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Complicated and irrelevant. UK Parliament.

The issues over the vote on Gaza johnredwood February 23 At the heart of the row in the Commons over the Gaza vote was a bitter feud between the SNP and Labour. For many years the Standing Orders have been followed which state that on an Opposition Day the Opposition party that is given that […]

The Immune System and Vaccines are Complicated

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL Vaccines are a complicated area, which is because the immune system is immensely complicated. Targeted vaccines have ancillary effects, and it is not possible to predict what they are.  Professor Peter Aaby’s group has done ground-breaking research on the effects of vaccines in randomized trials and in field studies. His […]

Situation will become more complicated if JCPOA talks fail: IAEA chief

TEHRAN- The chief of the UN’s nuclear watchdog has emphasized the necessity of restarting negotiations to save the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, stating that failure to do so would result in a rapid deterioration of the situation. Rafael Grossi stated on Tuesday that while progress is “not impossible,” the diplomatic effort to revive the nuclear […]

Arrests in the West Bank have become complicated: Israeli Media

30 Aug 2022 Source: Israeli Media By Al Mayadeen English  The Israeli media indicates that the Palestinian factions play an important role in Nablus, and the center of the confrontations that was in Jenin in recent months has now moved to Nablus. Palestinians hurl rocks at Israeli occupation vehicles during an Israeli raid in the West Bank […]

Right Wing Round-Up: A Complicated Guy

Brian Slodysko @ AP: GOP’s links to extremism surface in congressional primary Sebastian Murdock @ HuffPost: Second Day Of Alex Jones Trial Focuses On Notorious Sandy Hook Conspiracist Tess Owen @ Vice News: The Far-Right Is Using Monkeypox to Peddle Anti-LGBTQ ‘Grooming’ Conspiracies Nikki McCann Ramirez @ Rolling Stone: Hosting Saudi Golf Tourney, Trump Has […]

Why the Houthis are Taking the Fight to the UAE – Yemen’s War Just got More Complicated

If Yemen remains an indecipherable puzzle for even the most astute of analysts, the Houthis’ decision of late to bring fire and brimstones to the UAE – a player who so far averted the ire of the movement by limiting its meddling to the southern part of the country, a region the Houthis have long […]

‘Army of the Dead’ Review: Overstuffed and Over-Complicated Zombie Fail

If you think you’re tired of reading one negative review after another from me, imagine how I feel having to write them. Never in my life have I sat down wanting anything other than to love a movie. Director, co-writer Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead is something I’ve looked forward to since first hearing […]

The Political Situation in Japan is Getting more Complicated

The hopes of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party of Japan for a successful exit from a period of internal political turbulence, into which the country began to sink since the spring of last year, are not happening. Recall that on September 16, 2020, the Japanese Parliament approved Yoshihide Suga as Prime Minister, replacing Shinzo Abe. He […]

It’s complicated

Dr. Bren Carlill This article originally appeared in the Australian Jewish News 14/05/2021 On Tuesday, Australians woke up to news of violence in Jerusalem, rockets from Gaza, and protests in other Arab-majority cities. In the next 24 hours, things only got worse. For many commentators, the likely eviction of Arab families from buildings in Sheikh […]

Can Colleges and Employers Legally Require You to Get Vaccinated? It’s Complicated.

The Most Revolutionary Act By  Megan Redshaw Some colleges and employers are mandating COVID vaccines, and some states are proposing laws to prohibit vaccine mandates — leaving the unvaccinated to wonder where they stand. A slew of colleges and universities are embracing COVID vaccine mandates, telling students if they want to attend classes on campus, […]

In its PR videos, Saudi Arabia looks great, but reality is more complicated

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

Prince Philip’s funeral arrangements complicated by pandemic

Details of Prince Philip’s funeral are to be confirmed “in due course”, Buckingham Palace has said, following the death of the Queen’s consort at the age of 99. But while he will be laid to rest with all the honours due to a prince of the United Kingdom, the COVID-19 pandemic has complicated well-prepared arrangements […]

Stan Lee’s legacy is complicated. This new book casts a shadow on it

Stan Lee, arguably the most famous American comic book creator, died at age 95 in 2018. Honoring his Jewish identity, many evoked the phrase “may his memory be a blessing” (coming from the Hebrew “zichrono l’bracha”) when reporting on his passing. Just what this memory looks like, however, and what it should look like, is […]

Complicated Family Stories Are Explored in The Braid’s New Salon Show ‘Family Matters’

Complex family relationships are the theme of a new salon show by The Braid, formerly Jewish Women’s Theatre. Opening on March 6, community theatergoers will have the chance to see this show, titled, “Family Matters,” virtually across the globe on Zoom. “Family Matters” is the latest family-focused salon show that showcases stories, songs, videos and […]

Understanding The Complicated Politics And Geopolitics Of The Coup In Myanmar

On February 1, 2021, Myanmar’s military—known as the Tatmadaw—invoked Article 417 of the 2008 constitution, dismissed State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi, and arrested her and other members of her National League for Democracy (NLD) party. Condemnation of the coup was swift, although there would be reason for hesitancy in the reaction: Aung San Suu […]

A top MAGA gathering finds life complicated after Trump

Senior Trump adviser Jason Miller said Trump, whose Mar-a-Lago abode is less than 2.5 hours away from the Orlando hotel where this year’s conference will occur on Feb. 25-28, is not currently scheduled to make an appearance. Meanwhile, a senior American Conservative Union official would not answer whether Mike Pence, who drew MAGA world’s ire […]

Syria: The complicated scene

By Abir Bassam November 24, 2020 – 10:49 It is a dirty war that has been going on in Syria, Libya, and Yemen. Almost nine and a half tragic years have passed. The three countries were subjected to all kinds of terror and brutally destroyed. Actually, what has been going on is a world war! […]

Free Speech Is More Complicated Than You Think

The truth is – words are dangerous. Words are the catalysts of all action – good or evil. To start with a cliché but solid example: words inspired millions of Germans to direct their ire towards Jews, Romani, LGBTQ and other state-labeled “degenerates.” Words inspired the Manson family to murder innocent people. Words inspired the […]

Women’s more complicated genes help them survive COVID more than men, claims MD

NEW YORK — Whether it’s the ability to see more colors or possessing more endurance, women may be — biologically speaking — far better off than their male counterparts. Dr. Sharon Moalem makes his case for this genetic advantage in his new book “The Better Half: On the Genetic Superiority of Women.” “Whenever life is […]

15 Signs You Have Complicated Grief (a Spiritual Malady)


July 27th, 2020 By Aletheia Luna Guest writer for Wake Up World This is an article for all those who have experienced regular grief and loss, and are struggling to move forward. And this article is also for those who have experienced grief so profound that it has become chronic and debilitating. The latter variety of grief that […]

15 Signs You Have Complicated Grief (a Spiritual Malady)

Sounds Healing

July 27th, 2020 By Aletheia Luna Guest writer for Wake Up World This is an article for all those who have experienced regular grief and loss, and are struggling to move forward. And this article is also for those who have experienced grief so profound that it has become chronic and debilitating. The latter variety of grief that […]

Billionaire art purchase: $500 million ways to expose one’s stupidity and really bad taste

     Billionaire Ken Griffin paid about $500 million for two paintings by Abstract Expressionist masters in one of the largest private art deals ever, according to people familiar with the transaction. Griffin, founder of Chicago-based hedge fund firm Citadel, bought works by Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning from David Geffen’s foundation, said one of […]

Zuckerberg-Chan to Give Away 99% of Facebook Shares to “Advance Human Potential and Promote Equality for All Children in the Next Generation”

Zuckerberg-Chan to Give Away 99% of Facebook Shares to “Advance Human Potential and Promote Equality for All Children in the Next Generation” December 1st, 2015 Via: USA Today: Mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Priscilla Chan celebrated the birth of a baby girl with the stunning […]

Bacon Causes Cancer

World Health Organization reports link between bacon and colon cancer. After reviewing more than 800 studies from several continents, a group of 22 scientists from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an agency of the World Health Organization, has classified bacon and other processed meats as carcinogens, something that […]

Up to 27 seconds of inattention after talking to your car or smartphone

A University of Utah research assistant introduces a participant in new distracted driving studies to specialdevices designed to gauge mental distraction during road tests. Credit: AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety If you think it is okay to talk to your car infotainment system or smartphone while driving or even when stopped at a red light, […]

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