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‘Art Can Affect People’: Greek Artist’s Miniature Worlds Inspire Beauty and Kindness

With the harmonious combination of tiny pieces and materials, a Greek artist has been creating aesthetically pleasing miniature worlds enclosed in small boxes, frames, and watch cases. From an early age, Gregory Grozos had a natural inclination for the arts, as his father was a graphic designer who also liked to paint in his free […]

The Most Hated Artist You Probably Recognize

Why do so many art critics hate an artist who produced nostalgic pieces that are beloved by so many regular people? Note: When the narrator says he was born in 1985, he meant 1958. [embedded content] Share now! Source 00


Mural in Los Angeles by Shamsia Hassani. Shamsia holds a BA degree in Painting and a master’s degree in Visual Arts from Kabul University in Afghanistan. By Shamsia John Pilger:  ‘Saira Noorani, a female surgeon recalled: “it all started to go wrong when the mujahedin started winning … these were the people the West supported.” […]

Iranian artist says teahouse paintings appeal to foreign tourists  

Iranian artist says teahouse paintings appeal to foreign tourists   – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Iranian artist Narges Eshqi has said that foreign tourists find Iranian teahouse paintings more appealing than do her compatriots. As one of the few Iranian artists who have adopted this style, she showcased her latest paintings at Tehran’s Phi Café in […]

Paintings by Austrian Artist Eduard Büchler

Eduard Büchler was an Austrian painter who was born in 1861. I really do not know much more about him than that. He apparently liked painting reclining nudes, landscapes, and reclining nudes in landscapes. Oh, and there is a nice one of Rome burning too. There are some more images of his paintings that you […]

France’s Arc de Triomphe to be covered in fabric for Bulgarian artist tribute

France’s Arc de Triomphe will be temporarily wrapped in 25,000 square metres of recyclable bluish-silver fabric and 3,000 metres of red rope in tribute to Bulgarian artist Christo. The artist had been working on the project for decades, dreaming to create ‘The Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped’. The Bulgarian artist’s family say it’s a fitting tribute […]

Landscapes by Lost German Artist Karl Plock

Karl Plock is a lost German artist, with very few of his paintings being available online and scant information about him available. Karl Plock, about whom only very little information exists, was the son of the Sinsheim-born cashier Karl Ludwig Plock. From 1880-1888 he studied at the Grand Ducal Baden Academy of Fine Arts with […]

Shen Yun Is ‘The Ultimate Goodness,’ Says Visual Artist

GREELEY, Colo.—Michael Gray, a visual artist, found Shen Yun Performing Arts resonating with his world view of beauty and values at an evening performance in Greeley, Colorado on Aug. 1. “Growing has to come from inside,” he said. Shen Yun, based in New York, showcases China’s 5,000 years of traditional culture through the medium of […]

Artist Uses Wet Plate Photography to Portray Native American Indians–and the Photos Are Stunning

Stumbling across an archaic photography technique known as “wet plate,” artist Shane Balkowitsch began a 20-year project to portray the Northern Plains Native Americans in the modern day. The nostalgic process would allow the North Dakotan photographer to display their spirit, pride, and enduring culture in a manner like no other technique. Balkowitsch’s series of […]

New York exhibition celebrates Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama

One year after it was originally scheduled, the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx is opening the exhibition “KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature” on Saturday, showcasing the work of 92-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. “There really hasn’t been a show like this that has incorporated interior and exterior works, and a really broad view of her […]

‘Grim reaper’ artist in Berlin protests Brazil virus stance

A Brazilian activist dressed as the grim reaper is taking to the dark streets of Berlin every night in a one-man protest against what he calls the “deadly health policies” pushed by his homeland’s president in the coronavirus pandemic. Multimedia artist Rafael Puetter, who has been in Berlin for five years and originally comes from […]

Hungarian Artist Creates Clockwork Spiders From Pocket Watch Parts for ‘Metal Menagerie’

An artist has created a menagerie of mechanical creatures which are both incredibly curious and creepy at the same time. The amazing handiwork of Peter Szucsy, 46, from Budapest, includes his mechanical spider crafted from the gears and guts of a pocket watch. The Hungarian artist’s “King” series is a curious amalgamation of spiders, insects, and […]

Artist Reconstructs Faces of Slavic Warriors Who Survived Nazi Attack

A 1,000-year-old skeleton was unearthed in the bowels of Prague Castle in 1925 and the man identity was corrupted by Nazi scientists in 1935. Now, after a DNA study, a 3D artist has reconstructed the faces of two Slavic warriors, “the sons of Ludmila of Bohemia,” a famous 10th century Christian martyr. After World War […]

Shalva band sings ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’ with Emirati artist

A famous Israeli band made up of musicians with disabilities has led the latest collaboration between Israeli and Emirati artists celebrating the nations’ normalization deal, signed last year. The 31st anniversary of The Israel Association for Care and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, better known as Shalva, was the focus of the recently-held annual gala […]

This female Jewish comic book artist was overlooked – no more

Like the comic superheroes they invented, the Jewish creators of the characters often had secret identities – at least different names. Superman creators Joe Shuster and Jerome Siegel used the pseudonyms Joe Carter and Jerry Ess. Bob Kane, born Robert Kahn, created Batman. Jack Kirby, the pen name of Jacob Kurtzenberg, concocted Captain America. Although […]

Australian Artist William Charles Piguenit

One of the earliest professional painters born in Australia, William Charles Piguenit was mainly self-taught, drawing his inspiration from European romanticism with an emphasis on motifs of heavy grandeur. Known for his Tasmanian landscapes, Piguenit’s paintings portray nature in terms of its infinite mystery combined with a topographical essence of its features, and are related […]

‘Rapper’ Azealia Banks Engaged To Jewish ‘Artist’ Who Created Iconic ‘White People Suck’ Stickers

Freemasons and Mormons:“Prince Hall (c.?1735/8—1807)[1] was an abolitionist and leader in the free black community in Boston. He founded Prince Hall Freemasonry and lobbied for education rights for African American children. He was also active in the back-to-Africa movement. Hall tried to gain New York’s enslaved and free blacks a place in Freemasonry, education, and […]

Openly ‘Gay’ Recording Artist Reaches No. 1 ‘Christian’ Spot on iTunes

(RNS) — For the second straight day, an openly queer [ ] artist has the top Christian album on iTunes. “Preacher’s Kid” by Semler, the artist name of Grace Baldridge, hit No. 1 on Tuesday (Feb. 9) in Apple’s iTunes store, dethroning “Look Up, Child” by Lauren Daigle, which was released in 2018. “It’s unbelievable. […]

Iranian artist unveils new stringed instrument

TEHRAN – Iranian artist Mohammadreza Ildar-Jaleh unveiled his innovative musical instrument named “moraj” on Sunday. The unveiling ceremony was organized during the closing ceremony of the 12th Woodwork Exhibition at Tehran’s Niavaran Culture Center. The instrument takes its name from the first letters of the artist’s full name who is an expert in making the […]

Grammy-nominated Scottish artist, Sophie, dies after fall from Athens balcony

Sophie, the Grammy-nominated Scottish DJ, producer and recording artist who had worked with the likes of Madonna and Charli XCX, has died following an accident in the Greek capital, Athens. She was 34. In a statement, UK label Transgressive said the musician, whose full name was Sophie Xeon, died in the early hours of Saturday […]

Kosovo artist creates Joe Biden portrait using grains and seeds

An artist in Kosovo created a portrait of US President-elect Joe Biden with grain and seeds ahead of this week’s inauguration. Alkent Pozhegu used 120 kilograms of grains, corn, beans, sunflower seeds and rice for the piece. “I hope, with time, that I will make something much bigger because [Biden] really deserves it. He has […]

At the northern tip of Maine, this artist fostered a Jewish community

In this speck of a city lives an artist who starts his mornings swathed in a tallit and tefillin, spends most of his days making biblically inspired works of art and whiles away the evenings picking out Schubert sonatas on the piano. Raphael Gribetz has lived in Presque Isle since 1985, when he and his […]

Meet Issachar Zacharie: A Jewish Con Artist Who Treated Lincoln’s Bunions And Tried To Swindle Congress Out Of A Million Dollars

It would seem that the life of Issachar Zacharie — a 19th century Jewish flim-flam man — snake oil salesman, freelance circumcizer, self-trained podiatrist to the elite, plagiarist, spy, and extortionist — is worthy of a new ‘scholarly’ biography, praising his ‘rags-to-riches’ exploits — always one step ahead of the law — despite, of course, […]

Street Artist Sabo Demands Recall of ‘Dirtbag’ Gavin Newsom as Latest Stay-at-Home Orders Begin

As most of California goes back under stay-at-home orders, the street artist Sabo is urging the recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom, calling the Democrat politician a “dirtbag” and a “crappy individual” for taking away people’s rights. In a video message obtained by Breitbart News, Sabo lashes out at Newsom and argues that lockdowns are all […]

Artist raises awareness of endangered species with colourful murals

On the wall of a residential street in Charlton, south London, Louis Masai puts the finishing touches to a striking large-scale mural of an orangutan. The British artist, known for his signature patchwork style, travels around the United Kingdom to paint colourful murals of animal species in decline or on the brink of extinction, to […]

How an Israeli artist ended up inside a deep pit in Berlin

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Chinese artist Ai Weiwei holds protest against Assange extradition

Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei staged a silent protest on Monday against the possible extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange It happened outside the Assange’s trial at the Old Bailey in London. Assange is fighting an attempt by American prosecutors to extradite him to the US to stand trial on spying charges. US prosecutors […]

Russian artist fills Moscow museum with colourful latex sculptures

Big, bright… and made out of latex. These sculptures and dresses were created by Russian artist Sasha Frolova. Her works include sculptures, music performances, and latex dress designs. “I think that the main job of an artist is to create a parallel reality,” says Frolova. “The parallel reality made from the artist’s creativity and filled […]

Israeli artist arrested on suspicion that outfit was offensive portrayal of Sara Netanyahu, police source says

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Jewish singer Doja Cat wins MTV best new artist award

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