Watch How Francis Kalifat Reveals Emmanuel Macron To Be A Manchurian Candidate For The Jewish Oligarchs

Francis Kalifat brings Macron to heel

(Aangirfan) In 2019. Emmanuel Macron, the nominal President of France, gave a speech in front of the Jewish supremacist group, CRIF (Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France) on the problem of rising “antisemitism” in France.

After his speech — which no doubt was written for Macron by the Jews at CRIF — as the audience dutifully applauded Macron for telling them exactly what they wanted to hear, Francis Kalifat, the Jewish leader of CRIF, grabbed Macron by the wrist and roughly hoisted his arm above his head, bending it back in a very awkward position.

When Macron, clearly in discomfort, tried to pull his arm away, Kalifat held his grip even harder — at which point Macron’s face literally went blank, drained of all emotion, just as you’d expect from a Manchurian Candidate — someone who betrays their own country to another party that controls him often through MK-Ultra-style mind control and/or sexual extortion (notice the “MK” symbol in the lower right of the video).

CRIF is a powerful umbrella organization that coordinates the activities of many prominent Jewish interest groups in France, including the Alliance Israélite Universelle — which is similar to the American Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith — both of which are Judeo-Masonic organizations.

The Alliance Israélite Universelle was founded in 1860 by Adolphe Crémieux, a Grand Master Freemason. According to Paquita de Shishmareff in her exposé Waters Flowing Eastward. the Protocols were originally leaked from the Mizraim Lodge in Paris — making Crémieux’s hand in them highly likely.

It’s surely no coincidence that Crémieux first gained fame in France as an attorney during The Damascus Affair when he successfully defended Jews who had been caught red-handed committing ritual blood murder.

There is an interesting connection between Crémieux and Éric Zemmour, the anti-Muslim Algerian-Jew who recently announced his candidacy for president. Zemmour’s parents were Berber Jews born in Algeria, but because of the infamous Crémieux Decree — a law conceived of and promoted by Aldolphe Crémieux — they were granted automatic French citizenship while Algerian Arabs were excluded, making them a de facto underclass.

The brazenly discriminatory Crémieux Decree created such tensions between Jews and Arabs in Algeria that most of the Jews — like Zemmour’s parents — fled Algeria for France, which was likely the intention of Crémieux’s decree all along.

Now the “racist” Zemmour is demonizing the Muslim immigrants in France — without bothering to mention to the native French people that it was the Jews — not the “Christian universalists” — who decided to flood France with Muslims in order to undermine and destroy the once-Christian nation — pitting the native whites against the Arabs and Africans — divide and conquer. Jews have a long history of using Muslims to undermine and destroy Christian nations — such as Byzantium and Spain.

Ironically, the violent Muslims that have flooded into France are now forcing many Jews to flee France — and the Zionists are hoping to lure many of them to Israel using different forms of scare tactics. The Rothschild shill, Macron, angrily lashed out at the Zionists for trying to lure Jews to Israel — claiming that France would not be France without its Jews — which is most certainly true, but not in the way Macron intended.

The Jewish oligarchs have allowed Zemmour, a Jew in their control, to give voice to the nostalgic fantasies of the demoralized native French people whose heads are literally on the chopping block — while the executioner Macron drops the axe.

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