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Ending Scene | ‘Leave The World Behind’ (2023)

Not to mention that Barack and Michelle Obama were the executive producers of this film… Source

New Zealand is a Crime Scene: In one clinic, in one day 30 people were covid injected and all 30 have died

From “Before the recently held elections, Gunn was contacted by a whistle-blower and given documentation showing that tens of thousands of New Zealanders’ deaths are linked to the injections” Former TV presenter Liz Gunn published a video update yesterday describing an instance of one clinic in New Zealand where 30 people received a covid […]

Police Confirm Barack Obama Was on the Scene During Chef’s Death

Massachusetts State Police have confirmed that former President Barack Obama was on the scene during the time of his personal chef’s suspicious death. “The Massachusetts State Police responded to our FOIA request and released their […] The post Police Confirm Barack Obama Was on the Scene During Chef’s Death appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

After A Hard Fight To Clear Militants, Israeli Soldiers Find A Scene Of Destruction, Slain Children

The Israeli military led a group of journalists, including an Associated Press reporter, on a tour of Kibbutz Be’eri, a village a few miles from Israel’s fortified border with Gaza. Source

Dem Rep. Slotkin: Inflation Hurting Auto Workers Helped Set the Scene for Auto Talks

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Inside Politics,” Rep. and U.S. Senate candidate Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) stated that “the scene for these negotiations” between automakers and the UAW was set by large profits for auto companies and the fact that “people Source

Nolte: Illegals Turn Chicago’s O’Hare Airport into ‘Scene from Mad Max’

Thanks to a flood of Joe Biden’s illegal aliens, Chicago’s O’Hare Airport looks like a “scene from Mad Max,” says a local reporter. Source

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon: We Didn’t Give Trump Campaign Permission to Use Scene from ‘Air’

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s production company has issued a statement saying it didn’t give the Trump campaign permission to use audio from the movie “Air” in a recent fundraising video that the campaign posted on Truth Social. Source

Two new cannabinoids have emerged on the cannabis scene. What are they and how are they different?

Delta 10 vs. Delta 8: What’s the Difference?   By  Bobby Bernstein   Updated  Mar 13, 2023 at 8:46pm  The world of cannabis is always evolving, and as new cannabinoids are discovered and studied, we learn more about the complex interactions between these compounds and how our bodies react to them. Two of the latest […]

Oldest Narrative Scene: A Man, Holding His Penis, and Fighting Leopards!

An 11,000-year-old carving from a Neolithic bench in south-eastern Turkey maybe the world’s oldest narrative scene. It depicts menacing leopards, amongst other animals, flanking two men, one of whom is holding his genitalia as he is being attacked. The other man is shown squatting and shaking a rattle (or snake, or weapon) at a ferocious […]

Police: Democrat Official’s DNA Found at Murder Scene of Las Vegas Reporter

The DNA of a Clark County, Nevada, Democrat official has been found at the scene where police say Las Vegas Journal-Review investigative reporter Jeff German was murdered. 

Trump returns to the scene of his tarnished legacy

When Donald Trump boarded Air Force One and said goodbye to Washington on Jan. 20, 2021, he was considered a political pariah. The Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol cast doubt that he could ever show his face in D.C. again, let alone entertain running for president. Flash forward to July 2022, and the former […]

CIA, MIA, LSD and the Laurel Canyon Rock Music Scene

George Orwell would not have suspected!!!!!   First, a local news story about the Laurel Canyon music scene.  It tells the story of how these rock legends of Laurel Canyon developed their music amidst wild parties and unlimited supplies of drugs>     Now, for the intelligence community connection.  We all know that the CIA […]

150 Toothless Skulls in Mexico ‘Crime Scene’ Cave are Ancient Sacrifice Victims

In 2012, a citizen alert brought the Mexican police to a cave on the Guatemalan border where a horrific cave sacrifice scene met their eyes. Some 150 skulls and other human skeletal remains  Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Moving nativity scene draws visitors to Polish monastery

One of the larger moving nativity scenes in Poland was created at famous Jasna Gora Sancturay, south Poland. This year’s Jasna Gora moving Christmas crib consists of over 400 figurines, 300 of them are movable. They from Poland, Italy, Portugal and Germany. Everything that happens around the central character,baby Jesus,is an attempt to recreate everyday […]

2nd ‘Rust’ Crew Member Sues Alec Baldwin: ‘He Did Not Check the Gun Himself,’ No Firing in Upcoming Scene

Mamie Mitchell, the script supervisor for the unfinished film Rust, filed suit against its lead actor and producer Alec Baldwin Wednesday, declaring “Mr. Baldwin cannot hide” from responsibility for the fatal on-set shooting that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded the movie’s director. Deadline quoted from Mitchell’s filing, which says, “Mr. Baldwin cannot hide behind the Assistant […]

This is not good … Tests Find Asbestos in Kids’ Crayons, Crime Scene Kits

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Reliefs depicting scene of Greco-Persian Wars discovered in Turkey

Reliefs depicting scene of Greco-Persian Wars discovered in Turkey – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Archaeologists in northwestern Turkey have recently discovered a bas-relief, which depicts a battle scene between the Persians and the Greeks in the fifth century BC. Figures on the relief show fighting Greek soldiers beneath the hoofs of the Persian war horses, said […]

German candidate sorry for laughing scene in flood visit

The front-runner to succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany’s September election has apologized for a scene in which he was seen laughing in the background as the country’s president delivered a statement on the devastating floods in western Germany. Armin Laschet, the candidate of Merkel’s center-right Union bloc to be Germany’s next leader, is also […]

Why is the IDF on the Scene of the Disaster in Miami?

Does the United States not have enough rescue workers that we need to have benevolent jewish supremacists come in to help us inept goyim? This appears to be normalizing israelis acting in an official capacity on American soil. Perhaps they are also there to cover up evidence. Link Share now! Source

Palestinian firefighters intervene at the scene of an Israeli strike

Palestinian firefighters battle a blaze following an Israeli strike on the town of Rafah in the Gaza Strip. Israel pounded the Gaza Strip overnight killing 10 members of an extended family while rockets smashed into Israel Saturday, amid violence in the West Bank and as a US envoy arrived for talks. Israeli strikes hit the […]

Greek-American NYPD Officer Fatally Struck at Scene of Earlier Car Crash

A Greek-American police officer was killed in a hit and run incident on early Tuesday morning. Credit: New York City Police Department A Greek-American police officer with the New York City Police Department (NYPD) was fatally struck in a hit-and-run incident in the early morning hours on Tuesday.  “It is with profound sadness that I […]

‘Pop’ fans: Biden kids, grandkids part of White House scene

President Joe Biden s grandkids say anyone who wants to take a crack at their “Pop” has to go through them first. When Biden calls to check in, he doesn’t stop with one grandchild but ends up dialing all of them for updates. Even son Hunter Biden gets a nightly call from Biden. Biden’s big […]

Paris-area Jews catch and overpower suspected stabber fleeing the scene

Jewish residents of a Paris suburb chased and overpowered a man whom witnesses said tried to stab three Jews, then handed him over to police. The suspect, a 35-year-old illegal immigrant from Pakistan, approached the men from behind near a synagogue in Sarcelles on Wednesday evening, Le Parisien reported. The men were wearing yarmulkes. René […]

Ancient Eulogia Token Depicts An Unusual Nativity Scene

An ancient stone token depicting a deeply religious scene, the Nativity, was discovered in the Holy Land. It’s being described as being “unlike all others,” because it doesn’t feature Mary and Joseph. Yesterday, on Christmas Eve, we published an article about an Israeli researcher who has presented new evidence of the earliest Christian pilgrimage route […]

An Ox, an Ass … a Dragon? Sorry, there were no Animals in the Bible’s Nativity Scene

From nativity plays to crèche sets to Christmas cards, animals are ubiquitous in our vision of the birth of Christ – but according to the Bible, not a single animal was there. Where did all these animals come from, and why are they now so central to the story? Only two parts of the Bible […]

Extreme Christcuckery: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Nativity Scene at Church

(CBSLA) Like other churches, Claremont Unified Methodist Church set up a holiday nativity scene, but they did it with a twist. Their nativity scene depicted Black individuals and paid homage to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Vatican City presents Nativity Scene, lights up Christmas tree

A few hundred people gathered for the annual lighting of the traditional Nativity scene and the Christmas tree in St. Peter’s Square. Most visitors were not allowed inside due to COVID-19 restrictions. Earlier in the week, Pope Francis offered a message of hope during “this difficult period”. “As you can see in the square the […]

Mexican Journalist Gunned Down After Photographing Crime Scene

Gunmen shot and killed a Mexican journalist after he photographed a crime scene, marking the ninth case of its kind in 2020. The murder took place this week in the state of Zacatecas, when Jaime Castano Zacarias responded to the location of two dumped bodies. According to El Universal, authorities suspect that organized crime members […]

Syria: The complicated scene

By Abir Bassam November 24, 2020 – 10:49 It is a dirty war that has been going on in Syria, Libya, and Yemen. Almost nine and a half tragic years have passed. The three countries were subjected to all kinds of terror and brutally destroyed. Actually, what has been going on is a world war! […]

Candles lit and flowers laid at scene of Vienna shooting

Austrian authorities continued their investigation into a radicalised man who killed four people and injured at least 22 in Vienna as residents mourned the victims of November 2 attack. Austrian police had raided several homes of people close to the attacker, who was identified as Austrian-North Macedonian dual national Kujtim Fejzula. Two men and two […]

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