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Rome Offers Visitors An Underground Gladiatorial Experience

Rome’s famous 2,000-year-old Colosseum has a vast underground world called the “hypogeum” and it’s now open to the public for the first time.  The Colosseum, or Flavian Amphitheater, was a gigantic structure that opened in 80 AD to provide entertainment to 50,000 of Rome’s population. According to, construction of the Colosseum began under Emperor Vespasianin […]

Iconic New York tower bans solo visitors in a bid to cut down suicides

The Vessel, an iconic New York tower that witnessed a series of suicides since its opening in 2019, has now banned solo visitors and beefed up security measures to avoid any such incident. In January, 2021, the Vessel at Hudson Yards in New York City had closed after the third suicide. On Friday, the 150-feet-high art […]

Belgian terraces and Greek beaches invite visitors as lockdown measures ease

Bars and restaurants in Belgium have reopened their outdoor terraces after months of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, people no longer need to observe a curfew or stay indoors at night. For many in the Belgian capital, Brussels, it was a reason to be happy. One woman told reporters: “I plan to […]

Wax Museum Removes Trump Figure After Visitors Keep Praying To It

SAN ANTONIO, TX—The wax figure of the 45th president of the United States was removed from display at Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks as a result of loyal supporters praying in humble supplication at its feet. “Our museum is just not set up for masses of faithful Trump supporters lying prostrate through these halls in holy reverie,” […]

Visitors to California Theme Parks Told to Remain Silent on Roller Coasters to Stop COVID-19

Joe Biden’s ‘Climate Envoy’ John Kerry violated CDC mandates by removing his mask almost immediately after boarding a first class flight from Boston to DC. The former Secretary of State didn’t even wait until the plane took off before removing his face covering in violation of both American Airlines’ policy and a CDC mandate requiring […]

Kew Gardens to Tell Visitors How Racist Its Plants Are: ‘These Flowers Are White Supremacist’

Kew Gardens in London is going to begin informaing visitors about how racist certain plants are. No, this is NOT satire. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use. The Royal Botanic Gardens, funded by the UK government, is set to “change display boards for plants such as sugar […]

Kew Gardens to Tell Visitors How Racist Its Plants Are

Mumford & Sons guitarist Winston Marshall was forced to issue a groveling apology after he was labeled a “Nazi” merely for praising a book by journalist Andy Ngo which is critical of Antifa. The controversy began over the weekend when Marshall tweeted about the book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy, when the […]

Al-Qaeda calls on Muslims to target Israeli visitors to Arab countries

Browse > Home / News / Al-Qaeda calls on Muslims to target Israeli visitors to Arab countries January 14, 2021 by JNS Read on for article Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula blasted the governments of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco for normalizing relations with Israel, calling on Muslims to target Israelis who […]

Ukraine seeks UNESCO status for Chernobyl to help manage visitors to nuclear site

Ukraine is seeking UNESCO World Heritage status for the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident. In the ghostly town of Pripyat, and its better-known neighbour Chernobyl, many visitors wander among the buildings and streets from where thousands were evacuated over three decades ago. “The Chernobyl zone is already a world famous landmark,” guide Maksym […]

God or the Devil? Whose Mystical Eyes Follow Visitors through the Bulgarian Prohodna Cave?

Prohodna Cave is a natural cave located in North Central Bulgaria. This cave is a popular tourist attraction due to a certain natural feature in the cave, i.e. two eye-shaped holes in its central chamber. The pair of holes has been dubbed by locals as the ‘Eyes of God’, or ‘Oknata’ in Bulgarian. Sometimes, this […]

Austrian Village Tweaks Name After Visitors Kept Stealing Its ‘F**king’ Signs

VIENNA, Nov 26 (Reuters) – The Austrian village of F**king is changing its name, the mayor of the municipality where it is located said on Thursday, after residents apparently grew tired of the sniggers it prompted in the English-speaking world and of visitors stealing its signs. The village, part of the municipality of Tarsdorf, north […]

Ecuadorian Embassy Adds New Rules For Julian Assange — No Visitors, Phone Calls Or Internet

By Aaron Kesel WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arbitrarily detained according to the UN for nearly 6 years in the Ecuadorian embassy. Now Ecuador has expanded that arbitrary detainment to solitary confinement by forbidding Assange from any human contact including visitations, phone calls and barring his Internet usage. All without Assange ever being […]

Home Office ‘Lost Track of 600,000 Foreign Visitors’ in Border Shambles

Britain’s chaotic border system presided over by current Home Secretary Amber Rudd and former Home Sec Theresa May has lost track of some 600,000 foreign visitors who should have left the country. A report featuring David Bolt, Chief inspector of Borders and Immigration found that the current shambolic exit check system meant that there are no […]

Viagra factory fumes mean horny visitors to small Irish town ‘never leave’

Residents of Ringaskiddy in county Cork, on the southwest coast of Ireland, say emissions from the pharmaceutical giant are giving everybody a hard time… but they’re not complaining. Erectile dysfunction pills are now the top party drug for British millennials “One wiff and you’re stiff,” said local barwoman Debbie to a Times journalist, simply looking […]

‘Everyone should do this’? Visitors play tennis in 16c Italian church as part of art project (VIDEO)

The playground has been installed in Milan’s Chiesa San Paolo Converso, a former Roman Catholic church currently used as an exhibition space. Organized by American artist Asad Raza, the project allows visitors to take racquets and play, or just observe the game in front of the old stone statues and paintings. “For [the artist Asad] […]

Wynn Las Vegas Casino Starts Scanning Visitors For Weapons In Wake Of Music Festival Massacre

A major Las Vegas casino has begun screening customers in the wake of Sunday’s massacre. Two uniformed security guards and a police officer at the Wynn Las Vegas casino were scanning visitors with metal-detecting wands, at random, and checking bags. It was the first hint of what could be a sea change in the casino […]

The Fascinating Link Between The Pyramids & Otherworldly Visitors

There is in fact documentary evidence – from Sumerian clay tablets unearthed in the great historical library of Nineveh – that the Great Pyramid was known to the Sumerians of 10,000 years ago, 6000 years before the first Pharaoh of Egypt was even born! 9. It is built to face true North, supposedly at a […]

Are police using DHS drones to spy on 112 million NY State Fair visitors?

Last week, DHS and the New York State Police began using drones to spy on NY State Fair (NYS Fair) visitors. According to an article in New York, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is letting DHS and the police use their drones to monitor traffic. “If you head to the 2017 New York State Fair […]

Visitors highly welcome Iranian crafts exhibit in Netherlands

Tehran Times – A recent exhibition of Iranian handicrafts at the Iran-Netherlands Trade and Cultural Center in Leiderdorp was highly welcomed by visitors, an official with the Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Organization said. A total of 26 artisans form across the country showcased wide-ranging handicrafts such as traditional jewelry, leatherwork, metalwork, miniature, pottery, ceramics, […]

Looks Like Official “UFO” Disclosure Is Finally Coming To The United States. But…

More and more people around the world are demanding “UFO” disclosure, and governments are responding. In fact, dozens of governments have already admitted to having departments in charge of UFO research and have released decades’ worth of declassified files. While these files do not contain strong evidence to support the existence of extraterrestrial beings,  they do officially report objects travelling at high […]

An Unknown Race With Elongated Skulls Discovered Inside Ancient Necropolis

Elongated skulls belonging to an unknown race  were found inside a timeworn necropolis unearthed in Malta that’s dating back more than 5,000 years. As we step further into the world of archaeology, we come across details that little by little complete this intricate puzzle illustrated by our ancient history. Scientists keep making linked discoveries that […]

Estonian trade delegation to visit Alborz province

Karaj, April 6, IRNA – An Estonian commercial and economic delegation will visit Alborz province on April 10 to examine investment opportunities in the province. Secretary General of provincial Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture Masoud Qasemi told IRNA on Wednesday that the team will tour the province to hold direct talks with the provincial […]

Kremlin denies report of Russia-US deal on Assad’s future

The newspaper had claimed that US Secretary of State John Kerry had told several Arab countries that Russia and the US reached an understanding on the future of Syria’s peace process, including Assad’s departure to another country at some unspecified stage, Reuters reported. “Al-Hayat published information which does not correspond to reality,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry […]

What is anarchism all about?

Andreas Wittel (TC) : Whenever public protests ignite into violent behaviour, the mainstream media are often quick to refer to “anarchy” and to “anarchists”. Those who are referred to as anarchists are protesters who burn tyres or engage in battles with the police. In this narrative, anarchists are lawless hooligans and anarchy is about chaos […]

Mall of America visitors unknowingly end up in counterterrorism fusion center reports

G.W. Schulz,  Andrew Becker, Daniel Zwerdling CFIR Sept 8, 2011 Bloomington, Minn. – On May 1, 2008, at 4:59 p.m., Brad Kleinerman entered the spooky world of homeland security. As he shopped for a children’s watch inside the sprawling Mall of America, two security guards approached and began questioning him. Although he was not accused […]

Arizona prisons charge visitors $25 to see inmates

  By Joanna CorriganDaily MailSeptember 5, 2011 Visitors to Arizona prison are being charged $25 to see inmates in a move believed to be the first of its kind in the U.S., it has emerged. Relatives and friends of prisoners arriving at the jail have to pay the one-off ‘background check fee’ on their first […]

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