that this new chip surpasses the performance of Nvidia’s current AI chips. The launch of MI300X is one of […]

Gov. Kathy Hochul Unveils ‘Ministry of Truth’ For Students In New York

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has announced that she is forming an Orwellian Truth Ministry for public school students where they will learn how to hunt down so-called “misinformation.” The Democrat governor declared Tuesday: “Today, I’m directing the Director of the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services to develop media literacy tools for K […]

IRS Unveils New Tax Bracket Income Limits For 2024

Standard Deductions The standard deduction, which is typically used by people who don’t itemize their taxes, raises the amount of income people can earn before they have to hand some of it over to the government through taxes. Under the IRS’s newly announced annual inflation adjustments, the standard deduction for married couples filing jointly in […]

Washington National Cathedral Unveils Racial Justice-Themed Stained-Glass Windows

The Washington National Cathedral unveiled a set of four new stained-glass windows, each dedicated to the theme of racial justice.  Source

Yemeni Army Holds Massive Parade, Unveils New Arsenal (Videos)

September 21, 2023 Source: Al-Manar English Website and Yemeni media Yemeni armed forces on Thursday unveiled new and strategic weapons in a large-scale military parade marking the ninth anniversary of the 21 September Revolution, which saw the allied forces takeover the capital Sanaa in 2014. The parade, the largest since September 2014, was attended by the […]

House GOP unveils budget with trillions in cuts to medicaid, food benefits, and more

The Republican proposal would cut federal discretionary spending by nearly $5 trillion over the next decade. Source

Alibaba unveils $2bn Turkiye investment in Erdogan meeting

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. announced plans to invest $2 billion in Turkiye after a meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Bloomberg reports. According to the report, the head of the Chinese giant, Michael Evans, made the announcement after the meeting in Istanbul on Friday, according to a statement from its Turkish unit Trendyol. He indicated that the company has […]

As The Pentagon Unveils A Website With ‘Declassified’ Info And Photos On UFO’s & UAP’s, We’re Being Set Up For The Final Great Deception – False Gods, Secret Space Programs And ‘Alien Civilizations’

READ HERE:   Source

Google unveils new “fact-checking tools” meant to censor and keep independent media out of search results

(NaturalNews) Google may have just announced a worldwide ban on independent and alternative media outlets with its new “fact-checking tools.”In a short video,… Source

Why Are There So Many Fires? Dr. David Martin Unveils What He Thinks Is Behind It

Originally Published on Vigilant News The whole world seems like it’s on fire. Fires are ravaging Maui, Canada, Greece, France—you name it. But when you dig deeper, something’s off. Government mismanagement, questionable land acquisitions, and even newly minted laws raise eyebrows. Are we witnessing a bad wave of natural, runaway wildfires, or is there something […]

India unveils first images from Moon mission

India unveils first images from Moon mission  The footage was taken on approach, ahead of a planned landing later this month   Twitter / chandrayaan_3 India’s Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft has accomplished its first Moon-bound orbit reduction maneuver, following its successful orbit insertion a day earlier, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) announced on Sunday. A video shared […]

DNA Study Unveils Machu Picchu Servants’ Enigmatic Diversity

Most ancient DNA studies focus on societal elites found in elaborate tombs. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Americas Read Later  Source

Hospital ‘Murder’: Attorney Unveils Shocking Survival Rates Among Mechanically Ventilated COVID Patients

Originally Published on DailyClout The U.S. Federal government incentivized “not people recovering from COVID but people dying from COVID,” testified attorney to the Pennsylvania State Senate. “You got a cash bonus when someone died from COVID. It was an incentive to kill people, and it worked incredibly well.” One of the most objectionable protocols for […]

UN Unveils Fact-Checking AI Named ‘The Beast’ – Which Will Purge Conservatives From the Internet

The United Nations (UN) has launched a new fact-checking system run by artificial intelligence (AI) that will be used to completely purge conservatives and independent outlets from the internet. Nicknamed ‘The Beast’, the fact-checking AI […] The post UN Unveils Fact-Checking AI Named ‘The Beast’ – Which Will Purge Conservatives From the Internet appeared first […]

Iran Unveils ‘Quantum’ Device That Anyone Can Buy for $589 on Amazon

Last week, Iran’s military unveiled what it called “the first product of the quantum processing algorithm” of the Imam Khomeini Naval University of Nowshahr. During a ceremony at the university, the Islamic Republic’s military revealed a bit of electronics sealed under glass. It appeared to be a common development board, available widely online for around […]

China Unveils World’s First Gene-Edited SUPER Soldiers

China has unveiled the world’s first gene-edited race of super soldiers, that the Communist regime boast are ‘completely indestructible’. “It’s been happening for a long time. They are trying to create all these super soldiers. It’s just inhumane. Those stories have been there for a long time,” investigative journalist Nathan Su told Clay Clark on […]

GOP Unveils ‘Strongest Border Security Package … Ever,’ Vows House Will Pass in May

House Republicans rolled out a sweeping package of border and immigration bills Thursday they plan to pass the same week the Title 42 border barrier ends in May. Source

Nebraska Unveils New Herbie Husker Logo After White Supremacy Allegations

The University of Nebraka’s longtime mascot, Herbie Husker, has been modernized to not offend the wokes. Source

IMF unveils Unicoin – a global CBDC

As opponents of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are getting more vocal in their criticism of this type of digital version of paper money that many countries are either adopting or are close to doing so. This is one of the pillars of financial globalism, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has made its stance very […]

Persian Film Festival Australia unveils official lineup 

TEHRAN – The Persian Film Festival Australia has announced the official lineup for its 10th edition. Source

Raytheon Unveils New Dylan Mulvaney-Branded Patriot Missile

WALTHAM, MA — Transgender visibility took yet another step forward today as Raytheon unveiled its new Patriot missile endorsed by transgender TikTok personality Dylan Mulvaney. President Biden immediately celebrated this new line of missiles, hailing it as a leap forward in lethal diversity. Source

Washington unveils new Bull S#it Iran sanctions

The United States, a NON “government” International Corporation guilty of illegal invasions and war crimes all over the world for generations and which has been stealing funds from struggling American workers to send Trillions of dollars of weapons of mass destruction to Ukraine to kill Russians with has announced another round of sanctions on Iran, […]

UK government unveils budget amid mass industrial action

Expanding child care provision and boosting employment are key elements of the UK’s new budget announced on Wednesday. Source

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