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The mainstream media distorted our anti-Vietnam War protests 50 years ago. They’re following the same strategy today

Fifty years ago, I joined in protests against the Vietnam war. Today the mainstream media is smearing pro-Palestine student protests in ways that are even worse than how we were slandered back then. Source

Ominous New Decree 95 Confirms Vietnam’s Intent to Control Religion  

Reconstructed One Pillar Pagoda, historic Buddhist temple, in Hanoi, Vietnam. (Bgabel, Creative Commons) (Morning Star News) – Two millennia ago, Jesus of Nazareth said, “Yes, what sorrow awaits you experts in religious law! For you crush people with unbearable religious demands, and you never lift a finger to ease their burden.” (Luke 11:46,… Source

Vietnam Veterans Are The Largest Veteran Group In The US

Vietnam Veterans Are The Largest Veteran Group In The US Tomorrow marks Veterans Day and, as Statista’s Katharina Buchholz reports, military men and women who served in Vietnam are still the largest group of vets in the U.S.  You will find more infographics at Statista Even when counting both Gulf War periods together, like is done in […]

Who Was the Zodiac Killer & What Was the Phoenix Program in Vietnam?

The Phoenix Program was the CIA’s Mass Torture/Murder Program: Valentine wrote a book about the CIA & The Phoenix Program. Author of three books on CIA operations, Valentine’s research into CIA activities began when CIA Director William Colby gave him free access to interview CIA officials who had been involved in various aspects of […]

RFK Jr. Warns ‘Next Step’ Is Military Advisers in Ukraine: ‘Have They Forgotten’ Vietnam?

Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned on Thursday that the “next step of Ukraine War escalation” is stationing United States military advisers on the ground. Source

Biden is the latest president to tout the Vietnam War as proud history

Efforts to portray the U.S. government’s military actions as well-meaning and virtuous are incessant. The pretenses that falsify the past are foreshadowing excuses for future warfare. Source

Biden Holds Bizarre, Rambling Press Conference in Vietnam

President Joe Biden held a press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, on Sunday evening where he appeared confused and rambling, and eventually told the audience he was going to bed. Source

Vietnam shouldn’t overlook opportunities to strengthen economic relations in the Asia-Pacific region.

For fear of a negative US reaction, Hanoi stayed out from SPIEF 2023, one of the world’s largest business forums. The 26th annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum concluded on June 17 in Russia, with the goal of building commercial partnerships and expanding contacts with trading partners. Participants in SPIEF 2023 have begun to develop […]

Christians Fear Implication in Attack on Government in Vietnam

Location of Central Highlands of Vietnam. (TUBS, Creative Commons) (Morning Star News) – Ethnic Christians in Vietnam are bracing for potential fallout should they be blamed for recent anti-government violence. In the pre-dawn hours of June 11, four policemen, two government officials and three bystanders were killed by camouflage-clad armed groups. This rare… Source

Why the West is Whitewashing Terrorism in Vietnam and Myanmar

As US-Chinese tensions grow and as it becomes increasingly clear the US is unable to compete with China head-to-head in terms of development, trade, and investment, especially in regions along China’s periphery, the US is resorting increasingly to asymmetrical measures including political coercion, subversion, and even violence. US military aggression and political subversion, particularly in […]

Australia Strengthens Ties With ‘Top Tier’ Partner Vietnam

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese celebrated 50 years of bilateral relations with Vietnam with banh mi and beer in Hanoi while calling the friendship between the two countries “absolutely vital” to addressing the regional challenges. Focusing heavily on enhancing trade, the prime minister indicated there were plans to upgrade Australia’s relationship with the Socialist Republic […]

Iran lose to Vietnam at AFC U20 Women’s Asian Cup 2024 Qualifiers

TEHRAN – Iran lost to Vietnam 3-2 at the AFC U20 Women’s Asian Cup Uzbekistan 2024 Qualifiers Round 2 Group A on Saturday. Iran shocked Vietnam by taking the lead in the ninth minute at the Viet Tri Stadium, with the unfortunate Nguyen Thi Nhu Quynh sending the ball into her own net. Vietnam’s response, […]

Ancient Deer Antler Instruments Discovered in Vietnam After 3,000 Years

Our prehistoric ancestors were very busy people, but they must have known how to chill in between chores, to relax and recharge. It’s well known to science that our cave dwelling forebears gorged on magic mushrooms and a host of other intoxicating plants. Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later  […]

Despite the Vietnam War, the US has not yet learnt its lessons…

A historic pact that officially ended the Vietnam War for the United States, formalizing its defeat, was signed in Paris precisely 50 years ago. Following that, the United States halted all combat operations in Vietnam and began withdrawing its troops. The United States’ involvement in this war was and continues to be a stain on its […]

At Least 32 Dead In Fire At Karaoke Parlor In South Vietnam

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — The death toll from a fire at a karaoke parlor in southern Vietnam has risen to 32 and some parts of the building remain inaccessible more than a day later, state media reported. The fire that began late Tuesday trapped workers and customers inside the multi-story venue in Thuan An city […]

Lessons From Vietnam For Ukraine

Learning no lessons from the failure and mass slaughter of the Korean War in the previous decade, the US military commenced widespread bombing of Vietnam and sent hundreds of thousands of soldiers. At the time, spring 1965,  about 400 US soldiers had died in the conflict. The war was not yet  widely unpopular. Americans who […]

Hmong Christians in Vietnam suffering severe persecution

Photo Credit: Steff Smitz/Wikimedia Commons NGHE AN PROVINCE, Vietnam (Morning Star News) – Severe persecution of Hmong Christians is underway in Nghe An Province in Vietnam. In the central Vietnam province, officials vying with each other to create “Christian-free zones” operate “with no conscience or humanity,” as if they were in a different… Source

CIA, LSD and Vietnam

  Ted Kaczynskyi, the CIA and LSD What Vietnam was really like:   The Vietnam War was staged as a distraction to implement the cultural war against White Christian America.   The post CIA, LSD and Vietnam appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

Christian family in Vietnam forced from their home

Photo Credit: Nam Le/Pixabay (Barnabas Fund) — A Christian family in Vietnam’s Nghe An province have been forced from their home village for refusing to re-convert to a local animist religion. The family of 13 people have suffered persecution at the hands of local authorities, who on June 4 voted to expel them from their […]

The Gospel v. supernatural evil in Vietnam

Photo Credit: Van Long Bui/Pixabay (Christian Aid Mission) — In a country where one tribe walks on burning coals to demonstrate the power of supernatural evil, two women at a church asked a visiting leader of a ministry based in Vietnam to pray for their deliverance from demonic attacks. When they lay in bed at […]

How the Vietnam War pushed MLK to embrace global justice, not only civil rights at home

Image credit: U.S. Embassy New Dehli/Flickr On July 2, 1964, Martin Luther King Jr. stood behind President Lyndon Baines Johnson as the Texan signed into law the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Although not the first civil rights bill passed by Congress, it was the most comprehensive. King called the law’s passage “a great moment […]

Vietnam province HALTS Pfizer covid vaccines after 120 students hospitalized following vaccine injections

Vietnam province HALTS Pfizer covid vaccines after 120 students hospitalized following vaccine injections12/06/2021 / By Ethan Huff Bypass censorship by sharing this link: Copy URL Thanh Hoa, a province of Vietnam, has suspended all use of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” from Pfizer after a single batch caused more than 120 students to have to […]

At Least 3 Children Die and 120 Hospitalized in Vietnam After Receiving Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine – 4 Adults Die from Vero Cell Covid Vaccine

At Least 3 Children Die and 120 Hospitalized in Vietnam After Receiving Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine – 4 Adults Die from Vero Cell Covid Vaccine Date: December 7, 2021Author: Nwo Report  Source: Jim HoftThe CDC director of Thanh Hoa Province in Vietnam has suspended the use of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine batch after 120 teens were […]

Vietnam Province Suspends Pfizer Vaccine Batch After 120 Children Hospitalized

As VN Express reports, since November 30, the central province has been vaccinating children aged 15-17 with the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. However, over 120 of the children were admitted to hospitals after exhibiting symptoms like nausea, high fever or breathing difficulties, the provincial Center for Disease Control (CDC) said Thursday. Of these, 17 had severe […]

Cooperation between Russia and Vietnam Strengthens Steadily

Vietnam is one of Russia’s key partners in the Asia-Pacific region. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRV) and Russia continue to develop cooperation, which has traditionally been friendly, based on years of close cooperation in a wide range of areas (diplomatic relations were established on 30 January 1950). The bilateral legal framework consists of over eighty […]

Vietnam welcomes first tourists since borders were closed due to COVID-19

More than 200 foreign tourists arrived on Vietnam’s largest Phu Quoc island on Saturday, the first to visit the Southeast Asian country after nearly two years of border closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The fully vaccinated travelers from South Korea will spend their holidays in hotel resorts without a mandatory 14-day quarantine. They were […]

China Completes Vietnam Metro as US Accuses Beijing of “Bullying” Region

The Vietnamese capital city of Hanoi – home to over 8 million people – saw the opening of its first ever metro line. The line was financed and built by China and features rolling stock from China’s state-owned CRRC. The metro was under construction starting in 2011 and was the target of criticism particularly in […]

Christians Questioned in Criminal Investigation of Church in Vietnam

The Rev. Vo Xuan Loan and husband the Rev. Phuong Van Tan of REM church with U.S. consul. (Facebook) (Morning Star News) – Authorities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam have questioned a pastoral couple and 11 congregation members in the criminal prosecution of a church facing wild accusations of starting a COVID-19 outbreak, sources […]

CIA & Military Intelligence Involved in CRIMINAL Phoenix Program in Vietnam; Pictured CIA Type ABUSES

by Admin · October 27, 2021 [embedded content] And I Believe Dozier Concentration Camp For Kids [embedded content] Sure this was a CIA torture Mind Control project and they gave school officials lots of money to abuse these boys…typical MKUltra….IMAO and in a Kindle book from a MKUltra survivor….who said she was at the Dozier […]

Vietnam: Strange streak of light appeared in the sky at Quang Ngai

» “We Should Prepare Now” – Elon Musk FINAL WARNING (2021)Yesterday at 4:08 pm by PurpleSkyz » U.S. Court Vindicates Patriot Edward SnowdenYesterday at 12:19 pm by PurpleSkyz » Report dismisses Havana Syndrome theoriesYesterday at 12:05 pm by PurpleSkyz » CRISPR: The future or undoing of humanity? – Walter IsaacsonYesterday at 12:03 pm by PurpleSkyz » Data shows US counties with most UFO reportsYesterday […]

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