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Trump Says Biden Is ‘Surrounded By Fascists’

While blasting “crooked” Joe Biden during a campaign speech, Donald Trump claimed that the White House had been infiltrated by “enemies from within”. On Saturday, the former president told thousands of supporters in Wildwood, New […] The post Trump Says Biden Is ‘Surrounded By Fascists’ appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

The Latent Fascism of Today’s Anti-Fascists

Nothing can have as its destination anything other than its origin. The contrary idea, the idea of progress, is poison. Simone Weil The terms “fascist” and “fascism” are continuously bandied about today. But those who use these words most seem to understand them least, such that many of today’s self-styled anti-fascists paradoxically take on the […]

Martin Armstrong: Western leaders – who are actually fascists – funded the terror attacks in Israel to draw Russia into WWIII

(NaturalNews) Financial and geopolitics analyst Martin Armstrong appeared on the recent “Health Ranger Report” to discuss with host Mike Adams how the horrifying… Source

Right Wing Round-Up: Fascists

For over the past 15 years, Right Wing Watch has monitored, exposed, and disrupted right-wing extremists across the country. As their influence continues to grow, our work becomes even more important – as does your support. Please make a donation now to keep this critical work going and help support our end of month fundraising […]

Video: Biden, Who Called Republicans Fascists And Extremists, Says Politics Is “Too Divisive”

In his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, White House occupant Joe Biden shifted from condemning “MAGA extremists” to putting forward his own “Buy American” MAGA agenda. Biden said he’s ordering all future federal infrastructure projects “to be made in America.” “Buy American has been the law of the land since 1933,” Biden […]

AOC Claims Protesters Who Attacked Brazil’s Capital Were Fascists

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) believes that those who took part in the huge protests in Brazil on Sunday are fascists. In a tweet from her personal account, AOC claimed that yesterdays protests in Brazil were […] The post AOC Claims Protesters Who Attacked Brazil’s Capital Were Fascists appeared first on News Punch. Source

Israel: On the road to international isolation with the rise of fascists

As Benjamin Netanyahu, head of the Likud party that won the Israeli elections, rushes to form his new government, unprecedented international and US warnings have been made calling for right-wing Knesset members not to participate. These include Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich of the Religious Zionist party, as their participation would harm the shared values […]

Fabians and Fascists with Matthew Ehret

In this episode, Whitney is joined by Matthew Ehret to discuss how the Fabian Society and other groups developed a model for “penetrating” governments throughout the West and beyond long before the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program came into existence. Published 03/10/22. Follow Matthew on Twitter.Get early access to podcasts by becoming an […]

Zelensky And The Fascists: “He will hang on some tree on Khreshchatyk”

Why is Russia doing this? At the Grayzone Alexander Rubinstein and Max Blumenthal have published a piece about Zelensky’s turn from the peacemaker he had promised to be before his election to an active supporter of the fascist ‘ultranational’ militia. They pin that turn to a frontline meeting between Zelensky and militia fighters in the fall of […]

Canada’s Gov’t Is Run By Modern-Day Fascists Creating Corporate Communism – Here Are The Facts

Canada’s government, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his deputy Christa Freeland, is run by modern day fascists working in lockstep with Big Tech companies, corporate media, and the global banking industry to create a kind of Corporate Communism. Mainstream media is working with these tyrants to cover there tracks. Here are the indisputable […]


London. Anonymous 5 November 2021 – Regarding ‘nazis’ and ‘fascists’ from the perspective of today’s youth. There have been so many obvious lies from governments and propagandists about so many things. Many young people now wonder if the tales of world war II are false; maybe these ‘nazis’ and ‘fascists’ were not so bad. Reportedly, the Cabal controls […]

Why Israeli fascists are more honest than liberal Zionists

The Palestinian citizens of Israel “are here by mistake—because Ben-Gurion didn’t finish the job and throw you out in 1948.” That was the latest rant this week from fascist Israeli lawmaker, Bezalel Smotrich, in Israel’s parliament. Speaking from the Knesset podium, Smotrich was attacking Palestinian lawmakers from the Joint List. He accused them of being […]

The Far-Left Climate Change Fascists At Time Magazine Now Say Your Home Air Conditioning Systems Must Be Sacrificed In Order To Save The Planet

The troubled history of air-conditioning suggests not that we chuck it entirely but that we focus on public cooling, on public comfort, rather than individual cooling, on individual comfort. How far will the Climate Change fascists go? All the way. If you let them, they will reduce you to living a box made by a […]

Republicans Are “Trying To Take Over the Country So The Fascists Can Rule” Joy Behar Says

Joy Behar told her co-hosts on “The View” that Republicans were “taking over the country so the fascists can rule.” “Be aware, we’re losing our country” Behar warned…”in the same way that Viktor Orban took a democratic society in Hungary and turned it into a fascist government.” Breitbart reports: Discussing the 100-year anniversary of the […]

Empire Files: Biden Sells Missiles To Fascists + US Base Destroys Ancient Coral Reef

 Abby Martin covers Biden’s first arms deals to major human rights abusers Chile & Egypt; another US military base in Okinawa, opposed by majority of residents, threatens unique biodiversity; militia puts US at crossroads of a new Iraq war; Ecuador’s presidential election defies US imperialism. “This is Abby Martin with your Empire update wrapping […]

When Fascists Roam The Streets, Staying Home Isn’t An Option

Grassroots journalist Talia Jane, who was attacked and injured by a Proud Boy in Washington DC at the Millions MAGA March, argues that those who are choosing to leave the streets in the aftermath of Biden’s election are making a mistake – and are allowing street level fascism a space to grow and organize. Support Talia […]

On Contact: American Fascists And The Christian Right

[embedded content] On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to the Rev. Dr. Mel White about the Christian Right, which Hedges describes as “a homegrown fascist movement.” It has been organizing to take political power for decades, he says. During the Trump administration, it seized senior positions in the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government […]

Jewish Professor Writes Book Of Helpful Advice On How To Identify ‘Fascists’ Living Among Us

Jason Stanley, a Jewish professor at Yale whose specialty is radical social and political ‘philosophy’, wants to help us diagnose and identify “real” Fascism, lessons found in his self-help book How Fascism Works, which has now been translated into a dozen languages: The book is divided into ten chapters — each representing a key tactic […]

U.S., Fascists Set Scopes On Socialist-Leaning Belarus

Above photo: USSR-era socialist art in Minsk, Belarus, in February 2019. Chinese President Xi Jingping and Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on his reelection Aug. 9.  U.S. imperialism and the Western bourgeois media, however, wasted no time in denouncing Lukashenko’s victory as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo used saber-rattling language against Belarus […]

Now the fascists running the UK government want to seize your children on ‘health grounds’. How long are you going to take this people? Every time you acquiesce something more extreme will follow … GET OFF YOUR KNEES

Now the fascists running the UK government want to seize your children on ‘health grounds’. How long are you going to take this people? Every time you acquiesce something more extreme will follow … GET OFF YOUR KNEES – David Icke Latest Articles From our advertisers Popular Articles From our advertisers From our advertisers From […]

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