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Mark Anderson Updates In Preparation For WHO’s Geneva Assembly – UK Column News

The Alternative View ConferenceSunday 26th May 2024 Hosted by Gary Fraughen Come and have a great day out and hear some fascinating and informative presentations. Network, chat, meet the speakers and share knowledge. Let us come together and be around like-minded souls in these times of great change and great challenge. Speakers and Presentations Richard […]

Zionism Has Turned Jews into a Fifth Column

Zionism expects Jews to support Israel,  often at the expense of the national interests  of the countries in which they live. Foreword by Joseph Agassi, Professor of Philosophy, Tel Aviv University ( Quite a few people in nineteenth-century Europe practiced both secularism and religion. Others practiced secularism in lieu of religion. This is how nationalism […]

No More Fish Fingers? Captain Birdseye Uses Children To Welcome You ‘To The Plant Age’ – UK Column

  Sep 12, 2023 * Sources: – BirdsEye Channel (YouTube): Green Cuisine—Welcome to the Plant Age Source

UK Column News – 7th August 2023

UK Column News – 7th August 2023 BBC Cognitive Dissonance Sources: – The New York Times: Ukrainian Troops Trained by the West Stumble in Battle – BBC (Verify): Ukraine counter-offensive against Russia yields only small gains in first 2 months – Recommended YouTube Channels: Weeb Union | Free Russia Channel […]

Incredible sight in Xanthi: Power company column passes through the balcony of a house

This particular photo has gone viral as it is making rounds on the internet. Residents of the area state that the lighting pole was installed first and the apartment building was subsequently built “around” it. In fact the pole was there first 9 years ago and then the apartment block was build around it. The… […]

No. 10 Southern California Looks to Return to Win Column vs. Arizona

No. 10 Southern California, after its bye week, will look to rev its offense against Arizona’s struggling defense Saturday, Oct. 29, in Tucson, Ariz. The Trojans (6–1, 4–1 Pac-12) are averaging 40.4 points and 475.3 yards per game but still came up short their last time out, a 43–42 loss at Utah on Oct. 15. […]

Covid-19 Symposium Program – D4CE and UK Column, December 10, 2021

Video: On December 10, 2021, Doctors for Covid Ethics and UK Column held a symposium where the highly claimed international speakers and experts brought the essential information on science, medicine, propaganda, and law. _______________________________ If you are looking for solutions (lawyer, form, gathering, action, antidote, maybe this could help you:HERE If you like our […]

UK Column talks kids jabs, propaganda, Gillick Competency (12-15 YOs consenting)… & what is up with Israel?!!

From The Health Forum NZ @ Facebook At The UK Column: Watch this through to 52 minutes….then it changes tack to Afghanistan.*UK is in an uproar with daily changing messaging about the pros and cons of CV V for children.*UK children aged 12 to 15 deemed “Gillick Competent” (AS THEY ARE IN NEW ZEALAND)….to make […]

UK Column: Gilad Atzmon discusses Israel: A Guinea Pig Nation

Posted on March 9, 2021 by samivesusu MARCH 09, 2021 BY GILAD ATZMON Israel’s covid death doubled since it started its vaccination ‘experiment.’ ‘Silent Birth’ (leida ilemet) is now common in Israel. It refers to babies dying in the womb from Covid 19 or Covid related complications. In this interview with UKC’s David Scott I look […]

Sicily’s Mount Etna ejects lava & massive ash column in another stunning eruption (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Mount Etna in Sicily, Europe’s tallest volcano and one of its most active, has erupted for the second time in as many days, with a stream of molten rock and a massive ash cloud tinged red by the sun captured in remarkable footage. The volcano came alive around 4pm local time on Tuesday, according to […]

NYT Column Suggests Biden Hire A ‘Reality Czar’ & Establish A ‘Truth Commission’

The Facts: The New York Times published an essay on Tuesday detailing a range of recommendations for the Biden administration to adopt to fix the “reality crisis” and “de-radicalize” citizens, including setting up a “reality czar” and “truth commission.” Reflect On: Why does mainstream media fail to have proper discussions about “conspiracy theories?” Yes, there […]

Ron Paul Suspended From Facebook Following Column Criticizing Big Tech Censorship

Facebook blocked former presidential candidate Ron Paul from his own page on Monday. Paul said he was suspended without notice other than ‘repeatedly going against our community standards’ and had never received notice of violating community standards in the past. Suspending Ron Paul must surely make it even clearer that ‘safety’ might not be the […]

Rare Quran manuscripts, column capitals, bronze coffin, and clay seal made national heritage 

TEHRAN- A total of eight moveable properties, which are being kept in private or state-owned museums across Iran’s Kermanshah province, have recently been inscribed on the national cultural heritage list.  The Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts announced the inscriptions on Tuesday in a letter to the governor-general of the province, CHTN reported. Two […]

The Column, The Fir-Cone and The Cross

By Goblet d’AlviellaFrom The Migration of Symbols [1894] 1. The column, which represents the common element of monuments of this kind, and which may date back, as M. Rahlenbeek thinks, to the Germanic tribes settled in western Belgium.—Tacitus bears witness to the presence of sacred columns amongst the Frisians who occupied the valley of the […]

The Column of Death at Mitla, Hugged by Mesoamericans For Millennia

The Column of Death is the name given to a pillar at the archaeological site of Mitla, in the southwestern Mexican state of Oaxaca. The column was named for a legendary ritual in which it appeared. This legend, in turn, was inspired by the site’s connection with death. This is partly supported by tales told […]

UK COLUMN: ‘Fusion’ Deep State Doctrine, Russiagate Clap-Trap, NATO in Iraq & More

In terms of the authoritarian police state – Russiagate and ‘Russian threat’ is the gift that keeps on giving. Also, a bumpy road for Italy’s new reformist government, NATO sneaking into Iraq, and radical progressive think tank waging ‘war on the nostalgia’. All this and more… UK Column anchor Mike Robinson is joined by guest […]

SYRIA: Vanessa Beeley Speaks to UK Column about Eastern Ghouta

Saqba, Eastern Ghouta. After liberation the people of Saqba chose to remain and to rebuild rather than evacuate. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley) 21st Century Wire says… Vanessa Beeley speaks to Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish of UK Column after recently returning from Damascus where she spent considerable time speaking to civilians liberated from a terrorist occupation […]

UK COLUMN: US-UK War Crimes Yemen, Guardian’s Anti-Syria Propaganda, Novichok Lies, Trump’s DPRK Play and More

Another US-UK backed Saudi bombing of a wedding in Yemen, and the Guardian running Chatham House anti-Syria and anti-Russian propaganda, and as the Neocon hawks circle the White House there’s a potential for geopolitical chicanery as Trump heads to North Korea. Also Boris ‘Novichok’ Johnson clowning at the G7 Summit, UK government cracking down on […]

UK COLUMN: US-UK-France’s Nonexistent Case on Syrian WMDs and More Murdoch Fake News

Going over the Friday night’s post-mortem in Syria, and pondering the Tripartite powers’ apparent decimation of international law. It seems that the US, Britain and France have a lot to answer for now. Meanwhile, the BBC offers a platform to a Syrian terrorist moonlighting as a White Helmet-terrorist, and Rupert Murdoch continues pumping out fake […]

UK COLUMN: British Intel Now Claims Syria Involved in Skripal Case and More

The latest UK ‘intelligence’ claims that somehow Syria was involved in the supposed “Novichok” in Salisbury on March 4th. This incredible epiphany comes at the exact time when the US and UK are trying to convince the public that the Syrian government launched a “chemical attack” against its own people in Damascus. We also cover […]

UK COLUMN: Ghouta’s ‘Underground Terrorist City’, Collapse of British Skripal Novichok Narrative

UK Column News anchors Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by 21WIRE associate editor Vanessa Beeley for a stunning report from on the ground in Syria, and well as a UK Column breakdown of the UK’s Porton Down statement yesterday which has destroyed the UK government’s official ‘Novichok’ conspiracy theory. Watch: . READ MORE […]

UK COLUMN: Cambridge Analytica, Corbyn vs The Lobby, Dr. Nott and the ‘City State’ Agenda

More proof that Cambridge Analytica ‘meddled’ and ‘colluded’ in both the US and UK electoral process, and UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn continues to be attacked by UK Jewish Lobby with charges of “antisemitism” over his stance towards the State of Israel, and the famous Dr. Nott on the BBC claims the Russians are hacking […]

UK COLUMN: ‘The Skripal Affair’ with guest Dmitry Orlov

What really happened in Salisbury on the morning of March 4, 2018? With the actual forensic evidence still outstanding, will we ever know the full story? Also, a surprise image from the liberation of East Ghouta in Syria, and will Trump’s tariff war with China usher in the TTP and TTIP by fiat? All this […]

UK COLUMN: The Real Story Behind the UK Gov ‘Russian Chemical Attack’ Conspiracy Theory

British PM Theresa May claims to have identified the nerve agent ‘Novichok’ as the substance used in an alleged ‘chemical’ attack on retired double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter and Yulia in Salisbury, England. Beyond the hysteria and speculation, what is the real story? UK Column anchors Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined […]

UK COLUMN: MSM Failing to Control the Narrative, White Helmet Oscar Fail

BBC called out for their anti-Syria propaganda, Government and corporations continue to panic as they lose control of the narrative, think tank DEMOS mind-bending consensus reality engineering, White Helmets crash and burn at the Oscars, Russiagate becomes Gulf Arab-gate, and much more. UK Column anchor Mike Robinson is joined by guest host Patrick Henningsen with […]

UK COLUMN: Gun Control in America, Russia Hacks the World, Syria Ceasefire Respite for ISIS

New and creative Russian hacking stories invented by the Washington Post, America’s cyber security gravy train, the White Helmets Chemical Weapons Roadshow, the reality of the ‘mass shooting ‘ threat at America’s schools and more.  UK Column News anchor Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s news round-up. . READ MORE RUSSIAGATE NEWS AT: 21st […]

UK COLUMN: BREXIT Slipping, Assange Deconstructs Russiagate, Oxfam Corruption Crisis

BREXIT looking more unlikely, Julian Assange tears apart the latest Russian Troll indictment, UN and Oxfam corruption crisis and more. UK Column News anchor Mike Robinson and guest host Patrick Henningsen with yesterday’s news round-up. Watch: . START – Brexit: EU will crumble in Brexit talks… 03:14 – UK accounts for 40% of EU spending […]

UK COLUMN: Fake Russian Plots, Fake Syrian Chemical Attacks, Freemason Journalists in Parliament

As BREXIT negotiation continue to go in circles, more phony Russian plots are being spun, along with more dubious reports of supposed ‘chlorine attacks’ are staged by the UK govt-funded White Helmets in Syria, and the uncomfortable truth that there are Freemason Lodges for Journalists working in the UK Parliament, and ITV runs #FakeNews story […]

Ron Paul’s Weekly Column: The Last Fed Chairman?

Ron Paul’s Weekly Column: The Last Fed Chairman? By rp_admin The economy may seem to have recovered, but the recovery is not built on a firm foundation. Instead it rests on Fed-created bubbles in areas such as automobile sales, credit cards debt, student loan debt, stocks, and even a new housing bubble. The most dangerous […]

UK COLUMN: Daniel McAdams on Twitter’s Official ‘Russian Conspiracy’, Davos Elitism and More

UK Column welcomes guest special Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute, to discuss Twitter’s new official ‘Russian plot’ letter its sending to users, this week’s Davos Summit and elite talking shop, as well as Guardian WWIII fear-mongering, and much more.  UK Column co-anchor Mike Robinson is joined by guest host Patrick Henningsen […]

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