Study: Wireless Radiation Adversely Affects Hospitalized Newborns

A new study has revealed that hospitalized newborn babies are bing adversely affected by continuous exposure to wireless radiation.

It was found that chronic wireless radiation frequency RF-EMF impacts on the sleep of preterm newborns in hospital according to research is supported by The French National Research Program for Environmental and Occupational Health.

Activist Post reports: Continuous measurements of RF-EMF levels were performed in 29 hospitalized preterm newborns throughout the first 21 days after birth.

The main chronic effect found was an increase in indeterminate sleep with RF-EMF exposure. At the highest exposure levels, an increase in RF-EMF levels increased sleep fragmentation. No significant relationship was found between acute (short term) RF-EMF levels and sleep parameters.

The authors concluded, ” Despite no consolidated disruption in sleep structure, this study is the first to show that some sleep parameters seem to have a certain sensitivity to chronic – but not acute – RF-EMF exposure in preterm newborns. Further studies are needed to confirm our results and examine possible mid- to long-term, sleep-related cardiorespiratory and neurodevelopmental outcomes.”

“Reducing wireless radiation in the hospital setting is an important and practical way to support health and recovery for vulnerable populations. Babies are not making phone calls. Instead they are exposed  to wireless radiation from the Wi-Fi network and all of the transmitting devices inside the building, as well as outdoor cell tower antennas. ” stated Theodora Scarato Director of Environmental Health Trust who pointed to the pilot program of the Archbishop Makarios Hospital whereby wireless was removed from the neonatal and pediatric  units.  Scarato also highlighted a review published Current Problems in Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care entitled “Wireless technologies, non-ionizing electromagnetic fields and children: Identifying and reducing health risks” detailing steps for medical institutions to take to reduce EMF levels.


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