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ICC moves forward in seeking arrests of Netanyahu, Hamas leaders

(NaturalNews) As promised, the International Criminal Court (ICC) is moving forward with plans to arrest not just Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but… Source

U.S. completes installation of makeshift pier in Gaza; first load of humanitarian assistance moves ashore

(NaturalNews) The United States Central Command (CENTCOM) announced on May 17 that the first load of humanitarian assistance has begun coming through to the Gaza… Source

Biden administration moves to reclassify marijuana: A major shift in US drug policy

President Biden’s Department of Justice takes historic steps to reclassify marijuana, aiming to end a ‘failed approach’ and recognize its medical benefits, sparking mixed reactions from lawmakers and advocates. Source

Assange Extradition Case Moves Forward While The CIA Covers Its Tracks

As Assange himself tweeted in 2017, “The overwhelming majority of information is classified to protect political security, not national security.” Source

Kansas moves towards restricting DEI in public universities

The Kansas House on Thursday passed a bill to restrict diversity-oriented hiring practices at Kansas universities, making the Sunflower State the latest to try to limit DEI initiatives in educational settings.  The bill passed in the Kansas House of Representatives in an 81-39 vote on Thursday, with five lawmakers absent from the vote. The bill would prevent the… […]

DEDOLLARIZATION IN MOTION: Egypt moves to decrease reliance on U.S. dollar, seeks trade settlements with BRICS states

(NaturalNews) Egypt is actively pursuing negotiations to decrease reliance on the U.S. dollar for trade settlements with other BRICS states, according to the… Source

Biden Regime Moves J6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang to Central Detention with Car Jackers, Rapists, Etc. – This Comes After He Challenged DOJ’s Tyrannical Policies in Court – AUDIO FROM JAKE

Biden Regime Moves J6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang to Central Detention with Car Jackers, Rapists, Etc. – This Comes After He Challenged DOJ’s Tyrannical Policies in Court – AUDIO FROM JAKE Source

The New York Times moves from “absurdly fake news” to “games and puzzles”.

READ HERE: Games are helping the New York Times thrive amid media chaos   Source

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 112: In a historic moment, ICJ moves forward with genocide case against Israel

While the court stopped short of calling for a ceasefire, Israel is ordered to allow aid into Gaza, punish incitement to genocide, and take more protective measures for civilians – even as the situation on the ground remains cataclysmic. Source

EU Moves To Sanction ‘Extremist’ Israeli Settlers, Following Biden Administration

The European Union is moving toward imposing sanctions against “extremist” Israeli settlers who are caught waging attacks on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. “I am in favor of sanctioning those involved in the attacks in the West Bank. They must be held accountable. This violence has nothing to do with the fight against Hamas […]

Afghans return to Taliban rule as Pakistan moves to expel 1.7 million

As the clock ticked down to the Nov. 1 deadline Pakistan set for undocumented migrants to leave the country, Muhammad Rahim boarded a bus from Karachi to the Afghan border. Source

China Has Up To 6 Warships In Mideast Waters As US Carrier Group Moves Closer To Israel

China Has Up To 6 Warships In Mideast Waters As US Carrier Group Moves Closer To Israel Israel’s military has announced Saturday that it drastically stepped up airstrikes in preparation for its “next stage” of the operation against Gaza, in a statement many see as portending an imminent ground invasion. “We need to enter under […]

Israeli Lawmaker on TV About Palestinians in Gaza: “Annihilate them. Kill Everything that moves”

"DESTROY, ANNIHILATE, KILL" – Israeli lawmaker Moshe Feiglin calls for genocide on national — Dan Cohen (@dancohen3000) October 18, 2023 READ HERE:   Source

Thousands flee Gaza as Israel moves full-steam ahead with military invasion that will slaughter innocent women, children and civilians

(NaturalNews) It is fast becoming apparent that neither Republicans nor Democrats are advocating for the millions of innocent people who live in Gaza and will not… Source

Crowds Cheer As ‘Ring Of Fire’ Eclipse Moves Across The Americas

Unlike a total solar eclipse, the moon doesn’t completely cover the sun during a ring of fire eclipse. Source

Nikki Haley moves up, now behind only Donald Trump in New Hampshire poll; DeSantis lands at third place

(NaturalNews) A new poll has found that former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is now running second to former President Donald Trump, putting Florida Gov. Ron… Source

US moves combat jets to Romania

FLASH: U.S. Moving Combat Jets to Romania – “in addition to others committed to NATO” The United States is moving Combat Aircraft to Romania — but not for NATO.  What does THAT translate to, in your mind?  US v. Russia directly? Word of this came from US Ambassador to Romania, Kathleen Kavalec. “The United States […]

Spain minister moves to block Saudi Arabia stake in major telecom company

A Spanish minister is attempting to block Saudi Arabia’s purchase of a major stake in Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica, in the first sign of a major counter against the Gulf kingdom’s global ambitions. On Tuesday, the state-run Saudi Telecom announced that it had purchased a 9.9 percent stake in Spain’s Telefonica worth €2.1 billion ($2.25 […]

Liverpool midfielder Fabinho moves to Saudi’s Al-Ittihad

Liverpool's Brazilian midfielder Fabinho yesterday joined Saudi champions Al-Ittihad on a three-year deal. Al-Ittihad said on X, formerly Twitter, that the 29-year-old signed a contract until 2026 with the Jeddah club to join French stars Karim Benzema and N'Golo Kante and Portuguese winger Jota. "Today I leave my home. It's been five years wearing this […]

As the US De-racializes, Australia Moves to Re-racialize the Constitution

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL In my previous article, I noted the curious historical juxtaposition that ten days before the US Supreme Court struck down race-based affirmative action policies in university admissions, Australia’s Parliament approved holding a referendum to re-racialize the Constitution. It will do so by inserting a new chapter to give to Aborigines […]

Kiwi government moves whites to back of healthcare line

Exposing the lies and abuses of the pharma-funded Public Health™ technocracy. Kiwi government moves whites to back of healthcare line The whites of New Zealand are getting treated to the medical version of the Rosa Parks treatment. Via New Zealand Herald: “Auckland surgeons are now required to consider a patient’s ethnicity alongside other factors when deciding […]

‘Absolutely Authoritarian’: Brazil Moves to Force Conservative Network to Air Government Propaganda

The Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) has moved to strip conservative network Jovem Pan of its three radio broadcasting licenses. Source

Israel moves illegal Homesh settlement amid Biden criticism

Jewish settlers have reestablished a Yeshiva in the illegally occupied West Bank. The school had previously been located in the Israeli settlement of Homesh, but was moved to nearby state-owned land. The move, which was approved by Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was done without permits and in violation of existing […]

Kevin McCarthy moves to block Nakba event from happening in capitol, says he will honor Israel instead

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has blocked an educational event about the Nakba featuring Rashida Tlaib at the Capitol, saying he will honor Israel instead. Source

Ben-Gvir’s ‘private militia’ moves forward, and Palestinians are in the line of fire

Itamar Ben-Gvir is one step closer to having power over his own “private militia,” rights groups warned this week after the Israeli government advanced the creation of a National Guard. Source

Joe Biden Moves to Cut Medicare Advantage

President Joe Biden’s administration announced that it would cut Medicare Advantage, after the president has frequently claimed that Republicans want to slash Medicare and Social Security. Source

The Israeli Knesset moves to adopt the death penalty for Palestinian resistance

The Israeli Knesset is moving toward legalizing a policy that has long existed in practice: the death penalty for Palestinians who resist. Source

Zelenskyy says 70,000 war crimes committed in Ukraine as Kyiv moves to open ICC office

Ukraine’s top prosecutor says the country is moving towards opening an office of the International Criminal Court (ICC) as Kyiv seeks to establish a special tribunal to prosecute Russian officials responsible for the war. The ICC is currently probing possible war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the war in Ukraine but it has […]

WHO Moves Forward With Plans to Target “Misinformation” and “Disinformation” Under International Law

The global health agency claims that misinformation and disinformation undermined “compliance with governmental or WHO guidance.” Source

LIVE NOW: US Says Lab Leak the Most Likely COVID-19 Origin; Agenda Against Gas Stoves Moves Forward

A lab leak in China was the most likely origin of COVID-19, according to a new analysis from the U.S. Department of Energy. The assessment comes to a similar conclusion as the FBI, and would put the Chinese regime in the spotlight yet again for its efforts to block investigations into where the virus originated. […]

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