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HYSTERICAL! MEATHEAD Rob Reiner Now Practically Begging Taylor Swift to Endorse Joe Biden for 2024

MEATHEAD: Rob Reiner Now Practically Begging Taylor Swift to Endorse Joe Biden for 2024 Source

Rob Reiner Begs Taylor Swift To Endorse Joe Biden & Save Democracy!

Rob Reiner seems to think that Taylor Swift the last hope for Joe Biden’s flailing presidency… The actor and Hollywood director has been begging the pop star to publicly endorse President Joe Biden’s reelection bid, saying he’d “give anything” for her to make such an announcement. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news […]

SWIFT planning launch of new central bank digital currency platform in 12-24 months

Global bank messaging network SWIFT is planning a new platform in the next one to two years to connect the wave of central bank digital currencies now in development to the existing finance system, it has told Reuters. The move, which would be one of the most significant yet for the nascent CBDC ecosystem given […]

Most Taylor Swift conspiracy theorists are also election deniers, poll finds

Americans who believe the conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift is part of an elaborate scheme to help Democrats win the November election are also more likely to not believe the 2020 election results, according to a new poll released Wednesday. Almost three-quarters of those who believe the Swift conspiracy also believe the 2020 election outcome […]

Haley calls ‘obsession’ over Taylor Swift conspiracy theory ‘bizarre’

Haley calls ‘obsession’ over Taylor Swift conspiracy theory ‘bizarre’ lead image Source

Taylor Swift Is a ‘National Treasure’ Says Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney has publicly declared herself a fan of the anti-Trump pop star Taylor Swift. In an X post on Wednesday Cheney called the left-wing singer/songwriter a “national treasure.” Breitbart reports: Cheney’s post comes amid […] The post Taylor Swift Is a ‘National Treasure’ Says Liz Cheney appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Haley: Taylor Swift is ‘the last thing I think we need to be worried about’

Nikki Haley is not buying into the Taylor Swift conspiracy theories. “Taylor Swift is allowed to have a boyfriend. Taylor Swift is a good artist. I’ve taken my daughter to Taylor Swift concerts before,” the GOP presidential candidate said in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper Thursday. “You know, to have a conspiracy theory of […]

What it’s like to be endorsed by Taylor Swift

Phil Bredesen wasn’t expecting it in his wildest dreams. It was a Sunday night in October, about a month out from the 2018 Senate election in Tennessee that had him locked in an uphill battle against then-Rep. Marsha Blackburn, and he and some of his campaign staff had just left a debate-prep session when the […]

Liz Cheney weighs in on the controversy of the day: Taylor Swift

Former Wyoming lawmaker Liz Cheney came to Taylor Swift’s defense Wednesday, calling the pop sensation a “national treasure.” Swift, who endorsed President Joe Biden in 2020, has increasingly — and somewhat inexplicably — drawn the ire of conservatives. “Taylor Swift is a national treasure,” Cheney said on X, seeming to rebutt the heat Swift has […]

The Memo: The politicization of Taylor Swift

A presidential race likely to be fought between two old men could be shaken up by the nation’s most famous 34-year-old woman. Taylor Swift’s astronomical popularity and her willingness to speak up on political issues could make her a significant player in the 2024 race. The New York Times reported Monday that President Biden’s reelection… […]

Mike Stone – Taylor Swift is NFL Poster Child for Witchcraft & Satanism

“Are George Soros, Scooter Braun, and the Carlyle Group,  who own all of Swift’s music, forcing her into a fabricated relationship  with Kelce in order to further a satanic agenda?”  by Mike Stone (henrymakow,.com)  Is the fix in on Kansas City to win the Super Bowl? Is the purpose to thrust pop star Taylor Swift […]

Fox News’s Pirro to Taylor Swift: ‘Don’t get involved in politics’

Fox News anchor Judge Jeanine Pirro advised pop singer Taylor Swift on Monday to not “get involved in politics” amid reports President Biden’s reelection campaign is trying to secure the endorsement of the global superstar. “Why would someone as popular as she is alienate, and I’m not saying, you know … what’s going to be,… […]

Latest MAGA Conspiracy: The Super Bowl Is Being Rigged to Help Taylor Swift Help Joe Biden

More evidence that anything can be turned into a conspiracy theory to manipulate MAGA activists:  MAGA political operatives are ranting that the NFL has rigged this year’s Super Bowl to help pop music superstar Taylor Swift help President Biden win election. The media’s infatuation with the relationship between Swift and Kansas City Chiefs star tight end […]

Hidden Signs of the Revolution. Also commentary on Taylor Swift, the Houthis, and the new FAA DEI.

“First published January 15, 2023 In this old paper from 2015, I exhibited some naive hope that Taylor would realize what a bunch of phoenies she was surrounded by and bow out of her “career”, finding a real life somewhere. As we all know, that hasn’t happened. From the picture above, we can see she […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Feeling Bad For Taylor Swift

Mario Murillo declares that Christians must vote for Donald Trump because only “Trump can buy us time—time for the American church to wake up and fulfill their role in redeeming our nation. God has sent Trump to buy us that time!” Shane Vaughn believes that “fallen angels” are controlling the world and that “there has […]

Pentagon pushes back on Taylor Swift conspiracy theory: ‘We are going to shake it off’

The Department of Defense clapped back at Fox News host Jesse Watters on Wednesday after he said Taylor Swift could be a “psyop” for the Pentagon. “I wonder who got to her from the White House or wherever,” Watters said on his show Tuesday night. “Who makes that initial handshake.” Waters was referencing a partnership… […]

Corporation Buying U.S. Homes Makes Cringey Taylor Swift-Inspired Music Video

One of the largest private equity firms in the world released a truly (and hopefully intentionally) awful new holiday video this week, apparently inspired by Taylor Swift’s “Eras” Tour. The cringe-inducing video released by Blackstone on Thursday almost immediately led to widespread roasting online. “holy shit what the hell was Blackstone thinking,” one person wrote. […]

Hezbollah’s Swift Response: Precision Strikes on Israeli Sites Following Al-Mayadeen Crew Assault

November 21, 2023 The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon swiftly retaliated against the Israeli deliberate targeting of journalists from Al-Mayadeen Channel, including the martyrs Farah Omar and Rabih Al-Me’mari, alongside other civilian casualties. In a resolute response, the Resistance carried out a series of ten intensive operations targeting Israeli sites and bases. These actions were not only […]

Family of Taylor Swift Fan Who Died After Brazil Concert Calls for Investigation

Taylor Swift (Buda Mendes/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management) / Ana Clara Benevides Machado (Supplied by family) The father of a 23-year-old Taylor Swift fan who died shortly after an Eras Tour concert during an unprecedented heatwave in Rio de Janeiro says he’s “devastated” and wants promoters to be investigated after attendees said they faced “unbearable” […]

Argentina Socialists Weaponize Taylor Swift Against Conservative Presidential Frontrunner

Leftist fans of Taylor Swift in Argentina launched a campaign urging fellow Swifties not to vote for libertarian economist Javier Milei. Source

Campaign fundraisers are hitting high notes at Taylor Swift and Beyoncé concerts

Forget dark restaurants and hotel ballrooms. The hippest spot for a congressional fundraiser these days is at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour or a concert stop on Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour. Some lawmakers are crazy in love with the idea, one they know all too well. In a twist on the meet-and-greet schmooze fests that routinely […]

MAGA Pastor Hank Kunneman Removes Sermon Accusing Taylor Swift of Practicing ‘Witchcraft’

MAGA pastor and self-proclaimed “prophet” Hank Kunneman took time out of his Sunday sermon this week to accuse musician Taylor Swift of engaging in “satanic rituals and witchcraft” while suggesting that there is some conspiracy behind her relationship with professional football player Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs. Kunneman, who regularly uses his church […]

MrE on Massive Star Taylor Swift-Cabal Member Promoting an Agenda (It’s Written in the Contract) Source

Veronica Swift – Illuminati Satanism Unveiled

Veronica Swift’s book, An Illuminati Primer:  Understanding the System through the Eyes of Its Whistleblowers,  published in April, reveals disturbing details  about the politicians and celebrities we worship.  They all belong to the Illuminati  which really is a satanic cult.  Below are some excerpts which explain why Western  society is in a tailspin.  An Illuminati […]

Response to be swift if ‘Israel’ attacks anyone in Lebanon: Nasrallah

22 Mar 2023 Source: Agencies By Al Mayadeen English  Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah touches on numerous domestic, regional, and international issues, from the Israeli occupation to Palestine and Yemen. The incident that took place earlier in the month in Northern occupied Palestine caused confusion for the Israeli occupation, Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Wednesday. […]

SWIFT payments network access cut to crypto exchanges

Jan 21, 2023 An extraordinary decision involving the global SWIFT payments network could have widespread implications on cryptocurrencies. Asia Markets can reveal banks, including New York’s Signature Bank, will no longer process fiat currency transfers to cryptocurrency exchanges with a value of less than US$100,000 via the SWIFT network, effective from February 1, 2023. The move will […]

Ticketmaster Cancels Public Sale for Taylor Swift Tickets Because It Already Sold Them All

Ticketmaster announced Thursday that it is canceling Friday’s Taylor Swift Eras Tour public sale, stating that the vast majority of tickets were sold during presales and that not enough tickets remained to do a public sale. “Due to extraordinarily high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient remaining ticket inventory to meet that demand, tomorrow's public […]

Swift and severe reaction by Khazarian overlords PROVES Kanye West told the truth about Jews ruling celebrity society.

READ HERE: Adidas Terminates Kanye West Partnership; GAP Removes Yeezy Shoes From Stores   Source

Taylor Swift Knows Jack Antonoff Is an Evil Genius

Taylor Swift is the pop star who launched a thousand ships (and at least half of them are gay): the songwriter-chanteuse whose every social media post fans pore over like they’re trying to break the Zodiac Killer’s cipher. Today, Taylor Swift released her latest album, Midnights, to the collective ecstasy of everyone I’ve ever met.  […]

‘Top Chef’s’ Padma Lakshmi Hopes Ex Salman Rushdie Has ‘Swift Healing’ After Attack

Nardine Saad Los Angeles Times “Top Chef” host and judge Padma Lakshmi is “relieved” that her ex-husband, author Salman Rushdie, is on the road to recovery after being stabbed multiple times at a lecture in upstate New York last week. The “Love, Loss, and What We Ate” author tweeted Sunday that she is “relieved” that […]

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