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Spotify Wrapped Is Coming—Here’s How to Prepare If You’re an Artist

Y’all excited for Christmas? Thanksgiving? What about Hanukkah? Here at VICE, there’s just one holiday we look forward to each year: whenever Spotify Wrapped finally comes out. Indeed, the only thing worth giving thanks for in this house is our own amazing taste in music, and the greatest gift of all is having our own […]

Rothschild’s Favorite Artist Promotes Killing Whites-Cleon Peterson…The World is a Sadistic Place With the Elite Butt Lickers in Control

  The Rothschilds Commissioned mural in France literally depicting the Ethnic Cleansing of White People. Source

Zelensky Asks Satanic Blood Artist-Marina Abramovic to Be Ambassador For Schools

Homoerotic Dancer turned Ukraine PM is Zelensky in video above. What’s Going On – Waking Up To The Truth! Comment:  She will be socially engineering the next generation into Satanism.   Subscribe Sign in Zelensky Calls On Spirit Cooking Satanist To Be An Ambassador For Schools Saturday, September 23, 2023. WENDELL L. MALONE SEP 23, […]

Report: Zelensky Asks ‘Spirit Cooking’ Occult Artist Marina Abramovic to Be Ambassador for Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has asked occult “Spirit Cooking” artist Marina Abramović to serve as an ambassador, according to The Telegraph. Source

Choreographing Palestine Resistance: Palestinian Artist Ahlam Shibli’s powerful message at São Paulo Biennale

The Bienal de São Paulo has set bold ambitions for “Choreographies of the Impossible,” the theme of this year’s exhibition exploring how visual artists employ diverse creative practices to scrutinise the seemingly overwhelming contemporary issues, including the elimination of violence, inequalities and the pursuit of complete freedom. The biggest artistic event in the southern hemisphere, […]

Vandals In Naples Destroy Seminal Artwork By 90-Year-Old Italian Artist

MILAN (AP) — Vandals set fire and destroyed a seminal artwork by one of Italy’s most famous living artists early Wednesday outside Naples’ City Hall. By the time flames were doused, all that was left of the installation by Michelangelo Pistoletto was a charred frame. Pistoletto’s artwork, titled “Venus of the Rags” had been display […]

Know the Artist: Dante Gabriel Rossetti

In 1848, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood made a pact to revitalize Victorian English art. At the nucleus of the group was Dante Gabriel Rossetti (b. London, 1828-1882), whose intensely passionate nature made a mess in life, but magic on the canvas. Source

Gaza artist uses sculptures to highlight people’s problems

Palestinian artist Assaf Al-Kharti believes his art can be used to highlight societal problems in the Gaza Strip. Using scrap metal to make sculptures, the 28-year-old says he is inspired by what is happening in the community. "When I'm working on an art piece I see what issues society or Gaza are facing and I […]

Greek Australian artist Anthony Tartaglia creates artwork to help ‘bring home’ Parthenon Sculptures

Greek Australian artist Anthony Tartaglia has created a highly emotive artwork entitled ALONE in response to the global calls for the reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures, after he was approached by the Australian Parthenon Association (APA) in late 2022. “I was overwhelmed when members of the APA saw in my work exactly what I was… […]

Artist Ruholamin pays tribute to firefighter killed in Bahar Street blaze

TEHRAN – Artist Hassan Ruholamin has paid tribute to an elite firefighter that was killed while battling a fire in Tehran’s Bahar Street by portraying him on canvas in his latest painting named “Qoqnus”. Source

Paintings by Norwegian Artist Knud Baade

Knud Baade (28 March 1808 – 24 November 1879) was a Norwegian painter, mostly of portraits and landscapes. He was particularly known for his moonlight paintings which are characterized by strong and dramatic contrasts between light and shadow. (read the bio) Share now! Source

Palestine artist ‘corrects’ Charlie Hebdo cartoon on Turkiye’s quake crisis

Palestinian artist, Abrar Sabbah, who received appreciation for her drawing against the provocative cartoon of the French Charlie Hebdo magazine mocking the earthquake disaster in Turkiye, stated she wanted to convey a message of support for Turkiye. French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, has sparked outrage with a cartoon it published mocking Turkiye after two deadly earthquakes […]

Artist, Taima Salama, devoted herself to helping the blind in Gaza

Taima says, I used my background in fine arts and my ability to do this type of work in order to provide good content to blind students in their school affiliated with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees (UNRWA) in Gaza. Taima told MEMO that modelling the pictures in the stories allows […]

The Breville Barista Touch (Almost) Turned Me Into a Latte Artist

I don’t get along with caffeine. I’ll never forget the time I had a glass of RC Cola as a kid (that was my first mistake, who even drinks that???), and had no idea why I was so ill with unexplainable physical symptoms for the rest of the day. This relationship with caffeine followed me […]

Cowboy Artist Welds Rusted Tractors, Scrap Metal Into Unreal Western Animals, Garners Worldwide Fame

A sculptor from South Dakota is immortalizing the cultural heritage of the land he loves by turning rusted scrap metal and old farming equipment into breathtaking, life-sized works of art. John Lopez, 51, lives on a 14-acre hobby ranch in Lemmon, South Dakota, the town where he was born and raised. Besides his two (breathing) […]

Artist creates 40-meter-high mural of football icon Diego Maradona

An artist from Argentina is in the process of painting a 40-meter-high mural of football legend Diego Maradona near Buenos Aires.  Maximiliano Bagnasco was commissioned to create the mural in honour of the late footballing icon. The piece is planned to be finished by 30 October — in time for what would have been Maradona’s 62nd […]

Hollywood Makeup Artist Dead 9 Days After Monkeypox Vaccine

by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact NewsThere have been no recorded deaths so far from those diagnosed with monkeypox, but we now have our first report of someone who died shortly following a monkeypox vaccine.Michael Mosher, a Hollywood makeup artist, has died 9 days after receiving a monkeypox vaccine, according to social media posts.He was reportedly […]

Colombian artist recreates Garcia Marquez’s face with recycled glass bottles

Colombian artist Eduardo Butron collects glass bottles taken from the rubbish to recreate the face of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

VIDEO: Transgender Artist Challenges Caitlyn Jenner to Boxing Match

Brayd Bunch, a transgender artist set to compete at the Fake Drake celebrity boxing event, is challenging Caitlyn Jenner to step into the ring so he can “shut her up.”

California Artist Rebuilds Anti-Xi Jinping Statue Destroyed by Chinese Spies

In July, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) indicted two agents of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for working with a ring of Chinese spies whose mission was to intimidate and silence critics of the Chinese Communist regime living abroad. One of their victims was an artist named Chen Weiming, whose sculpture blaming China […]

Soviet artist smuggles heretic into Vatican with help of ‘Pope’

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN—Coptic Orthodox Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria Egypt prays together with Pope Francis at the Redemptoris Mater Chapel on May 10, 2013 in Vatican City, Vatican. The Joint Declaration that was signed then by those two Popes represented “a milestone on the ecumenical journey” and helped institute a joint commission of theological dialogue […]

Heroic Man Attacks BBC’s Pedo Sculpture, Created by Artist Who Raped His Daughters and the Family Dog

In case you did not know, there is a giant sculpture of a man with a naked boy at the BBC’s Broadcasting House in central London. It’s right above what looks to be a main entrance, facing the street for all the world to see. This really should not be too surprising, considering how the […]

Man Arrested After Attacking BBC Statue By Pedophile Artist

A man was arrested yesterday on suspicion of criminal damage after he took a hammer to an Eric Gill statue that adorns the facade of the BBC headquarters in central London. The Metropolitan Police were called at around 4.15pm to Broadcasting House in Portland Street, Westminster, where a man had used a ladder to reach […]

German Artist Christian Wilberg Painted the Architecture and Landscape of Italy

Christian Wilberg was a German painter. Wilberg was born in 1839 in Havelberg in the Margraviate of Brandenburg where he lived until 1861. He was originally a house painter before moving to Berlin where he studied painting at Eduard Pape’s atelier. After 18 months, Pape suggested to Wilberg that he should study further with Paul […]

Rap Down Under: Going All Out with NZ Hip-Hop Artist, Stanley Pedigree

To ‘make people smile’ … this Christmas season… a new video release by hip-hop artist Stanley Pedigree. Says Pedigree … “I like to think of myself as a conscientious rapper…I want my lyrics to mean something, to speak about real life.” From By Derrick Sims “Stanley Pedigree has been part of the New Zealand […]

Artist Josephine Baker honoured at France’s Pantheon

The voice of Josephine Baker resonated on Tuesday through streets of Paris’ famed Left Bank as recordings from her extraordinary career kicked off an elaborate ceremony at the domed Pantheon monument, where she was symbolically inducted – becoming the first Black woman to receive France’s highest honor. French President Emmanuel Macron made the decision in […]

‘I am Libya’: 24-year-old artist Shefa Salem re-imagines Libyan history

What does it mean to be Libyan? How to reconstruct a sense of belonging for the country and its people, starting from the deepest roots of Libyan culture, while preserving diversity? These are the questions that artist, Shefa Salem, is grappling with for her first solo show I am Libya, which took place a few […]

Artist Recreates Tattoos of Ötzi the Iceman in Her Own Blood

In an unusual performance, even by today’s standards of contemporary, process-driven art, artist Nicole Wilson has been replicating on her own body and in her own blood the tattoos discovered on the famous Copper Age mummy Ötzi the Iceman. Ötzi was found in the Ötztal Alps on the Italian-Austrian border. He had died aged 45 […]

The Artist in Contemporary India: Reflections

[embedded content] I watched Vir Das’ performance with a sense of awe. His words were pure poetry, poignant and powerful. He had chosen each word carefully, with precision and perfection in every word, the essence of those words deeply disturbing yet patriotic. The video was equally communicative, and the loud applause followed by an eery […]

Katy Perry’s Creative Artist Agency Plagued With Sexual Harrassment Claims As Is Lukasz Gottwald Producer/Songwriter

by Admin · November 12, 2021 CAA agent accused of offering sex in exchange for ……Dec 09, 2017 · As more talent agencies find themselves drawn into the wave of Hollywood sex scandals, a prominent agent at Creative Artists Agency is facing … Is Accessible For Free: False Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins Chris D’Elia Dropped by CAA Amid Sexual Misconduct ……Jun 23, 2020 · Chris D’Elia […]

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