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Full Moon In Capricorn: Considering Our Security Needs & Challenges

We are having a Full Moon in Capricorn on July 19th-20th (depending on where you are located in the world). During Full Moons, we experience a push-pull between two opposing signs; in this case, it is the polarity between Cancer and Capricorn. This Lunar cycle started with a New Moon in Cancer just after Mars went […]

90,000 Secret CIA Files on Telepathy, Clairvoyance and MK-ULTRA Public

Tens of thousands of secret CIA files were made public after years of wrangling. These include more than 12,000 documents about the Stargate program, a research into remote viewing, which the intelligence service secretly conducted. by Heathcliff In the early seventies, the CIA supported a program to examine a form of extrasensory perception called remote […]

CDC Executive Resigns After Being Caught Scheming With Coca-Cola

We have two choices when it comes to food. We can either feed disease or we can fight it. Unfortunately, many of us are electing for the former, and our eating habits, ingrained from childhood, aren’t helping. Sugar continues to be named among the worst disease-promoting culprits, and yet from a young age, we crave (and are […]

Elie Wiesel–Oy Vey!!! Who Can Replace Him???

Jewish Tribalism on Display in JTA Article First off, let me say this is not satire. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, or JTA, solicited the views of a number of prominent Jews on the question of who, if anyone, might be able to replace the late Elie Wiesel as a unifying force among American Jews. Apparently […]

Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club: Brexit, Balkanization, and Dennis Fetcho

In the First Hour Host Frederick C. Blackburn examines Brexit and is joined by GoldenPipeWrench for analysis. The Second Hour of Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club features Mr. Dennis Fetcho for The Big Nine At Nine segment. Download Blackbird9 Trading Posts Source Article from

US Navy is developing ‘supersonic submarines’ that could cut through the ocean at the speed of sound using a bubble

The new idea is based on Soviet technology developed during the cold war. Called supercavitation, it envelopes a submerged vessel inside an air bubble to avoid problems caused by water drag. A Soviet supercavitation torpedo called Shakval was able to reach a speed of 370km/h or more – much […]

North Korea’s 5th test of intermediate-range ballistic missile ‘assumed unsuccessful’

“The North launched one missile presumed to be Musudan from areas near Wonsan at around 5:58 a.m., but it is assumed to be unsuccessful,” the Joint Chiefs of Staff said according to Yonhap. The US military also detected the launch, according to the Pacific Command’s Navy Commander Dave Benham, Reuters reports. Japan ready to shoot down […]

NYPD Shoot Mentally Ill Man 31 Times

Officers responding to a shotspotter alert in the Bronx, New York, shot Rashaun Lloyd 31 times after they claim he waved a 9mm handgun at them. According to police they had no choice and opened fire on Lloyd after he started walking towards them. Neighbors and residents had also called the police about a man […]

Two Ohio Police Officers Use “Blue Privilege” To Get Off Easy On DUI Charges

The following post (rant) was shared with the CopBlock Network by William (Kia) D.K. Jones, via the Submissions Page. William’s submission has to do with the special privileges that police often receive (also known as a “Policeman’s Discount”) regarding when they are caught committing crimes. Along with his post he states: “This rant/essay which […]

US intimidated by ‘aggressive’ Chinese sophisticated intelligence

     The most urgent intelligence threat to the United States comes from China, according to David Major, former FBI agent and current director of a security think tank. At a congressional US-China Economic and Security Review Commission hearing last week, experts claimed that Chinese spying currently poses the most significant threat to US security. According […]

No end in sight: At least 40 injured and 58 arrested in Paris anti-labor reform protests

     At least 40 people, including 29 officers, were injured as protesters against France’s highly unpopular proposed labor law clashed with police in Paris. Police made 58 arrests and deployed tear gas and water cannons against the demonstrators. Twenty-nine officers and 11 rioters have been injured during clashes in the heart of the French capital, […]

The Real Story Behind Apricot Kernels For Cancer

Dr. Ernest Krebs was a biochemist in the early 1950s whose desire to understand what makes cancer cells work led him to discover a possible key to overcoming the disease. Working on a hunch that cancer is ultimately a metabolic reaction to a poor diet, Krebs began studying the lifestyle habits of the Hunzas whose remote country […]

The Ancient Astronauts who Rebelled Against the Anunnaki: The IGIGI

The Ancient Anunnaki are said to have created the human race by genetically modifying early humans in order to use them as a labor force. But before humans were created, the Igigi were used by the ancient Anunnaki as their main labor force. by Ancient Code It is said that the Igigi — they who […]

Israeli authorities hold secret meetings with US in advance of Friday’s peace talks

Celine Hagbard (IMEMC) : As thirty nations prepare representatives to meet in Paris Friday for talks about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday that high-level Israeli officials have been meeting secretly with US agents in advance of the talks. Publicly, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has condemned the talks, saying “If the countries […]

Trump: If I Am Assassinated There Will Be Civil War

Grassroots political observers think Donald Trump is right to believe there could be an uprising leading to a civil war if the popular Republican presumptive nominee is assassinated. Trump moved ahead of Hillary Clinton in the presidential polling averages for the first time this week, while the death threats against him became louder and more […]

Arma 3 World War 2 Gameplay #ww2 #arma3 Live #174

Arma3 World War 2 Gameplay #ww2 ◅CHEAP GAMES▻ Steam Workshop Download: … source Add To The Conversation Using Facebook Comments Source Article from

Al-Nusra Front In Syria Receiving Weapons From Turkey

According to Russia’s General Staff  the terrorist group Al-Nusra Front is receiving daily arms shipments across the border from Turkey. Lt. Gen. Sergey Rudskoy told journalists on Friday that the Al-Qaeda linked group remains a major destabilizing factor in Syria. The group used the ceasefire between government forces and moderate rebels in Syria to regroup […]

Holocaust survivor and activist for justice Hedy Epstein dies at 91

The following obituary for Hedy Epstein was sent to us by Dianne Lee. Epstein was a friend and mentor to us at Mondoweiss, and she will be sorely missed.  Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein, 91, died at her home in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, on May 26, 2016. An internationally renowned, respected and admired advocate for human […]

American doctor sends brutal warning to the public: Money, marketing and legislation are fueling the opioid epidemic

(NaturalNews) Practicing physician Ronald Hirsch is fed up with all the incessant marketing and over-prescription of opioid painkillers going on in the field of medicine. He knows that big money is influencing the incessant marketing of opioids. Hospital staff members are often trained to try and please patients by offering them pain relief […]

Apocalyptic Drone Footage Shows Giant Cracks In The Earth On Japan’s Southern Island

The drone footage that you are about to see is absolutely jaw-dropping.  When I first watched it, I could hardly believe the extent of the devastation that has taken place on Japan’s southern island.  Near the end of last week, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake was quickly followed by a magnitude 7.3 earthquake just 28 hours […]

More Than One Vaccine Per Year Is Priming Children For Depression

Dave Mihalovic, Prevent DiseaseWaking Times Children currently receive 49 doses of 14 vaccines before the age of six. Experts now claim more than one vaccine within a one-year period may be programming children for depression by creating over overactive immune systems. Carmine Pariante and his team at King’s College London recently […]

World’s Highest Paid CEO Makes His Killing from Cancer Patients

Alex Pietrowski, StaffWaking Times Natural and affordable cancer remedies seem to be continually ignored by the mainstream cancer industry as alternatives to chemo, radiation and designer drugs, because of one simple fact: cancer and cancer research is a huge industry. According to Bloomberg’s rankings, the highest paid chief corporate officer is Patrick […]

Vladimir Putin: NWO Makes Me Laugh

Human beings did not invent practical reason; it was there long before we even existed. The major difference between us and NWO agents is that we have submitted our appetite to practical reason, but they have submitted practical reason to their appetite. by Jonas E. Alexis You certainly cannot make this stuff up. NATO allies […]

Anonymous Declares War On Big Pharma

Anonymous have declared war on Big Pharma, the CDC, FDA and Monsanto over the poisoning of our children #Op_Pharma is focused on exposing and spreading awareness on the lies and corruption of the Medical establishment, Big Pharma Corporations and their cronies. HealthyFoodPro reports: An “Anonymous” YouTube user named “TheAnonMessage” has just announced #Op_Pharma, a coordinated […]

On one breath: Risks & thrills of freediving featured in new RT documentary

The pressure increases with every meter. Lungs are subjected to as much as 10 times more compression, and the heartbeat slows to a crawl. For some pro athletes, their bodies change forever, even on land. There is no place for adrenaline in freediving. The pacing must be immaculate, or the diver risks serious injury, even […]

Manus Island Closure Crisis

The invader center set up by the Australian government at Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG), is to be closed after that country’s Supreme Court ruled it to be illegal. The center’s closure will now cause a political standoff between Australia and PNG, because it was set up as part of a successful strategy […]

Iran, Japan stress bilateral N. cooperation

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran and Japan stressed Improving nuclear cooperation. Japanese new ambassador to Iran and Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi discussed expanding bilateral ties in issues of mutual interests. They also continued cooperation in various nuclear fields, especially nuclear safety. By ISNA   Source Article from

Anti-Muslim sentiment skyrockets: DOJ launches campaign in response

     Concerned with increased anti-Muslim threats and backlash in the wake of terror attacks in Europe and San Bernardino, California, numerous attorneys from the US Justice Department are launching a campaign to combat discrimination. US attorneys from 11 states will meet with local officials, community leaders, and law enforcement between April 12 and May 6 […]

Floods in Malawi leave at least 12 dead and force thousands to evacuate

     Heavy rains which have persisted in the Northern and Central regions of Malawi for several days have led to fatal floods in some low-lying areas. At least ten people are feared dead and hundreds of families displaced. A number of buildings and homes were also reported to have collapsed due to the floods. Many […]

Here’s How Weighted Blankets Are Helping People With Anxiety

Stress, anxiety, and insomnia affect millions of people worldwide, and to alleviate the symptoms, there are a variety of routes one can take, including the ever-popular pharmaceutical pills. But as our world continues to break through the madness of synthetic options and expose each other to holistic options derived from both ancient teachings as well as present-day […]

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