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Time Magazine Admits Ukraine can’t win the war.

Ahmed Adel – Aletho News Feb 27, 2024 TIME magazine cover: 2022 person of the year. Click to enlarge The Ukrainian counteroffensive failed, and Russia’s liberation of Avdeyevka signalled a new reality that Volodymyr Zelensky was forced to recognise, the American magazine Time wrote on February 24. Yet, despite the acknowledgement of the impossibility of Ukraine’s victory […]

Cosmopolitan Magazine Promotes Satanic Abortion Ritual: ‘This Is the Most Demonic Thing I’ve Ever Seen’

Cosmopolitan Magazine Promotes Satanic Abortion Ritual: ‘This Is the Most Demonic Thing I’ve Ever Seen’ Source

Glamour Magazine Names Biological Male as 2023 ‘Woman of the Year’

Glamour magazine has named a biological male transgender model as one of its 2023 Women of the Year. The magazine bestowed the honor on Philippines trans influencer Geena Rocero, declaring her as one of its […] The post Glamour Magazine Names Biological Male as 2023 ‘Woman of the Year’ appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Federal Judge Blocks California ‘High-Capacity’ Magazine Ban for Second Time

U.S. District Court Judge Roger T. Benitez blocked California’s ban on ammunition magazines holding more than ten rounds on Friday. Source

Al-Qaeda Magazine Released On 9/11 Anniversary Threatens Future Attack On U.S. More Devastating Than Israel’s and US’s Attack on America on 9/11 SOURCE OF FEAR PORN TRYING TO DEVERT ATTENTION OF ISRAEL’S TERRORISM AWAY FROM ISRAEL TO “RADICAL MUSLIMS”: Source

Liberal tech magazine says “Ring” doorbell cameras are “racist”

(NaturalNews) Ring is a brand of video doorbell and outdoor security cameras and like any other label of modern monitoring devices, it offers to surround houses… Source

After Long Silence On ‘Long Vax’, Science Magazine Links Autoimmune Disorders To COVID Shots

Science reported that in addition to abnormal blood clotting and heart inflammation, the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines give rise to “another apparent complication”. Source

The Atlantic Magazine Declares the World Would Be ‘Sterile and Boring’ Without Pedophiles

The Atlantic magazine has declared that the world would be a “boring and sterile” place without the art created by pedophiles, and we should appreciate and support pedophiles who produce good art by buying their books and tickets to see their films. The article by Judith Shulevitz asserts that it is “Okay to Like Good […]

Outrage over France magazine Charlie Hebdo mocking Turkiye after 2 deadly earthquakes

French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, has sparked outrage with a new cartoon mocking Turkiye after the country was hit on Monday by two deadly earthquakes, Anadolu News Agency reports. The cartoon, posted on Twitter under the heading "cartoon of the day", shows buildings near collapse and lying in rubble, a flipped-over car, and piles of debris […]

Erdogan slams The Economist Magazine

On a question about the cover story of The Economist magazine, Erdogan said it is not up to a British magazine to determine the faith of Turkey. “The fate of the country is determined only by my people, and not by The Economist,” Erdoğan said. But, as the paper points out, “the longer Mr Erdogan… […]

BDS supporters should stop the one-state talk and help J Street, ‘New York’ magazine advises

The reason I won’t join up  with J Street is that it cannot face two fundamental truths: There will never be a two state solution. There is apartheid in the occupied territories and that extends to Israel. J Street is incapable of acknowledging these realities because it is sworn to the idea of a Jewish […]

Reason Magazine: Reported Mass Shooting Numbers are Highly Inflated

A Reason Magazine column on school mass shooting incidents shows that there have been 13 mass school shootings since 1966, far under the 27 incidents which the gun control lobby claims have happened this year alone.

Time Magazine Gets Biden to Write Volodymyr Zelensky’s ‘Most Influential’ Profile

Time magazine on Monday named Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as one of its “100 Most Influential People of 2022.” President Joe Biden bylined the magazine’s brief salute to Zelensky, writing that the Ukrainian people found “a leader worthy of their bravery and resilience.”

New York Magazine Celebrates Female Sexual Self-Mutilation

New York Magazine is using its cover photo to celebrate a woman who cut off her breasts and had a tube of flesh from her leg surgically added to her groin. The article by author Gabriel Mac is headlined: “My Penis, Myself; I didn’t need a penis to be a man. But I needed one to […]

Archaeology Magazine’s Top Ten Archaeological Discoveries 2021

The top 10 ancient discoveries for 2021 have been announced by Archaeology Magazine . For the last 70 years Archaeology Magazine has been published by the Archaeological Institute of America and this most recent top 10 list will be published in the January/February 2022 issue this week. The most significant find of 2021 was Egypt’s […]

Cooking Green Goodness Magazine’s guide to growing good food at home

Violet’s Vegan Comics This is a brilliant inspirational post from Eartha Lowe, which makes me want to grow my own food, and tells you all the ways to go about it, even if you don’t have a garden. Click here to read the whole thing. Published onMay 2, 2020 written byEartha Lowe, Cooking Green Goodness […]

Playboy’s gay male cover star is a sign the magazine should have died along with Hugh Hefner

Home » Immorality, North America, Social » Playboy’s gay male cover star is a sign the magazine should have died along with Hugh Hefner     Playboy’s decision to put a gay Filipino influencer on its cover is so peak woke that it’s beyond parody. However, the magazine’s road from icon to laughing stock was […]

‘Tuttle Twins’ Creator Launches New Monthly Magazine, ‘Tuttle Times’

Connor Boyack is the author of the popular children’s book series: “The Tuttle Twins.” Through entertaining stories, the series teaches kids timeless moral principles and the fundamental values of freedom. Each book chronicles the adventures of twins Ethan and Emily and focuses on essential concepts such as individual liberty, free markets, and the Golden Rule. […]

The Far-Left Climate Change Fascists At Time Magazine Now Say Your Home Air Conditioning Systems Must Be Sacrificed In Order To Save The Planet

The troubled history of air-conditioning suggests not that we chuck it entirely but that we focus on public cooling, on public comfort, rather than individual cooling, on individual comfort. How far will the Climate Change fascists go? All the way. If you let them, they will reduce you to living a box made by a […]

Leading Greek American NEO Magazine Still Going Strong After 16 Years

Demetrios Rhompotis of Neo Magazine. Photos supplied by Demetrios Rhompotis. Illustration: Greek Reporter NEO magazine has been among the leading Greek-American publications for more than 16 years. Published monthly, it features prominent Greek Americans and highlights the movers and shakers among the Hellenes. It also acts as an informative bridge between Greece, Cyprus and the […]

French Magazine Devotes Cover Story to ‘Post-COVID’ Israel

The cover the latest issue of French magazine “Le Parisien.” Photo: Screenshot. – Israel’s success in beating back the COVID-19 pandemic continues to attract attention in international media outlets and this weekend, the French magazine Le Parisien devoted a cover story to Israel as an example of life “after” COVID. The feature article, which interviews […]

Intellectuals launch magazine on European Jewry’s population ‘crisis’

Jewish journalists, academics and other writers from across Europe have established a new magazine focused on the “current situation of European Jews,” or what they deem a “crisis” signified by the continent’s shrinking Jewish population.K., which is named after the protagonist of Kafka’s novel “The Castle,” launched Monday online with a French-language edition and another […]

Transgender Woman Included In Glamour Magazine ‘Women of the Year’ Awards

A biological male has been included in this year’s Glamour magazine’s “Women of the Year Awards”. The magazine described transgender model and activist Munroe Berdorf as a ‘gamechanger’. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use. Breitbart reports: This year, Glamour featured Munroe Berdorf, a biological man who now identifies […]

‘Unorthodox’ star Shira Haas makes TIME magazine’s list of 100 most influential people

Browse > Home / News / ‘Unorthodox’ star Shira Haas makes TIME magazine’s list of 100 most influential people February 19, 2021 by JNS Read on for article Israeli actress Shira Haas, star of the Netflix drama “Unorthodox,” has been listed by TIME magazine as one of 100 emerging leaders of 2021 who are shaping […]

TIME Magazine Exposé Admits “Conspiracy” to Steal Election, Activists Told to “Stand Down”

TED EYTAN / FLICKR “They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it,” says reporter Molly Ball. “It’s massively important for the country to understand that it didn’t happen accidentally.” Ball said what half the country already knew: that “powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules […]

Bon Appetit Magazine Edits Hamantaschen Article to ‘Better Convey’ Purim Holiday and Jewish Culture

Bon Appetit magazine’s 2015 article about hamantaschen. As part of its “Archive Repair Project,” Bon Appetit magazine on Wednesday changed the headline and content of a 2015 article about the Purim cookie hamantaschen and apologized for its “stereotypical characterizations of Jewish culture.” In an “editor’s note” published at the start of the piece, the magazine […]

Science Magazine Report Praises China’s COVID-19 Vaccine

Science Magazine Report Praises China’s COVID-19 Vaccine Above photo: Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan and State Councilor Wang Yong inspect the work on COVID-19 vaccine development and production at Sinovac Biotech Co., Ltd. in Beijing, China, 02 December 2020. EFE/EPA. China developed a COVID-19 vaccine with “outstanding efficacy data,” said a report published on the […]

Time Magazine Debuts ‘A Time to Heal’ Cover Featuring Biden and Harris

Time Magazine revealed its commemorative cover featuring former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) in a Saturday tweet. “President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris usher in a new era,” the post read: TIME’s commemorative cover: “A time to heal.” President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris usher in a […]

Perhaps the Most Prophetic Magazine Cover of All Time

The January 1988 cover of The Economist predicted a new world currency by 2018. It looks like they were off by only 2 or 3 years. The Phoenix wearing a gold coin rises from the ashes of the world’s worthless fiat money. 

19 Years Later Physics Magazine Concludes: 3 WTC Towers Collapsed Due To Controlled Demolition

Renowned Physics Magazine Concludes in New Report: All 3 WTC Towers Collapsed Due to Controlled Demolition. Over the past 17 years many highly respected academics and experts have come forward to challenge the official narrative on the collapse of the WTC towers forwarded by the U.S. government. The official government position holds that the collapse […]

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