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What The Hell is Happening in Africa?

How has this new scramble for influence on the African continent played out so far? And where will it go from here? Source

We Need To Talk About What Is Happening In Our Skies

A good piece from Sonia Poulton on what is happening above our heads. Geo-engineering researcher Ian Simpson will be expanding on the subject and giving his opinion at the forthcoming AV14 Conference. Ian Simpson Invisible Sky – How Climate Engineering is Hacking Humanity as Well as Our Weather 11.30am Sunday 26th May 2024 “Ian Simpson […]

The Atlantic says child sex trafficking is FAKE and not really happening

(NaturalNews) Too many people are talking about child trafficking these days, which has prompted The Atlantic to publish an article claiming that child sex… Source

Nothing that is happening is happening by accident

The richest people in Britain are leaving. Over half a million wealthy taxpayers left Britain last year and were replaced by over a million immigrants looking for free money and free housing. The end result was a net increase in population of over 700,000. And the result of that is that the nation’s infrastructure has […]

YCP – The Global Economic Collapse Is Happening Now

YAHWEH’S COVENANT PEOPLE YCP – The Global Economic Collapse Is Happening Now Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share The debt spiral is a death spiral. Share this: Source

Those Who Cry “Far Right” Have No Idea What’s Happening in Dublin

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL You might think that a government faced with a barbaric public stabbing of schoolchildren and an unprecedented night of rioting in its capital city would extend condolences to the victims, take a deep breath, and try to figure out how a city managed to spiral out of control on its […]

Why Do UFO Sightings Keep Happening Near Nuclear Sites?

Encounters is now streaming on Netflix. The Enmyoin Temple in the Fukushima prefecture of Japan is now known colloquially by a different name, said its Chief Monk, Tomonori Izumi: “The Miracle Temple.” “I don’t know if it was some god or some powerful being in a UFO, but I believe that some invisible power really […]

There’s a HUGE and necessary anti-war protest happening now on Capitol Hill right now’ (Video)


Commentary on What is Happening In Israel/Gaza/Hamas Conflict

Atrocities for a Purpose — Filmed by the Perpetrators By Tony Papert October 13, 2023 Login to follow “…I fear that Hamas’s intention is to get Israel to retaliate massively and have the conflict escalate: a West Bank uprising, Hezbollah attacks, a revolt in Jerusalem.” ShareFacebookTwitterPrintFriendly For a .pdf of this post, click here. On October 7, […]


Applied Predictive Programming – Long in Advance the XFiles told everyone what will be happening now


Remember What Happened Right Before 9/11? It’s Happening Again.

Remember way back in the year 2000, when the Taliban took over large swaths of Afghanistan and set about eradicating the nation’s poppy crop that feeds the world opium supply? Of course you do. Well, guess what? It’s happening again. Source

It’s Really Happening: Mask Mandates, Contact Tracing RE-IMPLEMENTED At Colleges, Offices

There are reports circulating that colleges and offices are beginning to reinstate COVID mask mandates and contact tracing despite no new cases of the virus being reported. Source

Four shipwrecks in five days: Why migrants tragedy keep happening in the Med

Forty-one migrants died off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa, according to the only four survivors, in the latest shipwrecks reported in the Mediterranean Sea. Source

What the Hell is Happening?

The new bizarre viral NPC TikTok trend is just another gateway drug for getting boys hooked on fetish porn. Another stunning example of TikTok’s wholesome contribution to society. Please share this video! SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: Follow on Twitter: Follow @PrisonPlanet ——————————————————————————————————————— Brand new merch now available! Get it at ALERT! In the age […]

Freddie Ponton Interview – What Is Really Happening In France?

Joining me today Freddie Ponton, here to discuss what’s really going on in France, and break down the many different factors at play. We of course discuss the many false and misleading narratives circulating within the two party paradigm and postulate about why this may be happening, and what it may be covering up.  ( […]

Kevin McCarthy moves to block Nakba event from happening in capitol, says he will honor Israel instead

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has blocked an educational event about the Nakba featuring Rashida Tlaib at the Capitol, saying he will honor Israel instead. Source

New York’s Greek Independence Parade is happening this weekend

The 2023 Greek Independence Parade Committee cordially invites you to the final  parallel events to celebrate the Greek Independence Anniversary in New York:  Last Ceremonial Open Community Parade Meeting  The Last Ceremonial Open Community Parade Meeting will take place on April 27 at  7:45 p.m. at Stathakion Cultural Center (22-51 29th Street New York, NY… […]

What’s happening in Sudan?

Violent bloodshed erupted in Sudan on April 15 after weeks of power struggles between Sudanese Army Commander-in-Chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and his deputy Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, who commands the powerful paramilitary Rapid Support Force (RSF). According to medics, the conflict between the army and the RSF has killed over 200 civilians and 45 soldiers in […]

Dr. Ana Mihalcea & Clifford Carnicom: What Is Happening to Humanity’s Blood? — On the Loss of Electrical Blood Conductivity in the Post C19 Era

Dr. Ana Mihalcea & Clifford Carnicom: What Is Happening to Humanity’s Blood? — On the Loss of Electrical Blood Conductivity in the Post C19 Era   “In our good faith effort to quantify the loss of electrical blood conductivity in the post C19 era and reference this with the extensive previous investigations looking at iron […]

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