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Attorney Tom Renz: “We’ve Confirmed ‘This mRNA Stuff’ Is In The Food Supply”

Lawyer and activist Thomas Renz has warned that mRNA vaccinations have already been administered to pigs in the United States since 2018 and that beef and chicken will be next. Big pharma companies Merck and […] The post Attorney Tom Renz: “We’ve Confirmed ‘This mRNA Stuff’ Is In The Food Supply” appeared first on The […]

‘All This Woke Stuff Is Pretty Dumb, Am I Right Fellas?’ MAGA Hat-Wearing Bud Light CEO Chuckles Nervously

ST LOUIS, MO — As beer sales continue to plunge in the wake of Bud Light’s partnership with trans activist Dylan Mulvaney, Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth released a statement to entice customers to start buying Bud Light products again. Source

Bullies Stuff Kid Into Locker For Not Giving His Pronouns

AUSTIN, TX — Parents were called after an incident at Rosa Parks MLK Harvey Milk Elementary today in which several bullies stuffed 3rd-grader Lance Biggens into a locker after the student refused to give them his pronouns. Source

Where to Get the Best Stuff From Architectural Digest Home Tours

Nothing gets our engine purring quite like the words, “Babe, do you wanna turn on the sunset lamp and roll the YouTube playlist of Architectural Digest celebrity home tours again?” Few things are as aspirational, serotonin-inducing, and healing as snorting all 139 (!!) of the videos of rich, hot people that we’ve formed totally healthy, […]

Backed Hard: The Best Stuff We (Actually) Bought in December

As we bask in the afterglow of the holiday season and look back on the year that 2022 was, it’s time to do the playback and identify the MVPs of what we gifted, got gifted, and threw in our own online baskets to fight off the Seasonal Affective Disorder. Welcome to another edition of Backed […]

The Best 2023 Planners (for Becoming a Sigma or Just Remembering Stuff)

We get it—you went to bed at some point during the holidays, woke up, rubbed your eyes, looked at your big ass wall calendar, and realized it’s somehow January 2023. ​​And, since most of us have been living in an ambiguous ether where all the days are one big eggnog blob and time ceases to […]

Selling Stuff as a Side Hustle

Who wouldn’t want to make some extra cash on the side? People can consider making a side hustle out of selling old stuff. Measurable success depends on the time and effort put into this effort, and it’s really not that hard to do. Gaining profit is possible if the timing is right and the seller […]

Real-Life British Guy Explains Weird British Stuff To Americans

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Our Editors Pick the Best Stuff From Nordstrom’s Epic Anniversary Sale

It’s a crazy time (when isn’t it?) but we’re grateful it’s summer, the season of simple pleasures: basking in the sunshine, sipping on various alcoholic beverages served in hollowed-out tropical fruit, jetting off on our long-postponed vacations, and on top of it all, impeccable deals left and right. If you need to shop for vacation […]

The Weirdest Stuff You Can Buy on Amazon

There are 12 million items across Amazon’s various categories, and after spelunking into as many as possible over the years in search of the site’s best finds, we came up beaming with gourmet sea salt flakes, self-described “scrumptious” body pillows, and a vibrator whose 56,800 reviews guarantee “need-an-exorcism level” orgasms. All great picks, we know—but […]

I Tried the Viral TikTok ‘Pink Stuff’ and the Results Were Oddly Satisfying

Cleaning TikTok, to me, serves a similar purpose as pimple-popping videos do for others: scratching an itch in my brain that can only be reached by witnessing the purging of filth, grime, and gunk. (Although, truth be told, I also love seeing a satisfying zit squeeze from time to time). And if you’re in the […]

Backed Hard: The Best Stuff We (Actually) Bought in June

Welcome back to Backed Hard, our monthly cornucopia of the best stuff your trusted Rec Room staff tried, loved, and now wishes to evangelize. We are online shopping wizards, traversing far and wide to try the weird, wonderful, and wack and report it all back to you, dear reader, so you know what’s actually worth […]

You Cannot Make This Stuff Up: Klauss Schwab is a Rothschild on His Mother’s Side

Fred Schwab was born in Frankfurt. In 1935, he managed to leave Germany. His wife, Marianne Rothschild, came from the town of Bad Homburg. After the 1938 Pogroms, she fled to the USA via Britain. The couple visited their former country as guests of the City of Frankfurt, to which they kept close emotional ties. […]

Scary Demonic Stuff At Travis Scott Concert-Sure VAXXES HAD EVERYTHING TO DO WITH DEATHS-American Life Under the Synagogue of Satan

Palestinians Living Under the Synagogue of Satan TOO! Nasima Begum also compared Israeli Jews to Hitler Nasima Begum also compared Israeli Jews to Hitler Nasima Begum also compared Israeli Jews to Hitler. Because you don’t have time for the EXTRANEOUS BS! Please Comment at Bottom Skip to content DIVORCE THE BRITISH-ISRAEL ROTHSCHILDS ZIO-CRIME SYNDICATE LIKE […]

Being A Child In Yemen Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Above Photo: Murad Subay (Yemen), Fuck War, 2018. In March 2015, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – along with other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) – began to bomb Yemen. These countries entered a conflict that had been ongoing for at least a year as a civil war escalated between the […]

More Clues In Pursuit Of the Nebulous Cabal That Runs Stuff

Being part of a cabal of evil geniuses bent on world domination is not hard. The only requirements are being part of the old money establishment, taking a blood oath, and having absolutely no soul. Orchestrating the complete domination of every human being on Earth, now that’s the tricky part. Here’s how it all works […]

Senator Hawley: Big Tech “Acting Like Arms Of The Government”; “It’s Scary Stuff”

After a controversy surrounding racist messages sent to black England footballers led to calls for people to be forced to provide identity documents to create a social media account, some pointed to evidence suggesting the vast majority of the messages were posted by users from South Asia and the Middle East. Italy beat England on […]

Really funny stuff: Woman Marries HERSELF because no Man is Good Enough

    A woman who ‘married’ herself in a commitment ceremony attended by friends and family divided viewers when she appeared on This Morning. Meg Taylor Morrison, 35, a life and business coach from Atlanta, Georgia, explained she ‘married’ herself as a symbol of ‘self-love’ after splitting from her fiancé four months before their planned […]

Parler Is A Great Place For People Who Are Into ‘Crazy Stuff’ Says Bill Gates

Bill Gates is not a fan of the social media platform Parler and has mocked its users by saying it is a safe space for people who are into “crazy stuff”. According to Gates “If you want Holocaust denial, hey, Parler is going to be great for you.” Gates said he believed that social media […]

E-Waste, Plastic, and More! “The Story of Stuff Project” Exposes What Happens to Discarded Stuff

By B.N. Frank For 11 years, The Story of Stuff Project has been producing and posting videos about what happens to all kinds of discarded stuff. They recently released their first feature-length documentary film, The Story of Plastic. Plastic pollution is everywhere we look, smothering our oceans and poisoning communities around the world. Meanwhile, Big […]

What If All the Cheap Stuff Goes Away?

One of the books I just finished reading is The Fate of Rome: Climate, Disease, and the End of an Empire. The thesis of the book is fascinating to those of us interested in the rise and fall of empires: Rome expanded for many reasons, but one that is overlooked was the good fortune of an era […]

“Mr Death” – An Epic Propaganda Stuff Up & The Jewish Panic To Remedy It

Wear’s War Editor’s Comment: Rarely is it amusing correcting the false narrative of WWII and inflicted German guilt. At WearsWar we strive to correct historical falsehoods and highlight the extreme and irrational propaganda that is continuing today with increasing funding and reach. Hence the Wear’s War Movie Review feature we post regularly. This movie “Mr. Death: […]

‘Nazi stuff’: The Israeli government takes on African refugees

Following Israel’s Supreme Court decision last week, limiting the state’s ability to imprison African asylum seekers indefinitely if they do not accept deportation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Culture Minister went to visit southern Tel Aviv in order to “give it back to the Israeli residents.” “We are here on a mission to give […]

The stuff on israel which Americans may not see

Source The 1967 war was one of the watershed moments in the history of Israel and American Jewry. The jubilation and religious triumphalism that followed Israel’s military victory led to the founding of the Greater Israel movement, which became the theological inspiration for the settler enterprise (Wikipedia 2015, Movement for Greater Israel). Later, after the 1973 war, it became institutionalized […]

Billionaires now preparing for the day when stuff hits the fan by purchasing large tracts of property in the American heartland

(Natural News) About a year ago, reported that the ultra-wealthy were becoming more and more “nervous” about geopolitical and domestic unrest, and as such had embarked on spending sprees to construct “luxury” bunkers, in case stuff goes to heck in a hand basket. The site noted: Whether it’s due to terrorism and a massive […]

What’s all this Russia stuff about, anyway?

Patrick Slattery asks researcher William Benz about that is behind the Deep State effort to paint President Donald Trump as a Russian tool. Download YouTube: Source Article from

German Cops Detain Asylum-Seeking Teen Over Plot to Blow Stuff Up

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 31, 2017 You do have to wonder what the situation would be like if Germany didn’t have a gigantic 1984-type surveillance apparatus. They catch these people planning this stuff all the time. Like, several times a week. I usually don’t bother to report on it. There are things […]

Video: China’s new gold backed yuan, 911 and the death of the US dollar

     In this video, Luke Rudkowski reports on the breaking news of both China and Saudi Arabia making geopolitical moves that could cause a U.S economic collapse and obliteration of the U.S. hegemony petrodollar. We go over China’s new gold backed yuan that cannot be traded in U.S dollars and rising tension with Saudi Arabia […]

US Attorney General Wants To Prosecute Climate Change Deniers

The US Attorney General wants to make challenging climate change a criminal offence. The US Department of Justice has been considering whether people should be prosecuted for the offence of climate change denial. Loretta Lynch told the Senate Judiciary Committee last week that not only had she discussed internally the possibility of pursuing civil actions […]

Hunger striker Muhammad al-Qiq in "struggle against death"

Ali Abunimah Rights and Accountability 6 February 2016 Fayha Shalash, the wife of gravely ill hunger-striking Palestinian journalist Muhammed al-Qiq, sits with her son at her home in the West Bank village of Dura on 20 January. Al Qiq, seen in the poster, started a hunger strike against his arbitrary detention by Israel in November. […]

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