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DISCLAIMER: There are number of details within this excellent documentary that we do not support, however, this body of evidence spanning over 1000 years of both personal and court documents of FAKE JEW , “Jewish” Ritual Murder, is extremely compelling. May we add the author of this video has neglected to define these “JEWISH” perpetrators […]

Brother Nathaniel Skirts Issue of Satanic Ritual Murder

“Brother Nathaniel, though content to expose a great deal about his Jewish Satanic Tribal lineage, absolutely refuses to even begin to discuss the massive, ancient and ongoing ritual torture, bloodletting and sacrifice of children which has ALWAYS taken place in ALL synagogues worldwide, and is at the core of Judaism.” (Disclaimer – Assimilated Jews do […]

Patrick O’Carroll– Jewish Ritual Murder – Who’s Next?

Organized Jewry is waging a war against God and man.  Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion.  “Jewish law is specific that the victim at Passover must be a white child under the age of seven, who must be bled white, crowned with thorns, tortured, beaten, stabbed and finally given the last […]

Mike Stone- Child Sacrifice is Fundamental Deep State Ritual

Child sex trafficking and child murder  are the currency and the glue that holds the entire deep state together.  Every player on any level is involved  with the exploitation of children in one way or another.  It’s the one subject no one wants to talk about. by Mike Stone ( Our country’s proxy war against Russia […]

Cosmopolitan Magazine Promotes Satanic Abortion Ritual: ‘This Is the Most Demonic Thing I’ve Ever Seen’

Cosmopolitan Magazine Promotes Satanic Abortion Ritual: ‘This Is the Most Demonic Thing I’ve Ever Seen’ Source

Jewish Ritual Murder Discussion Share this: Source

San Francisco APEC Conference Was an Illuminati Occult Ritual

“What is their goal? “They” believe our world is organized like a pyramid (see below)  and they are the highest level. They also believe in ritual sacrifice; to absolve their sins  they commit more sin. They are destroying the layer below them,  offering these people up as a ritual offering. “ By CK  ( San […]

Flagellantism Is the New Political Ritual 

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL The old FedEx envelope was clever, a work of art even, optimistic and colorful, signifying speed and progress. What a beautiful contrast to the plainness of the US Postal Service. For years, I can recall dropping off these treasures and paying maybe $10 to assure its delivery across the country, […]

Survivor Jeanette Archer Speaks Out About Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children [VIDEO]

READ HERE:   Source

The Last Taboo: Jewish Ritual Murder

  Human blood and  the Cain-Satanic Seedline: The most taboo subject on the net:   It is still going on today.  The adrenochrome industry:     Pray for the destruction of these nephilim in human form. The post The Last Taboo: Jewish Ritual Murder appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

Satanic Ritual Abuse & MKULTRA (Assassin Programming) Source

Disney’s  New Cartoon Series Features Ritual Murder Cult; Disney Is Become Beautified EVIL

* Basic Options $30 // 6 MONTHS $60 // 12 MONTHS * Super Donor Options $75 // 12 Months $100 // 12 Months $150 // 12 Months $200 // 12 Months $250 // 12 Months $300 // $400 // $500 Minimum $5 Automatic CLICK HERE * Be sure to enter your email address there To pay by mail, make payable  […]

FBI Declassifies Files on the CIA’s Involvement in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking (video)

By Medeea Greere May 21, 2023Updated:May 21, 2023 16 Mins Read Bombshell: FBI Declassifies Files on the CIA’s Involvement in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking Medeea Greere, an independent publisher, is now on Telegram at and exists only on reader support as we publish Truth, Freedom and Love for public awareness. Thank You for your […]

Pope Gregory X Gaslights Christians — Jews Would Never Commit Ritual Murder Because The Bible Forbids Drinking Blood

Pope Gregory X In 1272, Pope Gregory X issued a Papal Bull entitled “Letter To The Jews” which attempted to reassure Christians that the widespread reports of Jews abducting and murdering Christian children for use in their secret occult blood rituals were completely unfounded. In his “Letter To The Jews” Gregory writes, “Gregory, bishop, servant […]

Suited for Battle: The Elaborate Ritual of Donning Medieval Knight Armor (Video)

In the Middle Ages, donning armor was an essential part of preparing for battle. The process of putting on armor was a ritual that required time, effort, and assistance from squires. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Europe Video History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Introduction – jewish Ritual Murder: A Historical Investigation, Dr. Hellmut Schramm

The time has come for the thousand-year jewish ritual murder secret to be exposed to the light; may this work, which has been many years in the making, be called upon to keep coming generations alert! Source

Highly Significant Bronze Age and Roman Ritual Center Discovered in England

A team of archaeologists from the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) have uncovered a 4,000-year-old treasure trove of ritual and religious activity in Overstone, near Northampton, England.  Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

“Old As jewry Itself” – jewish Ritual Murders Up to the Year 1840

“Old As jewry Itself” – jewish Ritual Murders Up to the Year 1840 January 3, 2023 Reich Revision 2 Comments J e w i s h  R i t u a l – M u r d e r :   a   H i s t o r i c a l   I […]

jewish Ritual Murder – A Historical Investigation

Thus has it been for millennia — so it is again today. The blood of the non-jew rises up against the fanatic blood-politics of the jews. Germany has been intended by History to have the leading role in this mammoth struggle: morality struggles against immorality, heroism against criminality, light against darkness, and blood against blood! […]

The KHAZARIAN jewish Tradition of Ritual Murder

MY own Great Grandfather type Edward the 1st kicked the Khazarian Jews out of Merry Ole in 1290 AD for ritually gang raping and sacrificing English children in their heathen black magic rituals. And Usury. Now, the Ole Dog! always figured if an evil bunch of soul-less demonically possessed anti-human scum did not want the […]

The jewish Tradition of Ritual Murder VIII-XI

In these chapters I place descriptions of jewish ritual murder cases from 1171 to the present (1930s) in chronological order, in which there seems to me to be no reason whatsoever to dispute the historical accuracy of the facts given. Source

Kanye West Says His Mother Was ‘Sacrificed’ in Hollywood Illuminati Blood Ritual

Kanye West has made the startling claim that his mother was “sacrificed” as part of an Illuminati blood ritual by the Hollywood elite before naming other celebrities who have been victims of the entertainment industry […] The post Kanye West Says His Mother Was ‘Sacrificed’ in Hollywood Illuminati Blood Ritual appeared first on News Punch. […]



Arbaeen ritual: ten Iranian airports to operate flights to Iraq

TEHRAN—Iran has prepared the required infrastructure to operate flights to Iraq for the religious Arbaeen ritual from 10 airports across the country. The government has implemented other numerous measures to facilitate Iranian pilgrims’ participation in the ceremonies, the government spokesman Ali Bahadori Jahromi said on Tuesday. Furthermore, he listed a number of such measures as […]

Satanic Ritual Sacrifice of Diana

The investigation of Princess Diana’s death detailed: (((Cut and paste))) BBC tries to blame the crash on the paparazzi: [embedded content] “Ye shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  Praise Yahweh and pass the ammunition. Share this: Source

Oldest and First ‘Wampo’ Ritual Canoe Burial Found in Argentina

An almost 900-year-old canoe burial of a 17–25-year-old Mapuche woman has been found by archaeologists in the Argentinian Patagonia region, near the current border of Chile and Argentina.  Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Utah Ritualized Sexual Abuse Investigation: Is There a History of Ritual Abuse in Utah?

As the Utah primary draws near, the investigation into “ritualized child sexual abuse” has garnered more than 120 tips related to claims of ritualistic sex rings. Let’s examine the history of these allegations in Utah. In the nearly 4 weeks since the Utah County Sheriff’s Office announced an investigation into allegations of “ritualized child sexual […]

King Aelle and the Blood Eagle: Ritual Sacrifice in Viking Age Britain

Thanks to recent attention in popular culture, the story of King Aelle’s violent death at the hands of Ivar the Boneless in a type of ritual killing known as the “blood eagle” is well-known. The Vikings have long held a reputation for barbarity and bloodthirstiness, and not without good reason. Ritual killings such as the […]

FBI Declassifies Files on the CIA’s Involvement in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking

After retiring from the FBI, Ted Gunderson set up a private investigation firm, “Ted L. Gunderson and Associates,” in Santa Monica. In a 1995 conference in Dallas, Gunderson warned about the proliferation of secret Satanic groups, and the danger posed by the New World Order, a shadow government that controls the U.S. government. Gunderson discovered […]

Sumo Wrestling: From Ritual Origins to Honorable Sport

It is hard to think of Japan without sumo wrestling. This unique and very old sport has been one of the indivisible aspects of Japanese identity for over 1,500 years or more! Granted, sumo wrestling is a little strange and exotic: big, chunky, heavy men wearing “diapers” and grappling one another in a struggle that […]

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