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The Goryeo Dynasty: Buddhist Unifier of the Korean Peninsula

The Goryeo dynasty was a Korean dynasty that existed between the 10 th and 14 th centuries. The Goryeo dynasty was established following the unification of Korea’s Later Three Kingdoms and ended when it was overthrown by the Joseon dynasty. The history of the Goryeo dynasty is closely intertwined with events that took place in […]

Atlanta massacre sparks a political awakening in the Korean church

Churches can no longer stay silent about racism, said Pastor Han Byung-chul from the Korean Central Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, who recently formed an anti-AAPI hate group in the city with 11 other religious leaders. “It should be a time that Asian Americans reflect on their indifference and irresponsibility,” Han said in an interview, using […]

From prison camp to ballot box: North Korean defector seeks UK elex win

Sixteen years after she was left to die unremembered outside a labor camp in North Korea, Jihyun Park will enter the British political history books if she wins office in local elections this May. Human rights activist Park said she wants to repay a debt of kindness shown by residents in the northern English town […]

North Korean embassy staff leave Malaysia as countries sever diplomatic ties over US extradition row

DPRK diplomats departed from Malaysia on Sunday, after Pyongyang cut ties with Kuala Lumpur over the extradition of one of its citizens to the US on money laundering charges. Before the two buses containing diplomats departed for the airport, North Korean Charge d’Affaires Kim Yu Song read out a statement on the porch of the […]

Outrage in South Korea after North Korean able to wander around for hours in high-security border area

The incident of a North Korean man, who reportedly defected to South Korea after crossing the heavily guarded border and roamed around unchecked for hours, has sparked outrage in Seoul. The incident took place last week when the man crossed over to South Korea after swimming for several kilometres, a lapse in security the South […]

Facebook ‘behaving like a North Korean dictator’ in Australia

Facebook is under fire in Australia after it blocked news content due to their ongoing tiff with the government over a new media code that would result in the social media giant paying local media outlets for news content. Facebook has said such a move is not acceptable as the proposed code “fundamentally fails to […]

‘Third wave is not over’: South Korean PM warns against easing anti-coronavirus restrictions as infection numbers grow

South Korean Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun has warned against the loosening of social distancing rules as the country experiences a new surge in Covid-19 numbers. Seoul is set to begin its mass vaccination campaign next week. Speaking during a televised government meeting on Wednesday, Chung urged the public to strictly observe the existing rules. Earlier […]

North Korean Hackers Tried To Steal COVID Vaccine Technology: Report

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korean hackers attempted to steal information about coronavirus vaccines and treatments, South Korea’s intelligence service said Tuesday, but it denied a lawmaker’s claim that vaccine maker Pfizer Inc. was targeted. Earlier Tuesday, Ha Tae-keung, a member of parliament’s intelligence committee, told reporters that the National Intelligence Service told him […]

‘Very risky behavior’: Indonesian seaman who escaped South Korean quarantine through hole under fence gets suspended sentence

An Indonesian seaman who escaped from a South Korean Covid-19 quarantine center by digging a hole under a fence has received a suspended sentence after the judge said his behavior undermined the country’s coronavirus response. The unnamed 24-year-old man, who escaped from the center through a hole under a fence on his last day of […]

Korean Pop Star ‘Heartbroken’ After ‘Offending’ Jews Worldwide By Posing With ‘Nazi’ Mannequin

Offended Jews worldwide are expressing their collective outrage and disappointment after they discovered that a Korean pop star posed for a humorous picture with a mannequin dressed in a “Nazi” uniform: Fans have demanded an apology from a K-pop star who was seen embracing a Nazi mannequin in a set of photos. Sowon, a member […]

North Korean diplomat defects to South Korea -lawmaker

SEOUL – North Korea‘s acting ambassador to Kuwait has defected to South Korea, the latest in a recent string of high-profile escapes from the isolated country, a South Korean lawmaker said on Monday. Ryu Hyun Woo had led North Korea’s embassy in Kuwait since former Ambassador So Chang Sik was expelled after a 2017 U.N. […]

Jang Bogo: The Powerful Silla Kingdom Warlord And Korean Hero

The ancient history of Korea is one of the more enigmatic historical periods of Asia and is still a subject of very active research by scholars. The surviving writings of the early medieval period tend to mix legend with fact, and the resulting combination left behind a rather mysterious narrative. Nevertheless, some real historical facts […]

Field Workers in China Continue to Serve North Korean Christians

Photo Credit: Korea Style/Pixabay North Korea (International Christian Concern) – Despite being the most dangerous country for Christians to live in, North Korea still has tens of thousands Christians (though actual number is impossible to obtain). Some of them remain underground inside, while others escaped to other countries to seek freedom. To serve the Christians […]

Iran Seizes South Korean Oil Tanker after Seoul Refuses to issue Payment of $6 Billion

Tehran authorities forced the Hankuk Chemi tanker, sailing under South Korean flag, to dock in Iran last week, suspecting the vessel of contaminating local waters. At the same time, the Islamic republic rejected accusations that it was holding the ship “hostage”. Iran’s seizure of the South Korean-flagged Hankuk Chemi tanker was not a provocation aimed […]

Iran Denies Seized Korean Ship and Crew are Being Held as Hostages

A South Korean-flagged tanker vessel which was seized by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards is seen in Gulf waters, Iran January 4, 2021. Photo: IRGC/WANA (West Asia News Agency) via REUTERS. Iran denied on Tuesday it was using a South Korean ship and its crew as hostages, a day after it seized the tanker in the Gulf […]

South Korean tanker was boarded by armed Iran Guard forces

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Iran seizes South Korean oil tanker in Gulf; Seoul dispatches forces

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South Korean Coronavirus Cases Spike Following Social Distancing Measures

Cases of Chinese coronavirus in South Korea spiked to more than 1,000 per day following the government’s recent decision to impose social distancing guidelines over the Christmas season, according to data from the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency released Wednesday (KDCA). The KDCA reported 1,092 cases Wednesday, the second-highest single-day total since the pandemic began. […]

Kim Jong-un’s sister threatens South Korean FM for doubting Pyongyang’s zero cases of Covid-19

Kim Yo-jong has lashed out at South Korea’s top diplomat for daring to doubt Pyongyang’s zero cases of Covid-19, warning the “reckless remarks” could further damage the strained relations between the two countries. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s influential sister has not made any statements or public appearances for some time, triggering reports of her […]

North Korean Hackers Target Virus Vaccine Makers as IBM Warns of Cyber Attack on Supply Chain

North Korean hackers have reportedly launched coordinated cyberattacks against at least six drug makers working on developing coronavirus vaccines and therapeutics in America, the United Kingdom, and South Korea. In mid-September, FBI Director Christopher Wray warned U.S. lawmakers that foreign hackers, particularly from China and Russia, are trying to steal U.S. coronavirus vaccine research and […]

Suspected North Korean Hackers Target COVID-19 Vaccine Maker AstraZeneca

LONDON, Nov 27 (Reuters) – Suspected North Korean hackers have tried to break into the systems of British drugmaker AstraZeneca in recent weeks, two people with knowledge of the matter told Reuters, as the company races to deploy its vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. The hackers posed as recruiters on networking site LinkedIn and WhatsApp […]

North Korean Gymnast Defects By Jumping Over Militarized Border Fence

A North Korean gymnast defected from the country earlier this month by jumping over a heavily fortified, 10-foot-tall fence that borders the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separating North and South Korea, a South Korean official said Monday. The man, said to be in his late 20s and of small stature, evaded capture for 14 hours after leaping […]

Report: North Korean Gymnast Escaped Country by Leaping over 10-Foot Fence

The South Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo reported on Tuesday that, according to a government source, the latest man to escape from North Korea was a professional gymnast and only managed to cross the highly guarded Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) by leaping over a ten-foot fence. North Korean refugees, typically referred to as “defectors” as the word more […]

Korean Air: “Real Possibility” That Airlines Will Mandate Passengers be Vaccinated Before Travel

Mirroring rhetoric from others in the industry, a spokesperson for Korean Air has said there’s a “real possibility” airlines will mandate passengers take a COVID-19 vaccine before being allowed to travel. “South Korea’s largest airline has a similar message,” reports ABC News. “Jill Chung, a spokesperson for Korean Air, said Tuesday there’s a real possibility […]

North Korean Defector Fled Her Country to Worship God Freely

 North Korea (International Christian Concern) – When she was 17 years old, the North Korean Christian Sookyung Kang fled from her repressive country because she wanted to be able to worship God with freedom. She shared her 3,000 mile journey to South Korea with Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) in a video interview, according to Christian […]

North Korean Christians Brutally Tortured for Their Faith

Photo Credit: Still WZ/Pixabay (International Christian Concern) – It is no secret that North Korean Christians are facing one of the harshest regimes when it comes to Christian persecution. A recent report by the London-based Korea Future Initiative (KFI) further confirms the atrocities done to North Korean Christians once arrested. KFI conducted 117 interviews with […]

Some South Korean Doctors & Politicians Call To Stop Flu Shots After 48 People Die

The Facts: A recently published paper has found a positive association between COVID-19 deaths and influenza vaccination rates in elderly people worldwide. Reflect On: Why does vaccine hesitancy continue to grow worldwide? What’s going on? What information/factors are contributing to this hesitancy? What Happened: A recently published study in PeerJ  by Christian Wehenkel, a Professor at Universidad Juárez […]

Major Kingdom Finds Provide New Insights Into Ancient Korean Society

Two major recent Korean kingdom finds are providing archaeologists with new critical insights into the culture and history of Korea’s ancient past. Both of the recent finds date from the Silla Kingdom , which was crucial in the development of Korea. One of the Korean kingdom finds came from an elite burial tomb, where numerous […]

Israel thwarted a North Korean cyberattack on its defense industry. But other sectors remain vulnerable

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Korean Americans For Black Lives

Above photo: Koreans support Black Lives Matter. Koreatown.photograph.  K-Town Organizes Against Anti-Blackness. Liberty Park is one of the very few public green spaces left in Koreatown; the choice for ‘Ktown for Black Lives’ to meet here is intentional.  Organized by the neighborhood’s activists and community members, the monthly gathering aims to mobilize residents against state-sanctioned […]

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