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Ninth Circuit Throws Out Berkeley Ban on Gas Stoves

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit tossed a Berkeley, California, ban on gas stoves on Monday, saying that the federal Energy Policy and Conservation Act preempted state and local authorities in regulating natural gas. Source

LIVE NOW: US Says Lab Leak the Most Likely COVID-19 Origin; Agenda Against Gas Stoves Moves Forward

A lab leak in China was the most likely origin of COVID-19, according to a new analysis from the U.S. Department of Energy. The assessment comes to a similar conclusion as the FBI, and would put the Chinese regime in the spotlight yet again for its efforts to block investigations into where the virus originated. […]

Ukraine war: Lithuanians turn used car parts into stoves to help warm Ukrainians

It comes amid frequent energy blackouts in Ukraine as Russian forces target the country’s energy infrastructure ahead of winter. Source

“Back To The Old Days”: Europeans Panic Buy Firewood And Stoves

Renegade Editor’s Note: You gotta love how the Vlad fanboys at ZeroHedge make it seems like it’s the fault of Europeans for not standing behind Russia. (ZH) As natural gas and electricity prices soar, many European households turn to firewood, a move to offset higher energy costs as the heating season begins. Rising demand for […]

Prepare firewood and wood stoves: Germany’s decision to confiscate Rosneft property ended in disaster

September 20, 2022 Source

South Korean Officials Warn That Cats Have Been Starting Fires By Turning On Stoves

The fire department of Seoul, South Korea, is warning cat owners to be especially careful in the kitchen. More than 100 house fires in the city between January 2019 and November 2021 were attributed to cats accidentally turning on electric stoves, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters, per The Korea Herald. Advertisement […]

Fukushima… Cancer Rates Continue To Soar

Fairewinds Energy Education organization has released new statistics that confirm the direct link between the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the growing number of cancer’s in Japan that have tripled since the meltdown.  ~ Sean Adl-Tabatabai – Video Chief Engineer, Arnie Gundersen, concludes that heavy radioactive discharges will be the cause of enormous spikes of cancer in […]

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