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Tragedy strikes Baltimore: Key bridge collapse sends shockwaves through the community

The catastrophic collapse followed a collision with a container ship, thrusting the city into a state of emergency and sparking a frantic search-and-rescue operation for the missing. Source

Tragedy at the border: The fatal consequences of Texas’ immigration policies

Exploring the controversial operations of Texas National Guard and the heartbreaking drowning of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. Source

Tragedy in Gaza: The killing of Refaat Alareer and the escalating humanitarian crisis

Image Credit: The Star A devastating Israeli airstrike on Shejaiya resulted in the world losing not just individuals but also voices of resistance and culture. Among them was Refaat Alareer, a prominent Palestinian professor, writer, and activist. The 44-year-old academic’s death, along with his brother, sister, and her four children, has sent shockwaves through the […]

NATO Boss: Russia Must Not be allowed to Win in Ukraine, it would be a Huge European Tragedy

    Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg emphasized that a Russian victory in the conflict with Ukraine would have profound implications for NATO’s security during a press briefing on Friday. Stoltenberg announced that the US-led alliance would persist in providing weapons and ammunition to support Ukraine, as the alternative outcome was deemed “dangerous.” Stoltenberg, addressing reporters […]

Tragedy and Hope 101: The Illusion of Justice, Freedom, and Democracy by: Joseph Plummer

February 14, 2023 The information contained in this book contradicts nearly everything you’ve been led to believe about democracy and “representative government.” Based on the groundbreaking research of respected historian Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope 101 reveals an unimaginably devious political system, skillfully manipulated by a handful of elite, which is undermining freedom and democracy […]

John Cusack misses the larger tragedy

As bad as it may be for working-class Americans continually being sold out by the entrenched elite, it is much worse for the millions barely existing within our inner cities who have been totally abandoned by the political class. Source

Sabra and Shatila in the digital era: Unchanged tragedy

September 18, 202 Source: Al Mayadeen English By Aya Youssef Let’s imagine that the Sabra and Shatila massacre took place today, in the era of endless social media platforms and apps. Would things have turned out any different? Scroll – a scream. Scroll again – a cry for help. Swipe – blood everywhere, piles of […]

Four shipwrecks in five days: Why migrants tragedy keep happening in the Med

Forty-one migrants died off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa, according to the only four survivors, in the latest shipwrecks reported in the Mediterranean Sea. Source

Bar That Became Epicentre of Lac-Megantic Tragedy Now a Symbol of Its Rebuild

The bar that became the epicentre of the deadly train disaster that struck Lac–Megantic, Que., 10 years ago marked the sombre anniversary on Friday in much the same way it spent the hours leading up to the tragedy: with music, laughter and even joy. Musical headliner Dany Flanders, a former contestant on singing reality show […]

From Tragedy to Triumph, Nakba Marked with Unyielding Resolve: Let’s Unite across Battlefields!

May 15, 2023 Batoul Wehbe Annually, on the sacred date of May 15, Palestinians solemnly commemorate the Nakba, a term that encapsulates the immense tragedy that befell them in 1948. This sorrowful event saw the forceful expulsion of approximately one million Palestinians from their ancestral lands, accompanied by the destruction or depopulation of over 500 […]

California Residents Face Tragedy and Power Outages in Wake of Brutal Bomb Cyclone

Officials in California have reported at least five storm-related deaths while thousands are still without power after a bomb cyclone hit the San Francisco Bay area on Tuesday, March 21, bringing with it heavy rains, winds of up to 90 mph, and at least one tornado. One person was killed in Walnut Creek, a city in Contra […]

Lebanon’s Tragedy and the difficulties in overcoming it

When Michel Aoun left office as president of Lebanon last October, many politicians assumed that finding a successor would be relatively easy, not least because none of the main political parties were interested in blocking the election of a new president. Four months later, however, no compromise solution has been found, and many wonder when […]

Train collision: New videos of the first moments of the tragedy – “One train has crashed into another”

A shocking new video of the first few minutes after the train collision in Tempi was released Thursday morning. Video recorded by a passenger on the fatal Intercity62 shows the inferno that broke out after the trains collided with someone saying “there’s been an explosion, one train has crashed into another”. In the same video,… […]

PM Mitsotakis: We’re all to blame for the train tragedy and we won’t hide behind a series of human errors

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis repeated his public apology in the name of all those who have governed the country in recent years, but especially for himself personally, following last week’s train collision that left dozens of people dead. “We take responsibility and we cannot, should not and do not want to hide behind a series… […]

Greek train collision: Thanasis Antetokounmpo’s post on the tragedy – ‘Hope and love will remain’

Thanasis Antetokounmpo expressed his pain over the bloody accident in Tempi with the train collision through his post on Instagram. The Milwaukee Bucks player posted a heart next to the Greek flag, writing that “in the darkest days, hope and love will remain. Although sadness may take a long time to leave our hearts, hope […]

The Tragedy Caused by the Syrian Earthquake Exposed the West’s Humanitarian Claims

Feb 27, 2023 By Ali Hassan Damascus – About two weeks after the devastating earthquake that struck both Syria and Turkey and the unprecedented human tragedy it left behind, the scale of Western hypocrisy and the falsity of its repeated claims about human rights and the defense of humanitarian issues for which it set itself […]

At least 59 deaths including a baby in migrant boat tragedy off Italian coast

At least 59 people including a baby and other children have died after a boat attempting to land them in southern Italy broke up and sank Source

Syrian Tragedy and US inhuman sanctions

Unfortunately, the death toll from the devastating earthquake that struck southwest Turkey and northwest Syria continues to rise. According to the latest figures, the number of those killed in both regions has reached a staggering 36,000, more than 100,000 inhabitants were injured. An unknown number of victims are still under the rubble. The evacuation will take time […]

Echoes of the Itaewon tragedy

The investigation into the October 29 tragedy in Seoul’s Itaewon district, in which 168 people were killed in a stampede, has finally concluded. Both the official investigation team and the parliamentary inquiry launched by the opposition Democratic Party announced their findings. And, because it was obvious from the start that the investigation would be highly […]

How the Itaewon tragedy is being made into a Sewol for ROK President Yoon Suk-yeol

In 2014, South Korea was rocked by the Sewol ferry tragedy, including a failed rescue operation.  To be honest, it failed for objective rather than subjective reasons, but the outcome of the tragedy made the public look for the culprits and the Democratic Party, being in opposition at the time, “rode the wave” and “turned […]

Itaewon tragedy: South Korean authorities take action

Our previous article covering the tragedy at Itaewon was about how the causes of the tragedy were being determined. Now we will talk about how the government has tackled the consequences of the fatal crowd collapse and what measures will be taken to ensure that such a tragedy does not happen again. In the days […]

Experts blame intensive construction for Ischia landslide tragedy

A World Wildlife Fund researcher has blamed intensive concrete construction in high-risk areas for the Ischia landslide tragedy on Saturday that killed eight people and left four more missing. Source

Tragedy in Gaza after 21 people die in fire

Gaza is mourning 21 members of the Abu Rayya family who were burned alive when a fire ignited the small apartment they had gathered in for a family celebration. The tragedy is a direct result of the Gaza blockade, as frequent power cuts have forced families to use alternative fuel sources to fight the dark, […]

The Itaewon tragedy, a possible step towards national unity or a “Sewol” for Yoon Suk-yeol?

On October 30, 2022, a deadly stampede in Seoul’s Itaewon district tragically killed more than 150 people and left 150 others with various degrees of injuries. The stampede was the worst tragedy in South Korea since the Sewol ferry crash in 2014, which killed 304 people. It should be noted right away that the Itaewon […]

Tragedy: 20-Year-Old Med Student Dies from Heart Attack ONE DAY After Covid Vaccine

Tragedy: 20-Year-Old Med Student Dies from Heart Attack ONE DAY After Covid Vaccine Date: October 1, 2022Author: Nwo Report Med student received vaccine in order to participate in clinicals, family states. Posted BY: Adan Salazar The family of a 20-year-old medical student in Kansas is reeling after she succumbed to a cardiac arrest within one […]

‘Unspeakable Tragedy’: Stabbing Rampage Leaves Saskatchewan Communities Devastated

The Sept. 4 stabbing rampage that left 10 dead and 18 injured has devastated the James Smith Cree Nation and surrounding communities in central Saskatchewan, as residents struggle to come to terms with the shock of the violence and the loss of so many loved ones. “In a community that size … everybody knows one or […]

New York-Based Model on Truth, Tradition, and Tragedy: ‘Chinese Regime Must Fall in Due Time’

With her heart rooted in tradition and faith, a New York-based model is walking her path confidently in a world plagued by the forces of social chaos. Hailing from hilly northeastern India, Sumaya Hazarika is fast making a name for herself in the fashion world. The young model—who graced the ramp in Saint Sintra’s 2022 New York […]

Tragedy as KILLER JBBED ex-Denver Broncos offensive linesman and Notre Dame star dies at just 35 after going into cardiac arrest on a run

‘THE SHEEPLE COMMITTED SUICIDE IN MASS’ The Sheeple committed suicide in mass- Bleating frantically to be injected in their sheep’s ass- The herd shook in fear of an imaginary foe- So that straight through the slaughterhouse door they did go- They delivered their lambs up for the slaughter to save themselves- Believing in a mythical […]

San Antonio mayor calls 46 migrant deaths ‘humanitarian tragedy’

San Antonio mayor calls 46 migrant deaths ‘humanitarian tragedy’ lead image Source

Bhiwani Tragedy  Again Highlights Pressing Need for  Reforms in Stone Mining For Protecting Workers and Environment

On the morning of January 1, in Dadam area of Bhiwani district, Haryana, a huge portion of a hill being mined for its stone fell down with a very loud blast. Death of 3 workers was reported soon after this. Serious concern has been expresed that a higher number of workers may have been buried […]

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