There are many things being exposed, old wounds reopened and more and more realizing that all they say and do in the media, entertainment, government and banking system is not what it seems. We have been living in bizarroland where we ignore our elderly and sick, drug and poison ourselves as well as destroying natural resources in an all consuming economy model that has always seemed impractical in the long term. Something tells me they knew this day would come. We cannot sustain things the way they are now.

The victors may write the past, but the truth always finds a way and going beyond the simple distractions we are meant to languish in, you can and will find that the hole keeps going, growing and escalating with each new face that has joined. We who are meant to be the canaries in the coal mine are cackling.

Now that we have found ourselves outside the only world we have known, it is time to share, compare and spread ideas outside the paradigm. We know we cannot fix the issues of the past using the same techniques, the insane reward of sociopathology and a caste system programmed. It has always been within us to know how to be human; that jiminy cricket that lives within most of us that some learn to block out or condition to fit into the archetypal draconian slave mindset. No we are not perfect, but humanity’s biggest assets have been neglected and kept hidden from us, but this you know. You being the choir I am singing to. All their tools no longer work on us, but how to fight back without playing their game is the question at hand. The motherly love that guides us long silenced, still I feel this love as her hand guides me towards what once was and could be again.

I remind myself each day that this life and the future of the planet does depend on us and what we now do with our new found roles. Throw away judgement and allow the empathic waves within. Allowing each of us to listen, truly listen and get to know each one..all walks…without any need to qualify as good we are all each other’s brothers and sisters and it is our desire to spread these truths in the most effective way possible.

If anything takes me from love into hate, of any people or species I know I am going in the wrong direction. The culture box may try its best, but their desire to separate us into groups only furthers proof of our strength in numbers. No matter where we may disagree it is our ability to step outside ourselves and feel the pain of others. So as a warrior fighting for what should be, we have quite the road ahead. It always is the forward thinking ones that meet many a torturous end, but it would be better to die among heroes than cower in silence. We may question if it makes a difference, but you never know who might be listening.

Many people will do all they can to ignite that anger inside us. Every word directed right at our hearts pushing into our deepest wounds. They want us mad as hell because that they understand. Once they have you on the defense, they position themselves well and only work to further you into a state of hate. Once there you are playing their game and it is a game they are well versed in. They brought you down to their level and after a bit of calming down most of us wish we had never let them get to us like that.

As the saying goes kindness is weakness, but just like every other thing they say this too is another lie. It takes great strength to hold back when people ruffle our feathers. It stings beneath until we burst like a volcano enraged and spewing right back. We all have it in us to scream back and berate with every negative adjective we can think of, but just breathe. Take a step back and think of how you would speak to them if you truly loved them as your own child.

Some times people become their angriest when their conscience goes against their behaviors, ideals and philosophies and many studies in human behavior have shown us that cognitive dissonance rears it’s ugly head hardest when somewhere deep down a part of them knows you are right and they are not. That is where much of their anger comes from. Keeping a clear head and replying in kindness no matter how cruel they may be might just surprise you. I have witnessed people who I never thought in a million years would ever see the world for what it is come around to share with me the day they realized this fact. They often say how angry they were and how it was the patience of others that made them see clearly.

Out of all the things I have spoken or written about, there are a few topics that seem to get the most heat; vaccinations and the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Never in a million years did I think that I would get a certain friend of mine to agree with me on either issue as she was quite adamant that Israel had every right to occupy West Gaza and that vaccinations were 100% safe and effective and anyone like me who disagreed was just off their rocker. ” Fair enough.” I would retort, but asked a favor from her. I promised to read her book or examples of why she felt the way she did if she promised to read mine and to my delight she agreed. It didn’t happen overnight, but she will tell you today that this was the beginning of her life completely changing. She admitted that with each sound point I seemed to make she became more irritated and really wanted to punch me flat in the face. We can laugh about it now and it delights me to say she has become one of the staunchest supporters of free speech and a warrior for truth.

One of the biggest complaints I hear these days is people being overwhelmed with oh so many horrors going on and not being able to do it all. I totally understand this and was given some awesome advice a few years back to take one thing at a time and focus on what we can handle. I have one friend who has started a water drive for the people of Flint Michigan. Another friend runs a home in Africa for children to allow them schooling and the proper food and water they need. No one can do it all, but we each can pick a subject and do our part. This is how we change the program and one person at a time.

I have heard people say that nothing matters anyway because they won and they rule and nothing can change that. I get down and think the same sometimes, but then I remember their thinking process and how they rule and get the people to follow. They never play fair, but in reality they don’t trust each other either. In the past dictator after dictator looks over his shoulder wondering who wants to kill him and take his place. Their system works because we allow it and as you know so many of us are still unaware and that is why it is so important for us to do our part, take our tasks seriously and remember that it is not about being right or wrong or winning an argument, but it truly is about making this world the way it should be. Before their little minds are conditioned into the system you can see the pure kindness and love children exude. It is everywhere and this world that rewards psychopathic behavior has been proven to be a learned problem.

We have been doing things their way oh so many years and it’s all many of us know and that includes the way we argue and debate. Our higher selves are begging us to seek a better way of communication and I promise if you try this technique you will reap great rewards even if it seems to do nothing to change their minds. At least you will have that peace inside of you, a calming spirit to take pride in.

I believe there are many within the pyramid who deeply want out and I trust that they will be a part of taking them down from within. This along with the great awakening has been prophesied by many men of reknown and I feel we are nearing that breaking point. As small as your contribution may seem, we all have our part to play.

Don’t look for the mainstream media to report the wonders around us because they don’t want us having hope of any kind, but it is happening. Can you feel it? People are truly seeing things in a new light and we all can be a part of this and take pride in knowing nothing can stop us from bringing humanity back to man so lets put the kind back in mankind. Choosing love over fear and hate…choosing unconditional love over all other things..above gossip and competition and I told you so’s. Once you have accepted to love yourself and even to love your enemies the power of that light brings a joy indescribable and beyond measure. I wish for everyone to know the peace that love and charity brings. All the hate, judgement, fear and anger in the world cannot touch or weaken the power of this light love brings no matter how hard they try.

Thank you for letting me share this with you and hope these words bring you comfort. However alone you may feel sometimes we are all around you hugging you tight. Close your eyes and feel the love.