New York AG Letitia James wages WAR on beef in latest lawfare climate change crusade

New York AG Letitia James wages WAR on beef in latest lawfare climate change crusade

At the very same time that the beef industry is taking a massive hit due to the devastating Texas fires, New York Attorney General Letitia James is delivering a second blow by waging a climate war on the meat industry.

In an announcement, James revealed that she filed a lawsuit against meat producer JBS USA Food Company, the American division of JBS Foods. According to James, officials at JBS are “misleading the public” about the environmental impact of the company’s operations.

JBS says it will “achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040” while still implementing plans to “increase production.” In James’ view, this means that JBS will increase its carbon footprint over the next 16 years.

“As families continue to face the daily impacts of the climate crisis, they are willing to spend more of their hard-earned money on products from brands that are better for the environment,” James commented about the case.

“When companies falsely advertise their commitment to sustainability, they are misleading consumers and endangering our planet.”

According to James, JBS is engaging in “greenwashing” tactics with its net zero claims. In her opinion, JBS is exploiting the pocketbooks of everyday Americans with a false promise of “a healthy planet for future generations.”

James reassured the public that her office “will always ensure that companies do not abuse the environment and the trust of hardworking consumers for profit.”

(Related: Last year, Letitia James launched a state-approved terror campaign against Christians in New York.)

Make way for synthetic meat

Conveniently timed with James’ lawsuit is an announcement about the latest advancements in lab-produced synthetic meat, which now costs 90 percent less to manufacture.

So-called “cellular agriculture,” or the growing of fake meat in a lab, will challenge the real meat industry that James and other climate crusaders are trying to destroy. Does James have financial ties to the synthetic meat industry?

“Until now, growth factors had to be added to the surrounding liquid, or media,” reported SciTechDaily about how bovine muscle cells can now produce their own growth factors thanks to technological developments from David Kaplan, a professor at the Tufts University Center for Cellular Agriculture (TUCCA).

“Made from recombinant (genetically engineered) protein and sold by industrial suppliers, growth factors contribute to a majority of the cost of production for cultivated meat (up to or above 90%). Since the growth factors don’t last long in the cell culture media, they also have to be replenished every few days. This limits the ability to provide an affordable product to consumers. Taking that ingredient out of the growth media leads to an enormous cost savings.”

In other words, the real beef industry is being attacked on all sides with mysterious fires and lawsuits while the emerging synthetic beef industry is making major strides in reducing production costs. Can you say conspiracy?

“It just so happens as a matter of splendid serendipity that billionaire-funded lab-meat startups ramping up production coincides with the forced elimination via legal fiat of actual beef production by their minions who control DA offices from coast to coast,” is how independent journalist Ben Bartee put it.

In the comments, someone wrote that this is clearly not a coincidence as “their plans,” referring to the powers that be, “should be plain as the nose on a normie’s face … Operative words: should be.”

“Franken-farming, AI drone-operated farmerless farms, synthetic food, and the ‘China Model,'” wrote another about the takeover of food by evil, also citing this article by researcher Sandi Adams.

If the climate really is changing, it is because of all the green nonsense like synthetic, lab-grown “meat.” Learn more at

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