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Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claims Trump wants to “KILL” and “IMPRISON” his political opponents

(NaturalNews) Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has claimed that former President Donald Trump wants to “kill” and “imprison” his political… Source

Henry Curteis Teds candidate for West Mercia outlines his plans to bring back visible policing to the region.

The trend is worldwide.  This next video from a troubled town in Queensland, Australia shows how it is done.  Patrols On Wheels. Source

Former Ambassador Craig Murray – General Election Candidate for Blackburn – Urgent Message re Gaza

pete fairhurst 2 says: He’s an intelligent, well educated and experienced ex diplomat who talks a lot of sense. He was particularly good in exposing Bliar and Jack Straw, and plenty more too. His stuff on Extraordinary Rendition was top notch, he experienced it first hand when he was ambassador to Uzbekistan. His whistleblowing got […]

RFK Jr.: ‘I would never choose a VP candidate based on how much money they have’

Independent presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. has yet to confirm a running mate but said on Tuesday that he would never choose someone “based on how much money they have.”  “We, our campaign is one of the principal priorities of our campaign is bringing young people into politics and addressing the deprivation that is now… […]

Former GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy says Democrats likely to replace Biden with Michelle Obama

(NaturalNews) In a recent discussion with political commentator Benny Johnson, entrepreneur and former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy stirred speculation… Source

BEWARE! Tulsi Gabbard is only a Trump VP candidate because the Uniparty wants her there.

READ HERE: Why Possible Trump VP Pick Tulsi Gabbard Is Visiting Mar-a-Lago Soon   Source

RINO North Carolina Congressional Candidate Laurie Buckhout Was Arrested for Drunk Driving

Last Updated on February 2, 2024 North Carolina Republican establishment congressional candidate Laurie Buckhout was arrested for drunk driving in 2017, making it clear that the neocon wing of the GOP is going to have some trouble locking up the nomination in the Tar Heel State’s First Congressional District. In the primary, Laurie Buckhout is […]

Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey May Replace Joe Biden as Candidate

The Democrats are planning to replace ailing and failing Biden/Harris ticket with the younger and more popular Michelle Obama as the Democrats’ presidential nominee, according to a new plan revealed by the New York Post’s Cindy Adams. Michelle has reportedly surveyed major Democrat donors about her potential candidacy and in 2022 she reportedly told a […]

Taiwan’s ‘anti-China’ candidate wins presidential election

Lai Ching-te of Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has been elected as the self-governing island’s new leader following Saturday’s presidential election. Lai, who entered the election as Taiwan’s vice president, claimed victory after the candidate representing the island’s main opposition party, Hou Yu-ih, conceded defeat. The DPP, which was seeking a third term in […]

Candidate Strongly Opposed By China Elected President Of Taiwan

The ruling-party candidate will handle the democratic nation’s relationship with China for four years. Source

Russian Anti-Ukraine War Candidate BANNED from Running Against Putin

Yekaterina Duntsova, a former TV journalist and critic of Russia’s war in Ukraine, has been disqualified from running against President Vladimir Putin in the upcoming presidential election. The country’s electoral commission unanimously rejected her candidacy application, citing “numerous violations” in the submitted papers. Duntsova, an independent politician advocating for ending the conflict in Ukraine, had […]

Democrat Congressional Candidate in Oregon PANICS After She’s Outed as Dominatrix Who Charged Clients $500 Per Hour

Democrat Congressional Candidate in Oregon PANICS After She’s Outed as Dominatrix Who Charged Clients $500 Per Hour Source

Is this why quadrennnial Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is so favored by the woke elites?

Brother-in-Law of Twice-Failed Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Abrams Arrested on Human Trafficking Charges Involving a Minor Source

Video Reveals 350K Votes ‘Disappeared’ For GOP Candidate in PA Supreme Court Election

350,000 votes for the Republican candidate in the 2023 election for Pennsylvania Supreme Court were removed “without reason” according to a bombshell video released by Audit the Vote PA. The election in question was decided by 200,000 votes, however a total of 350,000 in-person votes for the Republican candidate disappeared without any explanation from the […]

Pro-LGBT Virginia House of Delegates candidate endorsed by Democrats has DEMONIC ties

(NaturalNews) A Democratic candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates who has backed pro-LGBT policies also appears to have “demonic ties.”Jeremy Rodden,… Source

Leftists Start To Realise They’re Screwed With Biden As Their Candidate

After a New York Times poll found that Donald Trump holds a significant lead over Joe Biden in five out of six key battleground states, leftists are finally starting to realise they’re screwed if Biden runs again. The poll found that Trump holds four point and upwards leads in Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania, […]

TYPICAL MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE-SPEAK: Obama Says ‘All of Us’ Are to Blame for the Conflict Unfolding in Gaza (VIDEO)

TYPICAL: Obama Says ‘All of Us’ Are to Blame for the Conflict Unfolding in Gaza (VIDEO) Source

US Presidential candidate Dr. Shiva excoriates Zionism supremacy and Israel’s ongoing GENOCIDE against Palestinians (Video)


What to know about Speaker candidate Kevin Hern

The House GOP is in chaos amid attempts to elect a Speaker after Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) lost his third attempt at securing the gavel in a floor vote Friday. Nine congressmen have stepped up for the job, or have signaled they may. The new nominee will be the third in as many weeks after… […]

Jordan Out As Speaker Candidate After 3rd Loss

Update (1402ET): House GOP members have voted by secret ballot to remove Jim Jordan as candidate for speaker, according to Punchbowl News’ Jake Sherman, who added that House Republicans are headed home for the weekend and will hold a candidate forum Monday night. Margin was large, sources tell me. — Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) October 20, 2023 According to Politico‘s […]

Kennedy declares he is standing as an independent candidate for President as narrative shifts.

Ukraine slips off the news screen as Middle East seizes the headlines. The Ukraine flag is being replaced on public buildings across Europe…with Israel’s flag. The narrative is no longer Ukraine but Israel. Fly your own country’s flag on your car and on your house, while you still can. Godfrey Bloom saying the war in […]

RFK Jr. to continue his presidential run as an INDEPENDENT candidate after ditching rigged DNC

(NaturalNews) Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) on Monday, Oct. 9, announced his independent candidacy for president, officially ending his effort… Source

RFK Jr As A Third-Party Candidate

RFK Jr As A Third-Party Candidate Authored by Hank Vanderbeek via, Should RFK, Jr. run for President on the Democrat ticket or move to a third-party ticket like Teddy Roosevelt did? Even as President Joe Biden leads in the 2024 primaries, Democrat presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has higher favorability and lower unfavorability numbers than either […]

The Public Lynching of the Leading POTUS Candidate Continues In Glaring Contravention of American Jurisprudence

Gagging Donald Trump: Why Smith’s “Narrowly Tailored Motion” is Neither Narrow Nor Wise By Jonathan Turley Below is a longer version of my column in the New York Post on the gag order motion docketed Friday night in Washington, D.C. by Special Counsel Jack Smith. While described by Smith as “narrowly tailored,” even a cursory […]

Kennedy is the first candidate in American history to be denied Secret Service protection

Elected officials are actively working to censor, silence and smear anyone who disagrees with them, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is running for president As a major presidential candidate, Kennedy is entitled to Secret Service protection, but Biden is blocking that too. Kennedy is the first candidate in American history to be denied Secret […]

Manchurian Candidate Barack Obama Has Lost His Heretofore Protected Status

 Obama Has Lost Protected Status, Following Tucker Sinclair Interview: Man Who Claims He Was Class of 83 At Columbia And Obama Was Not There Gains Traction On Twitter The Deep State, As You Know, Called Him “Renegade.” “But Gay Is Not The Issue; The Issue Here Is Fraud.” Be Discerning—This is a Very Tricky Very […]

Ohio Senate Candidate Bernie Moreno: Big Tech Censorship ‘at It Again’ Censoring Post of NYC’s Illegal Immigrant Housing

Big Tech censorship is “at it again,” Republican Ohio Senate candidate Bernie Moreno said on Tuesday after Facebook and Instagram prohibited his team from promoting his video taken in front of the Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, where taxpayers are housing migrants and illegal aliens. Source

Exclusive — 2024 GOP Candidate Immigration Questionnaire: Hopefuls Explain Vision for Migration Policy Ahead of Debate

Most of the 2024 GOP presidential candidates ahead of the first Republican debate on Wednesday answered an in-depth 10-question immigration policy questionnaire from Breitbart News. Source

‘We cannot be selective with justice’: Texas congressional candidate Pervez Agwan is standing up to AIPAC

Progressive challenger Pervez Agwan is looking to unseat an AIPAC-backed Democrat in Texas’s 7th district. “We have to be strong, principled, and bold when we get into Congress. We can’t be pushovers,” Agwan tells Mondoweiss. Source

Ecuadorean Candidate Villavicencio Killed At Campaign Event

A suspect has died from injuries sustained during a shootout, the attorney general’s office said. Source

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