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Haley makes new pitch for Trump to debate as she casts vote in South Carolina

GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley pressed former President Trump once again to agree to a debate, as she cast her ballot in her home state’s primary. “I think it’s great for the Republican Party to have this competition,” she said in an interview clip in South Carolina, highlighted by Mediaite. “The only thing that’s lacking… […]

Trump’s Covid Response Casts a Long Shadow

Donald Trump has a Covid problem. No matter how he wishes it never happened, the pointless (health-wise) and tyrannically devastating pandemic response he launched in March, 2020 is on him.  He is responsible for that decision. Sometime between March 9, 2020 and March 16, 2020 – most likely about March 10 – Trump went from […]

Trump casts shadow over Biden impeachment inquiry

Former President Trump’s presence is looming large over House Republicans’ decision to push ahead with an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Trump has publicly called for House Republicans to impeach his predecessor and has privately spoken with members of the conference on the topic. The former president also suggested in an interview this week that… […]

Disney Casts Drag Queen in Their New Marvel Series

Disney has cast drag queen ‘Shea Couleé’ for their new Marvel series Ironheart, which will be premiering in 2023. The drag queen whose real name is Jaren Kyei Merrell for was featured on season nine of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, but didn’t win. The Gateway Pundit reports: According to a report from the Washington Examiner, […]

When Caste Casts its Shadow on Land

(Some impromptu personal thoughts) An interview of Gurmukh Singh, of Jamin Prapti Sanghash Samiti (जमीन प्राप्ति संघर्ष समिति) published in Forward Press recently has again brought a fresh fragrance in this ‘Kingdom of Denmark’ where so many things are rotting. The question of Dalits in this land, their right on this land was again brought […]

Media hype casts doubt on the West’s seriousness about Vienna talks

Media hype casts doubt on the West’s seriousness about Vienna talks – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – After a months-long hiatus, Iranian and Western negotiators ultimately met in the same room but much of the work does not seem to be done in the room. Instead, the Western negotiators seem to prefer forging ahead with media hyperbole. […]

Vukovar massacre at 30: How ‘Croatia’s Stalingrad’ still casts a long shadow

In his seminal book on the wars on Yugoslavia, British journalist Misha Glenny describes reaching the outskirts of the Croatian city of Vukovar on the Danube in 1991, on day two of what would be a bloody 87-day siege by Serb militia and the Yugoslav National Army (JNA). He and another journalist were told they […]

Czech president ‘casts doubt over’ Russian involvement in deadly blast

Czech President Milos Zeman has cast doubt on Russia’s involvement in a 2014 explosion at an arms depot. President Zeman has suggested the deadly blast could have been caused accidentally due to the mishandling of explosives and says there is no conclusive evidence to charge Russia over the alleged sabotage. Prague caused an unprecedented diplomatic […]

Sonia Nimr’s ‘Wondrous Journeys’ casts curses, kings, and pirates

This month we’ve selected Sonia Nimr’s riveting imagined historical fable, “Wondrous Journeys in Strange Lands” translated to English for the first time by Marcia Lynx Qualey. This rich tale is set in the mountains of Palestine, hundreds of years ago, inspired by the famous travel narratives of the 14th-century Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta. The captivating […]

Warner Bros Casts Kamala Harris As The Joker

BURBANK, CA—Ever since the great Heath Ledger played the Joker back in 2008, Warner Bros. has been looking for someone who could live up to his amazing performance. Joaquin Phoenix came close, while Jared Leto, well, didn’t. But the studio believes it has now found the next Joker: Kamala Harris, who has been hired to […]

Ambassador ran Yaakoby casts the first vote in the world for the Israeli elections

Browse > Home / News / Ambassador ran Yaakoby casts the first vote in the world for the Israeli elections March 11, 2021 by J-Wire photo story Read on for article This morning in Wellington Ambassador Ran Yaakoby cast the 1st vote in the world for the 24th Knesset. Ambassador Ran Yaakoby casts the first […]

Stan Lee’s legacy is complicated. This new book casts a shadow on it

Stan Lee, arguably the most famous American comic book creator, died at age 95 in 2018. Honoring his Jewish identity, many evoked the phrase “may his memory be a blessing” (coming from the Hebrew “zichrono l’bracha”) when reporting on his passing. Just what this memory looks like, however, and what it should look like, is […]

B’Tselem casts Israel as a racist endeavor, correcting the ethical grammar of Israel/Palestine

B’Tselem’s new report describing all of Israel and the Palestinian Occupied Territories as a single ‘apartheid’ regime will have widespread and long-term implications. Not only does it change the acceptable vocabulary on Israel/Palestine, it also alters the ethical grammar which has created and sustained an injustice now in its eighth decade. How we speak and what we […]

Eighty percent of state-funded Hanukkah events have male-only casts

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Santilli Freed Under Plea Pact as Vegas Shooting Casts Shadow on Bundy Trial

LONG SHADOW: The wake of the recent mass tragedy in Las Vegas has overtaken other current event, including the Bundy Trial (Image: Mandalay Bay Hotel & Resort) By Mark AndersonThe TRUTH HOUND LAS VEGAS—Although the ongoing Bundy trial in the U.S. District Court in Las Vegas, Nevada has had its share of dramatic changes, that’s […]

Tower of Human Skulls in Mexico Casts new Light on Aztecs

A tower of human skulls unearthed beneath the heart of Mexico City has raised new questions about the culture of sacrifice in the Aztec Empire after crania of women and children surfaced among the hundreds embedded in the forbidding structure. Archaeologists have found more than 650 skulls caked in lime and thousands of fragments in […]

Great Iranian film director casts his vote in Cannes

IRNA – The illustrious Oscar-winner Iranian film director, Asghar Farhadi cast his vote on the sidelines of the Cannes Film Festival on Friday. The Iranian film director Asghar Farhadi participated in the presidential elections while attending the major annual film festival in Cannes, France. Farhadi, the winner of two Academy Awards, inaugurated the 70th Cannes […]

Leftist extremists attack nationalists, multiple people stabbed

Multiple people were stabbed this afternoon as what was intended to be a peaceful march against globalism was violently interrupted by leftist protestors. The event, organized by the California chapter of the Traditionalist Worker Party, resulted in multiple stabbings and many minor injuries. (The TWP obtained a legal permit for the rally.) Despite being outnumbered […]

Shadows from Atlantis

Do not get put off by the title. This very compelling video by researcher Christopher Webster van Tonder uses a very moderate tone when talking about the subject, no stupid ‘nazi’ epithets here. As I am also a photography enthusiast myself I find the video fascinating. Themes include the Oera Linda book, the Ahnenerbe, Ariosophy, […]

Rep. Charlie Rangel: Only Politicians Need Firearms for Protection

by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple There are millions of Americans who want to restrict firearm ownership and use by one degree or another. While you may disagree with those people, at least they’re consistent. For the most part, die-hard gun grabbers don’t own firearms, and have probably never even held a gun before. […]

Neoreaction (NRx) is Still Conspiring to Abolish the White Race

The Jews who pull the strings behind the New York-based conspiratorial organization “Neo-Reaction” (NRx) haven’t ceased from their diabolical, genocide-obsessed scheme to replace our Aryan families, friends, and colleagues with an Afro-Asiatic sewerage headed by a Cabal of Jews, Mischlings, Mongoloids, and Happas. They will never — not in 10,000 years — tire of advocating, propagandizing, and at the same […]

Techitis: Constantly Using Smartphones Causing Widespread Health Problems

Our relationships with our smartphones: for some, it’s attachment, for others, it’s addiction. Several new studies show how the devices might be impacting our health. Terms like ‘text-neck’ and ‘screen-sightedness’ didn’t exist several years ago.  But, the lingo is becoming more commonplace among medical professionals.   Text-neck or tech-neck is a condition […]

Belgian brewery builds 3km-long pipeline, investors get lifetime beer supply

Xavier Vanneste, heir to De Halve Maan brewery, got the idea when watching workmen laying cables under the streets’ cobblestones several years ago. Locals have requested taps in their homes before, but the plan was rejected by the brewery, with Vanneste claiming that the polyethylene tubes in the pipeline were “stronger than steel,” and any […]

Scientists Witness Eye-Opening Effects Of ‘QI Energy’ On Plant DNA & Cellular Growth

Why does the title of this article emphasize that ‘truly impossible’ results were witnessed? Because providing an explanation for what happened here is literally impossible right now, despite the fact that it happened repeatedly. Extra ordinary human potential is something that has been studied for decades; and although a number of studies have been conducted […]

Bloomberg Casts Doubt That NYPD Missiles Could Shoot Down Planes

  John StevensDaily Mail September 26, 2011 New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has cast doubt on surprise claims by NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly that police have the capability to take down a plane over the city if the need arose. Mr Bloomberg said that the police have ‘lots of capabilities you don’t know about […]

Twitter study casts doubts on ministers’ post-riots plan

Paul Lewis, James Ball and Josh Halliday London Guardian Aug 25, 2011 Analysis of more than 2.5m Twitter messages relating to the riots in England has cast doubt on the rationale behind government proposals to ban people from social networks or shut down their websites in times of civil unrest. A preliminary study of a […]

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