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King Roger II Of Sicily: Christian Sultan And Half Heathen King

One of the most successful, but little known kings who reigned during the Middle Ages was Roger II  (1095-1154) who controlled the island of Sicily along with Apulia and Calabria in Southern Italy. Historically Sicily had been occupied by Greek settlers and then Byzantine, followed by Muslim dominance from 827 to 1061. His father Roger […]

3 Dead, 6 Missing in Explosion in Sicily Caused by Gas Leak

Italian firefighters and rescuers search for survivors among the rubble of a collapsed building, in Ravanusa, Sicily, Italy, on Dec. 12, 2021. (Italian Firefighters Vigili del Fuoco via AP) MILAN—Firefighters in Sicily were digging through the rubble of a collapsed apartment building Sunday in the search for six missing people after an explosion apparently caused […]

Methane gas explosion in Sicily causes deadly building collapse

Three people died and several are missing after an explosion in Sicily due to a gas leak, Italian authorities said. The methane explosion resulted in the collapse of several buildings in the town of Ravanusa, Italy’s civil protection officers said. Two women were rescued alive, rescuers added, and transported to a local hospital. One of […]

Storms in Italy: red alert in Sicily and Calabria

Bad weather has begun to rage over Italy. Extreme phenomena are increasingly frequent and the victims and the severity of damage are increasing. The red alert this time, once again, to better say, has been triggered in Sicily and Calabria. Strong winds and storms have returned to rage over eastern Sicily and Calabria, after having […]

Italian authorities reimpose restrictions in Sicily as COVID-19 hospitalisations rise

Italy’s health minister said new virus measures would be rolled out in Sicily as COVID-19 hospitalisations rise in the region. Sicily will move to Italy’s “yellow zone”, health minister Roberto Speranza said, meaning people must wear a mask indoors and outdoors and should keep their distance. It places some further capacity restrictions in places where […]

Mount Etna in Sicily has roared back into spectacular volcanic action

Europe’s largest active volcano sent an eruptive cloud that reached a height of 11 kilometres (6.83 miles) above sea level. According to the Catania Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology, it also caused ash and debris to fall on some villages located on the slopes of the volcano. There was no impact on the operations of […]

‘Up to 80%’ of people in Sicily refusing AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine over safety concerns

The vast majority of people offered the Oxford/AstraZeneca anti-Covid vaccine Vaxzevria on the southern Italian island of Sicily are refusing to take it, according to the region’s president, Nello Musumeci. “In Sicily, there is an 80% refusal rate of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Every 100 people, 80 say no,” Musumeci said late Saturday night, according to […]

Sicily’s Mount Etna ejects lava & massive ash column in another stunning eruption (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Mount Etna in Sicily, Europe’s tallest volcano and one of its most active, has erupted for the second time in as many days, with a stream of molten rock and a massive ash cloud tinged red by the sun captured in remarkable footage. The volcano came alive around 4pm local time on Tuesday, according to […]

Evidence of Deceased Baby Burning Discovered in Sicily

The remains of what appears to have been a unique funeral ceremony and Greek burial have been discovered at the ancient colony of Gela in southern Sicily. Founded some time between 689 and 688 BC, the Greek colony is located on the Mediterranean Gulf of Gela. The archaeological Mecca includes a temple of Athena which […]

The Enigmatic Argimusco Plateau: A Glimpse into Sicily’s Distant Past

Sicily is well known for its rich and unique history. The largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, it hides a turbulent story and hosted some very distinctive ancient cultures. Before the age of antiquity and the rise of the Greek and Phoenician settlements on Sicily, this island was home to old megalith builder societies and […]

Sicily’s governor issues decree ordering refugee camps to be closed

The governor of Sicily has issued a decree ordering the clearing of all refugee camps. Nello Musumeci said the order affects migrants in every reception centre in Sicily, adding that the Italian federal government has shown ‘absolute indifference, silence and omission’ on the matter. Watch Giorgia Orlandi’s report in the media player above.

Sicily G7 Summit Proves Invasion Can be Controlled: No “Refugees” Allowed While They Meet

Proof that the Third World invasion of Europe is being carried out on purpose by the European Union’s own Frontex “border force” has come with the news that no vessels carrying any of the invaders will be allowed to dock anywhere in Sicily while the G7 leaders’ summit is held there from May 26–27. The […]

‘Cosa Nostra still here’: Mafia don assassinated while biking in Sicily

“When some people claim the mafia no longer exists or has been destroyed, something always happens to confirm it is still there,” said Palermo prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi in a statement to the media. “When necessary, it shoots again, in a clear and symbolic way.” Photographs circulated on Monday showed a blood-splattered white bicycle lying […]

Iran foreign minister pays tribute to chemical weapons victims

The Hague, June 23, IRNA – Iran’s foreign minister laid flowers on the symbolic tomb erected in memory of the of victims of chemical weapons on Thursday during a visit to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.  Mohammad Javad Zarif then was received by the head of the Organization for the Prohibition of […]

At least 1,000 displaced following floods in Uganda

     Many people in parts of Western and Southern Uganda faced severe flood conditions as a result of a result of heavy rainfall that began on 13 April 2016. Further heavy rainfall on 17 April has hit flood-affected areas in the west, in particular Kasese, once again. Kampala In Kampala and its suburbs, houses were […]

Waterspout filmed off the coast of Portugal

     A waterspout is essentially a tornado over water, and in this case we manage to see one form and disappear right in front of us! Watch this natural phenomena travel across the ocean off the small fisherman town of Praia da Cova do Vapor in Costa da Caparica, 15 kilometers from Lisbon. Source Article […]

Okinawa officials file lawsuit to block construction of U.S. Henoko military base

     Okinawa officials on Friday filed a lawsuit against the central Japanese government in a new bid to block the slated construction of a U.S. military base in the prefecture’s Henoko region. “We will do whatever it takes to stop the new Henoko base,” Okinawa Gov. Takeshi Onaga said during a press conference Friday. “Okinawa’s […]

Thousands Ride For Survival In Firefly Brigade

“We urge them to Integrate Non Motorized Transportation (NMT) in Effective and Sustainable Transportation (SusTran) Plans. The ToF B.I.G. Ride emphasizes that Biking is Good,” he added. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of the century, affecting vulnerable nations such as the Philippines. With impacts such as extreme weather events and rising sea levels, […]

Russell O’Phobe: The importance of effective scaremongering and keeping factual information out of your anti-Russia hit piece article

     From Russell O’Phobe to all journalists working on Russia-related stories in the media Dear Friends & Colleagues, I want to begin this missive by pointing to some of the success stories that we have seen over the past few weeks, before going on to issue what I believe is a necessary warning about some […]

‘Bizarre & absolutely stupid’: French lawmaker demoted from PACE over Crimea visit, Russia support

A parliamentary delegation of more than 10 members of the French National Assembly and the Senate paid a two day long visit to the Crimean peninsula on July 23. The group visited the cities of Yalta and Sevastopol, where the delegation met with the Crimean leader Sergey Aksyonov and chairman of Crimea’s State Council Vladimir […]

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