Brother Nathaniel Skirts Issue of Satanic Ritual Murder

“Brother Nathaniel, though content to expose a great deal about his Jewish Satanic Tribal lineage, absolutely refuses to even begin to discuss the massive, ancient and ongoing ritual torture, bloodletting and sacrifice of children which has ALWAYS taken place in ALL synagogues worldwide, and is at the core of Judaism.”

(Disclaimer – Assimilated Jews do not engage in these barbaric practises. But it appears that satanist Jews (Chabad) and Gentiles do.) 

by Anthony Gomez

In a recent interview on the  Stew Peters Show, Brother Nathaniel was asked about the tunnels being exposed under a synagogue in New York City.  Bro. Nate declared dismissively that the tunnels were a “nothing burger”!  

It appears to me that Brother Nathaniel, though content to expose a great deal about his Jewish Satanic Tribal lineage, absolutely refuses to even begin to discuss the massive, ancient and ongoing ritual torture, bloodletting and sacrifice of children which has ALWAYS taken place in ALL synagogues worldwide, and is at the core of Judaism. This is central, fundamental, essential to the horrific function of the satanic Jew. This is why the crazed, rabid, catatonic insanity displayed in the mock murder of a child in this video in a synagogue is taking place.      Rabbis – Rumble

Max Igan presents more about the tunnels and the fundamental psychopathic, satanic insanity which pervades the Living Body of Satan, The Jews.  The World is a Prison But We Hold the Key (

Lucas Gage, former US Marine, also understands the Jewish plague.  You may (or may not) appreciate his rant.  But he clearly understands the unified tribal front to which humanity is now awakening.

In his “History of the Jews,” Kastein says, page 192, “To the Jews, Rome constituted the quintessence of all that was odious and should be swept away from off the face of the earth. They hated Rome and her device, arma et leges, with an inhuman hatred. True, Rome had leges, laws, like the Jews. But in their very resemblance lay their difference; for the Roman laws were merely the practical application of the arma, the arms . . . but without the arms, the leges were empty formulae.”

In this extraordinary paragraph, Kastein admits the feeling which the Jewish parasite always feels for the gentile host, “an inhuman hatred”. So terrible is this hatred that the most important thing for the Jew is to mask his feelings. Consequently, he always appears bearing an olive branch. His first word is “Shalom or Peace”. It is this necessity to conceal his true feelings which leads the Jew to conduct his affairs and his meetings in secret.

(Tunnel under Chabad world HQ raises suspicions)


 At the dawn of civilization, the blood rite, in which human blood is drunk from the body of a still-living victim, was known to many tribes. 

However, only one people, that has never progressed beyond the Stone Age, has continued to practice the blood rite and ritual murder. This people is the Jews. We have already noted that Arnold Toynbee, a noted scholar, has called the Jews “a fossil people”. 

In so doing, he must have been aware of the fact that they still practice ritual murder and the drinking of human blood. As a scholar, he could not have failed to note the many attested incidents of this practice of the Jews, for hundreds of examples of ritual murder by the Jews are cited in official Catholic books, in every European literature, and in the court records of all European nations.

It is the official historian of the Jews, Kastein, in his “History of the Jews”, who gives the underlying reason for this barbaric custom. On page 173, he says, “According to the primeval Jewish view, the blood was the seat of the soul.” 

Thus it was not the heart which was the seat of the soul, according to the stone-age Jews, but the blood itself. They believed that by drinking the blood of a Christian victim who was perfect in every way, they could overcome their physical shortcomings and become as powerful as the intelligent civilized beings among whom they had formed their parasitic communities. Because of this belief, the Jews are known to have practiced drinking blood since they made their first appearance in history.

Civilized people find this practice so abhorrent that they cannot believe it, despite the hundreds of pages of evidence against the Jews which are found in court records. Historical records for five thousand years have provided irrefutable proof of the blood guilt of the Jews. As other people became more civilized, the blood rite became a symbolic one, and a symbolic form of blood, usually wine, was drunk during the ritual, while the barbaric practice of killing a victim was given up altogether. Only one group, the Jewish cult, has continued to practice the blood rite in modern times.

Authorities on the blood rite, such as the noted Catholic scholar, James E. Bulger, state that the Jews practice the blood drinking rite because they are a parasitic people who must partake of the blood of the gentile host if they are to continue to survive. Bulger also states that the drinking of blood is a rite of black magic which enables the Jewish rabbis to predict the future as the blood of their gentile victim courses through their veins. Therefore, Jewish leaders from time to time entice a gentile child, preferably male, and from six to eight years old.

According to Jewish ritual, the gentile child must be perfectly formed, intelligent, and without blemish. He also must be younger than the age of puberty, because the Jews’ believe that the blood becomes impure after the beginning of puberty. When the child is enticed into the synagogue, or, if the Jews are under observation, into some more secret gathering-place, the kidnapped child is tied down onto a table, stripped, and its body pierced with sharp ritual knives in the identical places where the nails entered the body of Christ on the cross.

As the blood is drained into cups, the Jewish leaders raise the cups and drink from them, while the Gentile child slowly expires in an atmosphere of unrelieved horror. The Jews call down curses upon Christ and on all the gentiles, and celebrate their symbolic victory over the gentiles as they continue to drink the blood of the dying child. Only by performing this rite, so the Jews believe, can they continue to survive and prosper among the gentile host.

Jews were also feared because of their practice of medicine. In the year 833, the Mohammedans forbade the Jews to adopt the profession of medicine, and in 1335, the Holy Synod of Salamanca declared that Jewish physicians entered this profession solely for the opportunities which it offered them to kill Christians. [ This could not be more clear today with mandated Jewish created genocidal VAXX’s ]

May we continue to waken to the Jewish Plague, for only by recognising the enemy of mankind will we be able to address it.

To our Victory over the Living Body of Satan!


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