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TYPICAL MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE-SPEAK: Obama Says ‘All of Us’ Are to Blame for the Conflict Unfolding in Gaza (VIDEO)

TYPICAL: Obama Says ‘All of Us’ Are to Blame for the Conflict Unfolding in Gaza (VIDEO) Source

Manchurian Candidate Barack Obama Has Lost His Heretofore Protected Status

 Obama Has Lost Protected Status, Following Tucker Sinclair Interview: Man Who Claims He Was Class of 83 At Columbia And Obama Was Not There Gains Traction On Twitter The Deep State, As You Know, Called Him “Renegade.” “But Gay Is Not The Issue; The Issue Here Is Fraud.” Be Discerning—This is a Very Tricky Very […]

Prigozhin: Washington’s “Manchurian Candidate” Inside the Halls of Russian Power

Who has the inside track on why the head of Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, went turncoat the other day? Prigozhin, whose mouth has gotten more significant with each small victory of his skilled fighters, betrayed his fellow citizens, his president, and hundreds of thousands of Russian military personnel, laying it on the line in Ukraine. […]

Watch How Francis Kalifat Reveals Emmanuel Macron To Be A Manchurian Candidate For The Jewish Oligarchs

Francis Kalifat brings Macron to heel (Aangirfan) In 2019. Emmanuel Macron, the nominal President of France, gave a speech in front of the Jewish supremacist group, CRIF (Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France) on the problem of rising “antisemitism” in France. After his speech — which no doubt was written for Macron by the […]

The Manchurian Americans

If one reads Richard Condon’s 1958 novel The Manchurian Candidate or sees the original film (1962) or  its remake (2004) one would realize my comparison to today’s events. In the novel ( and films ) we see a patrol of US soldiers being captured and then brainwashed by the enemy. The ones who survive this […]


HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT JOHN KASICH TAKING MONEY FROM GEORGE SOROS? It has come to light today that the John Kasich campaign has taken large amounts of money from far, far Left NWO agent George Soros. George Soros is an evil, evil man who uses his billions to promote race wars and anarchy and […]

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