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Netanyahu’s response to the ICC invokes another genocidal biblical reference

Netanyahu’s rant against the ICC quoted a biblical verse that warns against the dangers of not completely wiping out your enemy’s society. It doesn’t take much to figure out what this means for Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza.  Source

Symbolism Will Be their Downfall > It’s Going to Be Biblical #GodWins

* Revelation Of The Method > [They] Must Tell You Who [They] Are & What [They] Are Doing, So You Chose To Accept & Follow [Them] Of Your Own Free Will * Free & Accepted Masons [F&AM] Proverbs 6:16-19 16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: 17 […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Opposing Their Biblical Worldview

Scott Lively warns former President Donald Trump that if he attempts to compromise on the issue of abortion in hopes of “bringing a huge wave of baby-murdering women to the polls this November,” then “you will set God Himself against you.” Tim Barton is “having a hard time wrapping [his] head around” allowing a “pharmacist […]

Israel Building Altar For Red Heifer Sacrifice To Fulfill Biblical End Times Prophecy

Israelis have announced plans to conduct a red heifer sacrifice this month as significant Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled in Israel before our very eyes. A massive white altar is under construction in Jerusalem’s Old City for the upcoming blood sacrifice ritual that dates back to the time of Moses. Steeped in Biblical significance, the […]

AFA Wants Trump to Pick Evangelicals with Right-Wing ‘Biblical Worldview’ for Supreme Court

Religious-right legal activist Phillip Jauregui appeared on the American Family Radio’s “At the Core” program with host Walker Wildmon yesterday to complain about the lack of conservative evangelical Supreme Court justices and to tout the Center’s “green list” of potential Republican nominees who meet the Center’s “biblical worldview” standard. Wildmon, the grandson of AFA Founder […]

Netanyahu and his cabinet are taking ‘Israel’ to Biblical Armageddon

2 Dec 2023  Source: Al Mayadeen English Alastair Crooke At its core, the cabinet judges that public anger and the call to “crush” Hamas will outlast the US estimation of a ‘few weeks’ war at most. Biden and his team, who were angling for a full ceasefire, have been comprehensively rebuffed. The Cabinet and the […]

Yemen’s Semitic Descendants of Biblical Israelites Backed by Iran Houthis Launch New Wave Of Drones Against Rothschild’s Occupation Criminals Holocausting the Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judeans In Occupied Palestine

Actually I took a Zionist Zombie Speak “headline” and translated it so it would be true. Original headline: Yemen’s Iran-Backed Houthis Launch New Wave Of Drones Against Israel: Sub Headline: Dangerous escalation with US carriers & nuclear submarine parked in region… Now allow me to translate the Sub Headline. The Semitic Yemens who are the […]

Nitwityahoo, A Non Semitic Not Descended From Biblical Hebrews red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian Mongrel, Calls To “Smite Amalek” Which Translated From Zionist Speak Means Murder All Who Are Not Jew Cult Members

Netanyahu declaring invasion: "You must remember what Amalek has done to you, says our Holy Bible" 1 Samuel 15:3 "Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass" — Michael Tracey (@mtracey) […]

The Extermination of the Palestinian People is Not Biblical Prophesy

Renee Parsons The on going conflict between Israel and Palestine for the last seventy five years has reached a diabolic peak of violence, as the Zionists, presumed heir to the Holy Land, have revealed themselves to be less than representative of divine intervention as perpetrators of an incredibly brutal level of sadistic behavior that threatens […]

Biblical Proof That The Jews Are NOT ‘God’s Chosen People’

Biblical Proof That The Jews Are NOT ‘God’s Chosen People’ March 28, 2023 By CFT Team — 36 Comments Jacob blesses Joseph’s sons, Ephraim and Manasseh [We have posted the following video in previous articles but have yet to comment on it — so that is what we will do here.] This video — titled, […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Just Being Biblical

Shane Vaughn tells his followers not to worry about the court ruling finding former President Donald Trump guilty of fraud because “Trump always wins.” Jon Miller says that “it should be clear at this point that women are not fit to be political leaders.” Charlie Kirk complains that he gets criticized by Christians for being […]

Religious Right Leaders Demand Next GOP SCOTUS Nominees Meet ‘Biblical Worldview’ Standard

You might think religious-right leaders would be more than satisfied with the Trump Supreme Court justices who overturned Roe v Wade and invited the criminalization of abortion nationwide, but you would be wrong. Religious-right activists are delving deep into the religious views, church attendance, and families of conservative judges considered possible Supreme Court nominees under […]

Archaeologists find ‘mystery’ ducts near biblical Jerusalem relics

An almost three millennia-old network of hewn-rock ducts unearthed in Jerusalem has baffled archaeologists, given the lack of comparable biblical finds, or obvious links to an ancient temple and palace that once stood nearby, Reuters reports. The knee-deep channels, dating back 2,800 years, are located outside Jerusalem’s walled Old City. They stand in two clusters, […]

The Biblical Meaning Of Color — How White Is Associated With God, Adam, Israel, Christ And Christians

Here we will look at a short chapter from Charles A. Weisman’s book The Origin Of Race And Civilization which addresses the biblical meaning of different colors — and how the color white is most closely associated with God, Jesus Christ, and the Adamic “children of light.” Going forward we intend to address many of […]

ACH (2141) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Behind The Biblical And Historical Roots Of The Coronation

In today’s show originally broadcast on May 4 2023, Andy is joined by Dr. Peter Hammond for a show entitled, “The Real Story Behind The Biblical And Historical Roots Of The Coronation.” We discussed: the Biblical history of the Stone Of Scone, that will be used for the coronation of King Charles III this weekend; […]

Biblical Archaeologists Uncover Mix Tape Jacob Made For Rachel

HARRAN — Archeologists working in the Middle East say they’ve uncovered the world’s oldest cassette tape, which they believe was used as a mix tape by the biblical Jacob in his lengthy courtship with Rachel, as detailed in the first book of Moses called Genesis. “This is a profound discovery that confirms the biblical account,” […]

The Biblical Origins of the Tranny Agenda (Series)

I think that much of this agenda perfectly corresponds with the Noahide Laws; after all, the hateful jewish God known as Yahweh was said to be an androgynous being.  Source

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Biblical Worldview

Lance Wallnau was having technical problems Wednesday night while trying to do a livestream on Facebook, and he’s convinced that Facebook is intentionally disrupting his ability to broadcast. Eric Metaxas says the “classical Greeks” were promoting a biblical worldview, even though the Bible didn’t exist at that time. Vincent James and Steve Franssen have begun […]

Andrew Torba Says ‘Biblical Christian Men’ Must ‘Take Dominion’ Over Every Aspect of Society

Doug Mastriano, a Christian nationalism-promoting election conspiracy theorist who won the Republican Party’s gubernatorial primary in May, has come under fire for his ties to Andrew Torba, the antisemitic Christian nationalist founder of the far-right social media platform Gab. While Mastriano has remained silent about his connection to Torba, Torba has been very vocal in […]

ACH (1834) Pastor Andy’s Traditional Christian Message #8 – Examples Of Biblical Law

In today’s show originally broadcast on July 1 2022, Andy presents a show entitled, “Pastor Andy’s Traditional Christian Message #8 – Examples Of Biblical Law.” The post ACH (1834) Pastor Andy’s Traditional Christian Message #8 – Examples Of Biblical Law appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

ACH (1817) Dr. Lorraine Day – When Will The Specific Biblical Time Of Trouble Begin?

In today’s show originally broadcast on June 14 2022, Andy is joined by Dr. Lorraine Day for a show entitled, “When Will The Specific Biblical Time Of Trouble Begin?” We discussed: why we know the Biblical time of trouble will occur before Jesus Christ returns; how the worldwide lockdowns prove that global control is already […]

Biblical Prophesy Fulfilled

Skies and Rivers Turning Red Around The World As Biblical End Times Prophecy Fulfilled Fact checkedMay 10, 2022Baxter DmitryNews, World8 Comments 123SHARES Reports of skies, rivers, rain and bodies of water turning red across the world have shocked Biblical scholars who warn the phenomenon is a sign we have reached the End Times as prophesied in […]

Report: Democrats Prepare for ‘Biblical Disaster’ in Midterm Elections 

Between record levels of inflation, unfettered illegal immigration, a war in Ukraine, and an increasingly unpopular president, Democrats are preparing themselves for “a biblical disaster” in the upcoming midterm elections.

The Coming Stock Market Crash of Biblical Proportions

I repost this piece as it is a partial warning of whats coming.The stock market is a gambling casino, the game is rigged, the house always wins.The stock market has been crashed here and there as the Usury bankers desired it to for their ends. If you know the crash is coming because you rigged […]

Ezekiel’s Daniel: Biblical Hero or Ancient Ugaritic Legend?

Ezekiel’s Daniel could be a real person, or he could be the Danel of ancient Ugaritic legend, and evidence points both ways. In the Biblical prophecies of Ezekiel, Daniel is characterized as paragon of righteousness and wisdom, and in equal standing with the moral exemplars Noah and Job. In Ezekiel 14:14, referring to famine, Ezekiel […]

Dozens of Yemen Children, Closest Living Relatives To Biblical Hebrews Holocausted or maimed in Yemen By Saudi with Help From USA & Non Semitic Khazarians Occupying Palestine Since New Year

I am confused. One can not look anywhere there are not articles and pictures of “dead” Ukrainians including the video I saw where the dead Ukrainian pulled the body bag back over himself when the wind blew the top off of the “dead” man, but the “news” services of USA Israel and Saudi Arabia do […]

David and Jonathan: A Secret Biblical Bromance?

The deep, emotional relationship that bonded David and Jonathan is related in the books of Samuel. The two are said to have formed a covenant of friendship, even though their situation essentially made them rivals for the crown. But was theirs a strong platonic relationship, or an example of homosexuality in the Bible? The Relationship […]

The land of the Pyramids is not biblical Egypt

“The original text of the Exodus story is written in ancient Hebrew and it tells a different story” By Ashraf Ezzat “I have been wanting to visit Egypt for so long … especially ever since I have watched the “The Prince of Egypt” film … you know that animated Hollywood film about the story of […]

Unique Biblical “Persimmon” Amethyst Seal Discovered In Jerusalem Sewer

A rare lilac-colored amethyst seal has been discovered in an ancient sewer beneath Jerusalem. Depicting a bird holding a plant branch with five fruits with its feet, the engraved amethyst seal represents the very first depiction of Biblical persimmon, a prized plant used in Second Temple period incense (many scholars believe the Biblical persimmon plant […]

Right-Wing Christians Must Indoctrinate Other People’s Children Into a Biblical Worldview, Says FRC’s George Barna

While right-wing groups are mobilizing angry mobs to yell at school board members that parents have the right to control what their children are taught, evangelical pollster George Barna told religious-right activists at the Family Research Council’s “Pray Vote Stand” summit Thursday that it is their duty to try to indoctrinate other people’s children into […]

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