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Musk Wins Latest Censorship Battle in Australia

Can Australia’s eSafety Commissioner block content globally on demand? Not today, ruled the Australian Federal Court, in a win for Elon Musk’s social media platform X.  In a decision on Monday, Justice Geoffrey Kennett refused to extend a temporary injunction obtained by eSafety last month, which forced X to remove footage of the Wakeley church stabbing, an alleged […]

Analysis of the Latest WHO Pandemic Agreement Draft – Yes, Another One, and It’s Still Bad News

BY DR DAVID BELL AND DR THI THUY VAN DINH 13 MAY 2024 5:27 PM The World Health Organisation (WHO) negotiating body of the draft Pandemic Agreement to be voted on in late May produced yet another draft (not to be confused with the latest draft of the amendments to the International Health Regulations, published around […]

6 Israeli Soldiers Killed in Latest Hours as IOF Chief Urges Delay of Probe into Oct. 7 Failures

May 7, 2024 Focus on Zionists – Live News – Middle East – News – Top – Zionist entity Israeli Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi again called to postpone an investigation into the occupation army’s failures over Hamas’ Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, as the number of Israeli soldiers killed in the fronts in Gaza and Lebanon reached six. Israeli media reported that Halevi issues […]

Journalism’s Latest Draft Recasts Ukraine Narrative

Journalism’s Latest Draft Recasts Ukraine Narrative Authored by J. Peder Zane via RealClearPolitics, Journalism may indeed be the first draft of history but that old chestnut can be misleading. Where it suggests a set-in-stone version of events, that first draft is really an unfolding detective story, revised and rewritten as we dig out better answers […]

‘Operation al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 209: Hamas yet to respond to latest Israeli proposal

Blinken says Hamas “must” respond to Israel’s proposal as the U.S. begins building a sea pier. Meanwhile, the UN says that 5% of Gaza’s population has been killed or wounded since the beginning of Israel’s assault in October. Source

EI live: Debunking Israel’s latest “mass rape” hoax

Join the Electronic Intifada livestream this afternoon for our ongoing coverage of the Israeli genocide in Gaza, and the Palestinian resistance to it. This afternoon’s lineup: Ali Abunimah will cast a skeptical eye on Screams Before Silence, the new YouTube film released by billionaire former Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg — the latest episode of Israel’s […]

Hamas to mull latest ceasefire proposal with other factions

April 30, 2024 Source: Agencies By Al Mayadeen English The Hamas Resistance movement announces that its delegation is returning to Gaza from Cairo to discuss the latest ceasefire proposal presented during the negotiations. Hamas announced that its negotiating delegation in Cairo is heading back home for consultations regarding the ceasefire proposal presented to the Resistance […]

Buckle Up for Ania K’s latest discussion with Professor Hudson re Gaza and the US plan for world domination

What Prof Hudson explains from his own experience is even worse than one imagines when observing the Israeli – US connection; as Ania says at the end, it is pure evil, and Prof Hudson replies that it is because she can see this that he spends his time in discussion and correspondence with her. Ania’s […]

Day 186: Aggression Continues as Details Emerge on Latest Gaza Ceasefire Proposal

 April 9, 2024 Palestinians walk through the destruction in Khan Younis. Israeli occupation launched aggressive raids on several areas across the Gaza Strip central and southern areas on Tuesday, as details have emerged on the latest proposal on ceasefire. Media reported that Israeli air raids were more aggressive on Tuesday, noting that they mainly concentrated […]

Blending Reality: The WEF Calls for Creation of Metaverse Identity in Latest Push for Digital Dystopia

The latest report from the World Economic Forum outlines a vision of the blending of the physical world with the virtual metaverse dystopia, and claims digital identity is a necessary step in this direction. On March 12, the World Economic Forum released a new report titled, Metaverse Identity: Defining the Self in a Blended Reality […]

Harvard’s Latest Act of Shame

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL [This article was coauthored by documentary filmmaker Janus Bang] This month, we received the very disturbing news that Professor Martin Kulldorff was fired from Harvard. His own account of what happened, “Harvard Tramples the Truth: When it came to debating Covid lockdowns, Veritas wasn’t the university’s guiding principle,” is an […]

Robert De Niro’s Latest Vulgar Anti-Trump Meltdown Includes The Disturbing Phrase “We Got To Get Rid Of Him”

Last Updated on March 12, 2024 Hollywood actor Robert De Niro’s latest vulgar rant against President Donald Trump, this time on Jimmy Kimmel’s ABC talk show, included the disturbing line “We got to get rid of him.” “He’s so f— stupid,” De Niro said, proving that actors who got big in the 1970’s probably do […]

Smedley Butler Explains The Latest Excuse For American Intervention In Ukraine

Authored by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute, Senior Fellow Alex Pollock drew my attention to an important quotation by Smedley Butler:  1935 speech and later a book by Major General Smedley D. Butler (USMC), includes  “… A racket is best described, I believe, something that is not what it seems to the majority of […]

Rivian Shelves New Georgia Factory In Latest Cost-Cutting Measures 

Two weeks after Rivian Automotive Inc. announced a disappointing production forecast and another round of job cuts, the company’s CEO revealed that the construction of a $5 billion factory in Georgia would be put on hold to reduce costs.  CEO RJ Scaringe unveiled a crossover EV called the R3. The new model will be priced […]

New York AG Letitia James wages WAR on beef in latest lawfare climate change crusade

New York AG Letitia James wages WAR on beef in latest lawfare climate change crusade At the very same time that the beef industry is taking a massive hit due to the devastating Texas fires, New York Attorney General Letitia James is delivering a second blow by waging a climate war on the meat industry. […]

In latest left-wing assault on democracy, Illinois REMOVES Trump from primary ballot

(NaturalNews) Donald Trump’s name will not appear on Illinois’ Republican primary ballot, Cook County Judge Tracie Porter has decided.Porter reportedly ordered… Source

Dr Brian Ardis; With Charlie Ward The Latest Update on Vax Ingredients

Date: 27 February 2024 at 17:31:31 GMT Following Lawsuits served on Boris Johnson, Dr. Ardis Was Instrumental in His Resignation. Also latest information on vaccines and remedies, including the new European drug banned in Europe, but permitted in the USA that is already causing large numbers of dangerous side effects! Click on Link Below for full […]

Latest MAGA Conspiracy: The Super Bowl Is Being Rigged to Help Taylor Swift Help Joe Biden

More evidence that anything can be turned into a conspiracy theory to manipulate MAGA activists:  MAGA political operatives are ranting that the NFL has rigged this year’s Super Bowl to help pop music superstar Taylor Swift help President Biden win election. The media’s infatuation with the relationship between Swift and Kansas City Chiefs star tight end […]

The latest front in the Gaetz vs. McCarthy fight: House primaries

Republicans are desperate to avoid nasty primaries next year. But the architect of Kevin McCarthy’s ouster from the speakership has other plans. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) is continuing to buck party leadership, which has tried to coalesce early this cycle behind candidates in key races. Gaetz has instead thrown his support to other congressional hopefuls […]

Israel’s Latest Weapon Against Palestine Is Egypt’s Debt


Trump’s Latest Courtroom Defeats Are a Really Big Deal

Former President Donald Trump has a long history of arguing that he can’t be held legally accountable for the outrageous, rule-bending things he does because he was the president—an argument that has often sounded like an attempt to declare himself above the law.  But a pair of courts just brought him back down to Earth. […]

Bayer’s Monsanto Hit With $1.5 Billion Verdict in Latest Roundup Cancer Case

In a late Friday decision, jurors awarded James Draeger, Valorie Gunther, and Dan Anderson $61.1 million in actual damages and a staggering $500 million each in punitive damages. They claimed that years of using Roundup on their properties led to their non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas. This verdict is one of the largest against a US corporate defendant this year, […]

Mike Lindell’s Latest Election Deception: Sowing Doubts About Kentucky Governor’s Race

Pillow salesman turned Trump-supporting election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell is now making baseless insinuations that the recent reelection victory of popular Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear was somehow rigged. In an email sent Tuesday to supporters of his “Lindell Offense Fund,” Lindell wrongly claimed that “it makes no sense” that Beshear defeated the Trump-endorsed Republican candidate, […]

Alarming Acceleration in New Zealand Excess Deaths, Latest Official Figures Up 70% on Last Year

From Our health system is collapsing, but health tsars are in complete denial, desperately trying to hide the deaths and distort the science. This article is also available as a PDF document that you can print, download, and share. An audio version is available here. For the last 90 years, we have been taught […]

Banned: Health Fan Favorite Becomes the Latest Victim of Trudeau’s Canada

(Note: Thank you for supporting this sponsored message, which helps keep this website running to bring you uncensored news.) “The Trudeau government wants you sick. They want you [to be] dependent on big pharma. They want you dependent on their mRNA vaccines and their other drugs that they’re all heavily invested in,” warned Canadian oncologist […]

Blinken Meets Palestinian President In Latest Stop On Israel-Hamas War Diplomatic Push

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Source

Video | Hezbollah’s Latest Strike on Israeli Border Posts

November 1, 2023 Hezbollah’s Military Media Center published on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, a video showing the Islamic Resistance’s targeting of two Israeli enemy army posts in Al-Bayad (Eastern Sector) and Pranit Barracks (Western Sector) on the Lebanese-Palestinian border using appropriate weapons, achieving direct hits. The Islamic Resistance’s operation took place on Monday, October 29. […]

While you were watching Israel…Just like Ukraine, the latest war is perfect camouflage for the Great Reset

Kit Knightly Oct 14, 2023 “We need a new approach to digital identity”, so say the authors of an “Agenda Article” for the World Economic Forum, published on the 28th of September. Digital ID has been in the news a lot lately, obscured for the past week in the mist of the Israel-Hamas situation. Last month the […]

GOP lawmakers tap victims of violent crime as witnesses in latest effort to show DC is soft on crime 

House Republicans called victims of violent crimes in Washington, D.C., to act as witnesses in a Thursday Judiciary Committee hearing as part of their latest effort to highlight the abundance of violence in the District. GOP members of the subcommittee on crime and the federal government continued their months-long attempt to highlight the pitfalls of… […]

Vaccine hawk Paul Offit, Biden’s FDA vaccine adviser, has REJECTED latest COVID jab – is it because it causes HEART FAILURE?

(NaturalNews) The top dog within the Biden regime who is presumably supposed to endorse every new Big Pharma drug that comes down the pike is refusing to do so for… Source

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