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Alex Jones Makes a Series of Terrifying Predictions Coming to the West

Originally Published on Vigilant News “They [the powers that be] have given us a roadmap. They tell us where they want to take us, Alex Jones told Tucker Carlson on episode 46 of Tucker on X. “And so, when the public wakes up, we push back on some of it, but they always come back.” […]

Nearly 60 U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria injured in series of attacks by Iran-backed militias

Nearly 60 U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria injured in series of attacks by Iran-backed militias The Pentagon has reported that approximately 60 American troops sustained injuries following a series of attacks carried out by Iran-backed groups in Iraq and Syria over the past month. In a press briefing, the Department of Defense revealed that since Oct. 17, […]

NOW THERE IS PROOF: Video Series by InvestigateJ6 Shows Police and Govt. Agents Spray J6 Crowd with Rubber Bullets, Explosive Munitions, Sound Grenades WITHOUT WARNING!

NOW THERE IS PROOF: Video Series by InvestigateJ6 Shows Police and Govt. Agents Spray J6 Crowd with Rubber Bullets, Explosive Munitions, Sound Grenades WITHOUT WARNING! Source

Rangers World Series Champ Evan Carter Announces ‘Jesus Won’ Charity Campaign

Texas Rangers outfielder Evan Carter is on a “mission” to give back to his community in a Christ-honoring way, and inspiring others to do the same with his new “Jesus Won” campaign. Source

TGA FOI 4077 Batch Numbers & Dose In Series for adverse events for those jabbed

See 5 page document: Source: Source

New Hollywood TV series espouses ABORTION PROPAGANDA, depicts pro-lifers as villains and baby killers as heroes

(NaturalNews) As the debate over abortion becomes more intense, Hollywood has pushed a new series to promote abortion propaganda and sway public opinion in favor… Source

Disney’s  New Cartoon Series Features Ritual Murder Cult; Disney Is Become Beautified EVIL

* Basic Options $30 // 6 MONTHS $60 // 12 MONTHS * Super Donor Options $75 // 12 Months $100 // 12 Months $150 // 12 Months $200 // 12 Months $250 // 12 Months $300 // $400 // $500 Minimum $5 Automatic CLICK HERE * Be sure to enter your email address there To pay by mail, make payable  […]

Hitler Was NOT Controlled Opposition – Series Recap

Making Adolf Hitler into a Jewish-controlled agent is quite a brilliant plot by International Jewry to divert newcomers away from learning the true history & background of National Socialism.  Source

‘The Chosen’ TV Series Has Become So ‘Jewish’ That Even Christ-Hating Jews Enjoy Watching

(Times Of Israel) Apparently it isn’t just judaized Christian” evangelical Zionists who are binge-watching “The Chosen” television drama — the show emphasizes Jesus’ “Jewishness” so much that even many Jews are now finding it “kosher” enough to watch it: “I mentally cringed when I first heard about The Chosen. Another Christian evangelistic tool that ends […]

A Series of Suspicious Deaths Raise Fears of a Potential Serial Killer in Portland

Shadows in the Rose City: A Series of Suspicious Deaths Raise Fears of a Potential Serial Killer in Portland ByTyler James– June 3, 2023 Key Takeaways Six women, all under 40, found dead within a 100-mile radius of Portland in the past three months. Various law enforcement agencies, including the Portland Police Bureau, actively investigating […]

Are Series EE Bonds Worth a Look?

By Lisa GerstnerFrom Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Since high inflation took hold in the United States, Series I savings bonds—which offer an inflation-linked interest rate—have enjoyed a moment in the sun. I bonds purchased from November 2022 through April 2023 offer a lofty composite yield of 6.89 percent. The Series EE savings bond is the demurer […]

PM Mitsotakis: We’re all to blame for the train tragedy and we won’t hide behind a series of human errors

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis repeated his public apology in the name of all those who have governed the country in recent years, but especially for himself personally, following last week’s train collision that left dozens of people dead. “We take responsibility and we cannot, should not and do not want to hide behind a series… […]

The Biblical Origins of the Tranny Agenda (Series)

I think that much of this agenda perfectly corresponds with the Noahide Laws; after all, the hateful jewish God known as Yahweh was said to be an androgynous being.  Source

“Break Point”: Netflix releases trailer for new tennis series featuring Kyrgios,Sakkari,Tsitsipas,Kokkinakis

The streaming service Netflix has released a trailer for the highly anticipated tennis documentary series “Break Point” “Break Point” starts on January 13 with the first five episodes, and the next five episodes are scheduled to air in the summer. Episode 1 focuses on Nick Kyrgios. “Break Point” is produced by the creators of the… […]

Disney+ uses kids to promote Satanism in Christmas holiday special series

(Natural News) Disney+ was caught promoting Satanism using children in a Christmas holiday special series. During the show, the children were instructed to hold letters that said: “We Love You Satan.” The controversial production number was featured in the series on the subscription video-on-demand streaming channel titled “Santa Clauses,” which is a reboot of the earlier family-comedy… […]

Pelosi assault is latest in series of threats, attacks against political figures

The assault of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, inside their San Francisco home early Friday morning is the latest incidence of increased threats and violence aimed at political figures: Rep. Eric Swalwell Three staffers of Rep Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) received a series of calls this year threatening to kill the congressman and his staffers. […]

Star Wars Fan Excited For Premiere Of New Series He Can Get Mad At

KANSAS CITY, MO — A local Star Wars fan was excitedly awaiting the premiere of the new Andor series on Disney+ so that he will have fresh material about which he can spend the next several weeks complaining to anyone who dares to come near him. “It’s been a few months since Obi-Wan Kenobi ended, […]

Canada: Series of Stabbings Leave 10 People Dead, 15 Wounded

At least ten people are dead with another 15 wounded in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan following a series of stabbings. The stabbings reportedly occurred “in multiple locations on the James Smith Cree Nation and in the village of Weldon, northeast of Saskatoon,” adding to a total of 13 crime scenes, according to USA Today. “It is […]

Disney Casts Drag Queen in Their New Marvel Series

Disney has cast drag queen ‘Shea Couleé’ for their new Marvel series Ironheart, which will be premiering in 2023. The drag queen whose real name is Jaren Kyei Merrell for was featured on season nine of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, but didn’t win. The Gateway Pundit reports: According to a report from the Washington Examiner, […]

Hannah Fry: An Extraordinary Series of Coincidences

July 17th, 2022 Hey! Bear with me on this one. I think it’s quite an important one. Strong evidence of foreknowledge. Plenty of source material and additional content to dig further listed below. _______________________________ If you like our work please consider to donate : Donate Crypto _______________________________ If you are looking for solutions (lawyer, […]

Don’t Miss Episode Three Of Vice TV x adidas’ ‘Running While Black’ Series

When Maria Solis Belizaire runs alone in New York City, she makes sure to cross the road to avoid cat calls and stretch at intersections so people know she’s actually a runner, and not someone “just running down the street,” as she puts it. As an Afro-Latina, this kind of signaling feels necessary to her. […]

Hugh Grant set to play Olympian Greek God Zeus in new Netflix series

British actor Hugh Grant has been cast in the role of the Olympian Greek God Zeus in Charlie Covell’s mythological epic Kaos for Netflix reported MSN. According to the media outlet, the series, which is due to go into production later this summer, is described as a bold and darkly comic, ‘contemporary vision of a… […]

Disney’s Hulu Axes Hillary Clinton Series ‘Rodham’ After Two Years in Development

Just like voters did in 2008 and 2016, Hulu has taken a hard pass on Hillary Clinton.

Leftist Patton Oswalt’s Marvel Series ‘MODOK’ Canceled After One Season

Patton Oswalt’s Marvel stop-motion animation series ‘MODOK’ has been canceled after a single, 10-episode season by streamer Hulu.

Watch the BBC’s forgotten series on Operation Gladio

On Tuesday I published a new article which is the first in a new series about Operation Gladio, NATO’s Cold War-era network of Nazi terrorist armies. Gladio is a wild topic. It’s hard to get your head around the sheer scale of it. One of the three main sources I’ve relied on to write these […]

The New Vikings Series Turns Haakon Sigurdsson Into a Black Queen

Haakon Sigurdsson was a real historical figure. He was the ruler of Norway from 975 to 995, and he was most certainly Nordic. However, in the Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla, Haakon Sigurdsson has been turned into a black woman. This is as ludicrous as Chris Hemsworth portraying a Zulu king in a show about African […]

Westworld Series Promotes & Presents Human Cloning With SIR Hopkins in Starring Role

by Admin · Published December 16, 2021 · Updated December 16, 2021 [embedded content] Comment: Here are the Clone Slaves. When the Illuminati Elite give an Actor or Actress or Bill Gates a Title that means they have Served the Crime Mob of the British Monarchy & Empire Well. Order Out of Chaos says Hopkins […]

Pfizer’s jewish CEO Says People May Need to Start Series of Vaxx Shots All Over Again

Appparently not enough people have been injured by the first round an Pfizer realizes that there is still lots and lots of money to be made. Thanks jews for Albert Bourla! Share now! Source

Dark Journalist X-Series 115: Secret Space Shock: UFO Threat Or Deep Space Fake

» Four Canadian Doctors Sue Alberta Health Services Over Vaccine MandateToday at 1:10 am by PurpleSkyz » Julian Assange Suffers Stroke In British PrisonToday at 1:08 am by PurpleSkyz » Ritual Humiliation in Germany: Kids are Forced to go to Front of Class and State Their Vaccination Status – the Vaccinated are ApplaudedToday at 12:53 am by PurpleSkyz » 4 States Call […]

Article two – “COVID-19 Booster Dose Type by Primary Series Type” by Dr. John

Here is information key to our figuring out a solution/cure to the Covid VAX.  We need to know where they are and what they are doing in relation to distribution and execution of the VAX.  While we know they will lie about numbers percentages may be accurate.  This may have a lot of propaganda built […]

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