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Ukrainians are not trained to operate U.S. F-16 fighter jets, would not be Russia-Ukraine war game-changer, says Jake Sullivan

(NaturalNews) For White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, sending the United States-manufactured fighter planes would not have made any difference in… Source

Romanian Orthodox Bishop Beaten and Hospitalized by Ukrainians, his House also Burned Down

Metropolitan (Bishop) Longhin Jar of the Bănceni Monastery in the Chernivtsi region faced a life-threatening assault on January 22, 2024, an incident that recently came to public attention. The Romanian priest, now in the process of recovering from the traumatic attack, addressed his followers, emphasizing the importance of unwavering faith during trying times and urging […]

Jeffrey Sachs: The Biden-Schumer Plan To Kill More Ukrainians

Authored by Jeffrey D. Sachs via Common Dreams, President Joe Biden is refusing to fold a losing hand as he bets with Ukrainian lives and US taxpayer money. Biden and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer propose to squander the lives of tens of thousands more Ukrainians and $61 billions of federal funds to keep […]

Ukrainians Living In The UK Told To Register For Military Service

The UK consulate has announced that according to a recently adopted government decree, Ukrainians living abroad must register for military service. Those seeking to reside in the country must sign up within a week of […] The post Ukrainians Living In The UK Told To Register For Military Service appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Putin condemns Israel’s ‘genocide in Gaza’ as he genocides Ukrainians and annexes their lands

    For the first time since the October 7 incident, Russia is making its position known without any doubt, siding with Gaza and the Palestinians rather than Israel, their aggressor. During an October 30 meeting with his country’s security council, President Vladimir Putin addressed the matter before top government officials and heads of security […]

US To Keep Paying Salaries For Tens Of Thousands Of Ukrainians During Government Shutdown

US To Keep Paying Salaries For Tens Of Thousands Of Ukrainians During Government Shutdown BY TYLER DURDEN TUESDAY, SEP 26, 2023 – 06:25 AM A newly aired “60 Minutes” segment entitled The unexpected way American tax dollars are being used in Ukraine has uncovered that the US government is paying the salaries of some 57,000 Ukrainian civic services […]

Why is the Czech Republic pitting Roma and Ukrainians against each other?

A recent string of violent incidents has made the Roma community in the Czech Republic wary of Ukrainian refugees. Euronews uncovers the disinformation and institutional flaws that have pitted two of Europe’s most vulnerable against each other. Two of what are currently Europe’s most vulnerable communities — the Romani people and Ukrainian refugees — are […]

WATCH: Ukrainians dodge bombs and bullets to rescue dogs and cats stranded in floodwaters

Pet rescuers in boats rescued dozens of cats and dogs stranded after their homes were swamped when the Khakovka dam breached. Source

‘What Hasn’t Russia Tried At This Point?’: Why Some Ukrainians Are Returning Home

The “strange new normal” has not stopped the displaced heading back to war-torn cities. Source

UN condemns executions of Russian POWs by Ukrainians

READ HERE: The UN human rights watchdog is aware of a new graphic video purportedly showing the execution of Russian POWs by Ukrainians and has raised the issue with Kiev   Source

Young Ukrainians rebuild destroyed homes in the village of Horenka

Tetiana’s family home in the village of Horenka, north of Kyiv, was burned to ashes after a bomb fell in her backyard. Located in the Bucha region, Horenka was devastated by Russian shelling during the first weeks of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  As the war nears the one-year mark, the ‘Brave to Rebuild’ charity has […]

Ukrainians Shout ‘Putin’s A D**khead’ As Drones Drop Bombs On Kyiv: Reports

“We are together,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a New Year’s Day address. “They are together only in fear.” Source

Russian Strikes Intensify As Ukrainians Return For Holiday

On the last day of the year marked by the brutal war, many Ukrainians returned to the capital to spend New Year’s Eve with their loved ones, despite the ongoing Russian attacks. Source

HOLODOMOR: Stalin’s Genocide Of Over 30 Million Ukrainians by Starvation

Stalin’s Genocide of over 30 Million Ukrainian Farmers Submitted by GA This is kind of a cute cartoon: Very First “Unconscious Pig” Episode, Translated! You’ve got to love Russian Humor . . . Except I can not forget the Holodomor Starvation of the Ukrainians by Communist Russia in the 1930’s which KILLED over 30 Million Ukrainian Gentiles!   […]

Ukraine war: Lithuanians turn used car parts into stoves to help warm Ukrainians

It comes amid frequent energy blackouts in Ukraine as Russian forces target the country’s energy infrastructure ahead of winter. Source

EU Parliament recognises Holodomor as genocide against Ukrainians

By a vote of 507 votes for, to 12 against, MEPs have recognised the event as a genocide against the Ukrainian people. Source

The “Saviors of the West” Stopping Ukrainians to Check for “Nazi” Tattoos

Here we have a recent video of the “Based Russians” chasing down Ukrainians in the street to publicly humiliate them and check for “Nazi” and “Fascist” tattoos. Source

The Ukrainians are in a lot of trouble (Douglas Macgregor)

النيأ العظيم === [embedded content] Islam and Muslims مفهوم الحرية واستعمال العنف [embedded content] الاسلام والمسلمون [embedded content] Islamic jurisprudence crisis أزمة الفقه الإسلامي [embedded content] Pillars of Islam and the pillars of faith أركان الإسلام وأركان الإيمان [embedded content] More here (1 to 44) The Qur’an, Morality and Critical Reason (PDF) Source

ACH (1937) Dr. Patrick Slattery And Mark Dankof – Boomercalifragilisticexpialidocious #9 – Did 15,000 Ukrainians Decide To Have A Mass Orgy If Russia Deploys Nuclear Weapons?

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1937) Dr. Patrick Slattery And Mark Dankof – Boomercalifragilisticexpialidocious #9 – Did 15,000 Ukrainians Decide To Have A Mass Orgy If Russia Deploys Nuclear Weapons? Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on October 12 2022, Andy […]

Ukraine war: Russia’s mobilisation, referenda criticised and Pope slams Ukrainians’ suffering

1. Vladimir Putin orders Russia’s first military mobilisation since WWII In an early-morning television address and on the back of a successful Kyiv counteroffensive in the Ukraine war, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russia’s first mobilisation since World War II. The decree published on the Kremlin’s website said the call-up would apply only to reservists with previous […]

Neo-Nazi Ukrainians set up a severely injured Italian journalist to trigger landmine so his planned death could be blamed on Russia!

READ HERE: An Italian freelance journalist who went missing late last month while covering the conflict in Ukraine is being treated in a Russian hospital, the Defense Ministry in Moscow reported on Thursday.  Mattia Sorbi was rescued by Russian forces after a car he was traveling in towards the frontline triggered a mine, the ministry […]

U.S.: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Ukrainians Forced To Russia

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The U.S. said Wednesday it has evidence that “hundreds of thousands” of Ukrainian citizens have been interrogated, detained and forcibly deported to Russia in “a series of horrors” overseen by officials from Russia’s presidency. Russia immediately dismissed the allegation as “fantasy,” calling it the latest invention in a Western disinformation campaign. […]

Ukraine war: Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been forcibly deported to Russia, says US

The US has evidence that “hundreds of thousands” of Ukrainian citizens have been interrogated, detained and forcibly deported to Russia in “a series of horrors” overseen by officials from Russia’s presidency. The accusation came during a Security Council meeting called by the United States and Albania to discuss Russia’s “filtration operations.” Russia immediately dismissed the […]

Saddened Ukrainians Celebrate Independence Day today While Russian Invaders Keep Bombing Them

This year’s celebration of Ukraine’s Independence Day, which on Wednesday coincided with the 31st anniversary of the nation’s vote to secede from the Soviet Union, was more solemn, with officials attending memorial services and issuing alerts that Moscow might launch missile attacks against Ukrainian cities. The celebration and parades of past years have replaced this […]

Cycling on the frontline: The Ukrainians defying danger in the Donetsk war zone

Toretsk is on the frontline of the war in Ukraine, yet cyclists pedal around the streets, going about their daily business as if defying the surrounding danger. Source

Young Ukrainians witness great performance of Japanese judoka

Day 2 of the Judo Grand Slam in Hungary starts with over 200 Ukrainian refugee judoka living in Hungary on the competition tatami. Source

West Favors Ukrainians Over Syrians & Africans

1 Jun, 2022 12:14 HomeWorld News The West’s selective treatment of refugees can be seen in the warm welcome for Ukrainians compared to those from other places The EU claims that it’s open to all refugees — but those from Ukraine get a much warmer reception than others © AFP / Christophe Archambault As a […]

Biden Opens U.S. Borders to 44,000 Ukrainians – Exceeding Population of Burlington, Vermont

President Joe Biden has opened the United States’ borders to about 44,000 Ukrainians in over two months — a foreign population exceeding Burlington, Vermont’s resident population.

This And 14,000 Murdered Ukrainians Since Then Led to Russia’s Invasion; Take a Good Look At Horrific U.S. Foreign Policy Under Victoria Nuland

May 2 Odessa Tragedy: Horrifying Images of Mass Murder 14:34 GMT 09.05.2022Subscribe Dozens of people were killed and burned alive eight years ago in the Trade Unions House in Odessa. On 2 May 2014, Euromaidan supporters on Kulikovo Pole Square attacked a camp of activists who disagreed with the policies of the Ukrainian authorities.People sought […]

Exclusive: Biden’s Border Operates as ‘DMV for Ukrainians,’ Bringing Hundreds to U.S. Every Day

The United States-Mexico border, under President Joe Biden’s direction, is currently operating like a “DMV for Ukrainians,” a source told Breitbart News, as hundreds are paroled into the U.S. interior on a daily basis. 

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