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Former Italian PM Berlusconi hospitalized again, lawyer announces at court hearing

At a court hearing in Milan over an investigation into Silvio Berlusconi’s infamous ‘bunga-bunga’ parties, the former leader’s lawyer announced that he had been admitted to hospital again due to “health problems.” Speaking in court, lawyer Federico Cecconi, who represents the ex-premier, stated that “due to health problems, Berlusconi has been hospitalized since Monday morning.” […]

Sara Netanyahu hospitalized with appendicitis

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Australian Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt Hospitalized After Receiving Experimental COVID Vaccine

Australian Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has been admitted to a hospital just after receiving the AstraZeneca experimental COVID vaccine. ABC Australia mentioned twice in their coverage that Mr. Hunt’s condition is “not believed” to be related to the vaccine. Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has been admitted to hospital with a suspected infection. Mr […]

CDC study: Half of people hospitalized for COVID were obese

CDC found that of the 148,494 adults across 238 hospitals who were diagnosed with COVID-19, nearly 51 percent were obese, and nearly 28 percent were overweight. Overweight is defined as having a body mass index of 25 or more, while obesity is defined as having a BMI of 30 or more. Just over 42 percent of the […]

‘Tolerant Left’ Beat until they leave Right-Wing Political Candidate Hospitalized in Germany

    Alternative for Germany (AfD) candidate Stephan Schwarz was hospitalised after a brutal attack by Antifa militants in the town of Schorndorf over the weekend while campaigning for this year’s regional election. Schwarz, along with several other AfD activists, manned an information booth in the centre of the town on Saturday when they were […]

Prince William Gives Update On Hospitalized Grandfather Prince Philip

LONDON (AP) — Prince William said Monday that his grandfather, Prince Philip, is “OK” as the 99-year-old royal consort remains in a London hospital for rest and observation. William was asked about Philip when he visited a coronavirus vaccination center in eastern England. “Yes, he’s OK, they’re keeping an eye on him,” William said, and […]

Several people hospitalized following tar cleanup operation off Israeli coast

A number of people who volunteered to participate in a cleanup operation on Saturday of a tar spill off Israel’s coast have been hospitalized for inhaling fumes, according to reports in the Hebrew media. The cause of the spill was not yet clear and is under investigation. Israel’s Channel 12 reported Saturday that the Israel […]

Broadcasting giant Larry King dies at 87 after being hospitalized with COVID

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Jewish TV Icon, Former CNN Host Larry King Hospitalized With Coronavirus

Larry King during an interview in 2006. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Former CNN anchor and Jewish broadcasting legend Larry King has been hospitalized with COVID-19, a source close to the family told the network. King, 87, has been receiving treatment at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for more than a week, the source said, […]

Larry King, Jewish TV legend, hospitalized with COVID-19 – report

Jewish television legend and longtime host of Larry King Live on CNN Larry King, 87 years old, has been hospitalized with COVID-19 at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for more than a week, according to multiple media reports.King was reportedly diagnosed with the coronavirus 10 days ago, and has been in contact with sons, […]

Talk show host Larry King, 87, hospitalized with COVID-19

Jewish talk show host Larry King, 87, has been hospitalized with COVID-19. According to CNN, King — who suffers from diabetes, and previously had lung cancer and several heart attacks — has been treated at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for over a week. The Peabody Award-winning broadcaster was among America’s most prominent […]

Larry King Hospitalized With Coronavirus

Legendary broadcaster Larry King has been hospitalized with coronavirus. The 87-year-old’s condition remains unknown. Larry King has spent more than a week at a Los Angeles hospital, according to a report by Showbiz411. The veteran broadcaster has previously survived a heart attack and stroke, as well as the stress of the deaths in the last year […]

Alaska Health Worker Hospitalized After Experiencing ‘Serious Reaction’ to Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine

A health worker in Alaska experienced a “serious reaction” and was subsequently hospitalized after receiving a dose of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine, which the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved last week, according to reports. The worker had what the New York Times described as a “serious reaction” after receiving the vaccination and remained in the hospital […]

Alaska Health Worker is Hospitalized after receiving COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine

    A healthcare worker in Alaska has reportedly been hospitalized with a serious allergic reaction after taking Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine. They had no reported history of drug allergies, unlike others who’ve suffered such reactions. The afflicted individual remains in the hospital on Wednesday after suffering a powerful reaction Tuesday, three sources who had seen […]

Report: Dodgers Legend Tommy Lasorda Hospitalized with Heart Issues

A report from TMZ Sports claims that famed Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda is in “serious condition” at a Southern California hospital with heart issues. Lasorda, 93, was admitted to the hospital last week, according to the report. TMZ Sports also claims that during his stay Lasorda’s condition “took a turn for the worse.” TMZ Sports […]

Police Officer Hospitalized After Being Beaten While Making Arrest, Incident Live Streamed on Facebook

ROBESON COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) — A Robeson County police officer had to be airlifted to the hospital overnight Saturday after being beaten during an arrest. According to Rowland Police Chief Hubert B. Graham, Officer Michael Sales, 27, responded to a disturbance call in the area of Benton Court when he began struggling with Jamel Alphonso […]

Pastor Left Hospitalized After Mob Attack in Northern India

(International Christian Concern) – On October 4, a pastor in India’s Uttar Pradesh state was brutally attacked after they falsely accused the pastor of being involved in forced conversions. The attack left the pastor hospitalized with serious injuries, including multiple bone fractures. On the day of the incident, a mob of 10 to 12 people […]

Ex-governor Chris Christie hospitalized with coronavirus

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says he has checked himself into a hospital, hours after he announced he had tested positive for the coronavirus. Christie said that after consulting with his doctors, he went to Morristown Medical Center Saturday afternoon. He said he’s only experiencing mild symptoms. “Due to my history of asthma, we […]

7 Yr Old Told Dr’s She Wanted To Die After Being Hospitalized For Abuse & Sexual Assault

A seven year old girl told doctor’s that she wanted “to die” after being hospitalized for abuse and sexual assault. The child, identified only as “Yaz”, reportedly begged the doctors to let her die after suffering horrific injuries from ‘years of abuse at the hands of her parents and an uncle who raped her’ in […]

Volunteers In AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Trial Hospitalized With Transverse Myelitis And Multiple Sclerosis

The participant who triggered a global shutdown of AstraZeneca’s Phase 3 Covid-19 vaccine trials was a woman in the United Kingdom who experienced neurological symptoms consistent with a rare but serious spinal inflammatory disorder called transverse myelitis, the drug maker’s chief executive, Pascal Soriot, said during a private conference call with investors on Wednesday morning: […]

BLM Activists Hospitalized After Police Kneel On Her Neck

Above photo: Monica McKinney holds a Black Lives Matter sign on June 27, 2020 in downtown Tampa, Florida. Octavia Jones/Getty Images. A Black Lives Matter activist was hospitalized after police in Tampa, Florida, were seen kneeling on her neck in a video shared on social media. Protesters said Jae Passmore had been leaving a demonstration in […]

Adults with heart problems can avoid being hospitalized if they walk at a faster pace

(Natural News) According to a study, your walking speed is linked to more than your stamina. The results of a study have determined that patients with cardiovascular disease who walked faster are hospitalized less. The three-year study, which was published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, involved 1,078 participants with hypertension– at least 85 […]

51 School Children Hospitalized After Mass Poisoning in Ukraine

The U.S. operates eleven biolaboratories in Ukraine, part of a global $2.1 billion military program called the “Cooperative Biological Engagement Program” (CBEP). Under the provisions of an agreement, the host state has no control over the military experiments carried out in its own country. 51 students were rushed to the hospital in the city of Cherkasy ( […]

Big Pharma Synthetic Marijuana Leaves 2 Dead, 89 Hospitalized In Illinois

So far this month, 89 people have been hospitalized and 2 left dead after ingesting synthetic marijuana produced by Big Pharma, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). The users ingested an FDA-approved version of synthetic cannabis known as K2 or Spice. reports: Synthetic cannabis is a man-made chemical compound designed to act […]

Volcano spews toxic gas cloud, scores hospitalized & forced to flee

Residents suffered shortness of breath and vomiting following the predominantly gas-based eruption at Mount Ijen in Eastern Java, Indonesia at approximately 7:15pm local time on Wednesday. Mount Ijen is a popular tourist destination, but local workers often mine there for sulfur at night. A post shared by Dicky Setyo Gunawan (@dickysetyo15) on Mar 21, 2018 […]

60 US Troops Hospitalized – After Vaping Synthetic Weed

Despite sustained efforts from military veterans to gain access to cannabis for treating PTSD and other combat-incurred conditions, the federal government, military, and Veterans Affairs have failed to grant them their freedom. Though countless veterans say the plant helps ease their ailments, cannabis remains illegal at the federal level (in a recent concession the VA now allows its doctors […]

Police Officers Hospitalized After Eating Seized Dispensary Edibles

Two Toronto Police officers have been suspended in a story that includes accusations of eating seized pot edibles, tree climbing and hospital visits, too. One officer was allegedly flying so high, he ended up in a tree. It was actually three police officers who were taken to hospital over the weekend after a pot dispensary […]

Can of worms: Girl hospitalized after drinking Coca-Cola complete with invertebrate

The youngster from the town of Andria in southern Italy noticed the worm in her mouth as she took a gulp from the coke can, Italian news agency Ansa reports. She was taken to hospital where doctors monitored her condition and carried out a number of tests. Thankfully the investigations found no sign of any […]

UN On Khan Sheikhoun – Victims Hospitalized BEFORE Claimed Incident Happened

  A UN commission concluded that the Syrian government is responsible for a widely discussed incident in Khan Sheikhoun. An alleged gas attack by air happened in April in an al-Qaeda controlled area in Syria. It was used by the White House to justify its bombing of a Syrian airbase. The now […]

Bees Attack In California, 6 People Hospitalized

Six people were hospitalized on Saturday, including three firefighters, after being stung by a swarm of bees outside a Ralphs grocery store in Monterey Park, California. A beehive up a tree in the parking lot of the store was somehow disturbed, causing the swarm, according to the fire department. KTLA5 reports: The disturbance lead to […]

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