Leftist extremists attack nationalists, multiple people stabbed

Multiple people were stabbed this afternoon as what was intended to be a peaceful march against globalism was violently interrupted by leftist protestors. The event, organized by the California chapter of the Traditionalist Worker Party, resulted in multiple stabbings and many minor injuries. (The TWP obtained a legal permit for the rally.)

Despite being outnumbered nearly 10-to-1, the Traditionalist Worker Party held their ground. According to sources, six “anti-fascist” protestors were seriously injured. Only one nationalist, however, appears to have suffered serious injuries.

The leftist extremists didn’t limit their violence to nationalists, however. Multiple reporters, including one Red Ice respondent, were assaulted during the chaos.

This event should serve as wake-up call to the average white American. These leftists hate white America – in fact, many of them are simply nationalists for their own ethinc group. If these people had their way, there would be no white countries, neighborhoods, or culture. While they may believe they are fighting the “system”, they are in fact tools of the global anti-White estalishment – the very establishment that the Traditionlist Worker Party came to Sacramento to protest.

Source Article from https://redice.tv/news/leftist-extremists-attack-nationalists-multiple-people-stabbed

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