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Norwegian Author Jon Fosse Wins Nobel Prize In Literature

Norwegian author Jon Fosse won the prize for “his innovative plays and prose, which give voice to the unsayable.” Source

Eight-Year-Old Norwegian Girl Finds 3,700-Year-Old Stone Dagger at School

An eight-year-old girl from Vestland county in southwestern Norway was playing outside at her school when she found something unusual lying in a rocky section of the play yard. It was not a toy or ball lost by another student Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Norwegian Basement Yields Norse Iron Treasures, Museologists Ecstatic!

A Norwegian man made a unique discovery back in the 80s while he was digging out a water well. Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Paintings by Norwegian Artist Knud Baade

Knud Baade (28 March 1808 – 24 November 1879) was a Norwegian painter, mostly of portraits and landscapes. He was particularly known for his moonlight paintings which are characterized by strong and dramatic contrasts between light and shadow. (read the bio) Share now! Source

‘Not All Cruise Operators Are Created Equal’: Norwegian Cruise Line Gears Up For Record 2023

Zinger Key Points Norwegian Cruise Lines has new ships coming and a plan to grow with a continued shift to premium itineraries. The cruise line company has the youngest fleet of the major North American brands and will get three new ships in 2023. Cruise line operator Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd saw its stock […]

PhD student Eliza Syropoulou from Greece wins prestigious Norwegian Aquaculture Scholarship

Eliza Syropoulou from Greece has been awarded the Norwegian Kvarøy Arctic 2022 Women in Aquaculture Scholarship announced Kvaroy Arctic. Syropoulou is a PhD student at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, focusing her studies on fish welfare and nutrition specifically as it relates to Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (R.A.S.) and microbiology, ultimately optimizing water treatment methods in […]

‘Lost’ Viking Village Artifacts Emerge From Norwegian Basement Archive

It isn’t rare for a once prosperous medieval town to be abandoned and slowly get side-lined in the annals of history. Nothing exemplifies this statement better than the lost Viking village of Borgund Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Game Pieces Of The Medieval Norwegian Dope Addicts

Game pieces from the gaming and gambling history of Norway have been discovered in medieval Oslo. So bad did gambling addiction become that the king had to change national gaming laws. An excavation in Oslo’s Medieval Park has unearthed a solid wooden gaming-piece, a wooden gaming-board, a chess piece , and three soapstone game pieces. While […]

Norwegian COVID Experts: Omicron Could Provide ‘Best Scenario’ of ‘Natural Immunity’

COVID experts in Norway say that Omicron variant being highly transmissible but “milder” could prove to be the “best scenario” because it would boost “natural immunity” and bring the end of the pandemic closer. by Paul Joseph Watson The country’s state epidemiologist Frode Forland was responding to news of the biggest Omicron outbreak outside of […]

Norwegian COVID Experts Says Omicron Could Provide “Best Scenario” of “Natural Immunity”

COVID experts in Norway say that Omicron variant being highly transmissible but “milder” could prove to be the “best scenario” because it would boost “natural immunity” and bring the end of the pandemic closer. The country’s state epidemiologist Frode Forland was responding to news of the biggest Omicron outbreak outside of South Africa, which occurred […]

Norwegian Romantic Painter Thomas Fearnley

Thomas Fearnley (27 December 1802 – 16 January 1842) was a Norwegian romantic painter, a pupil of Johan Christian Dahl and a leading representative of Norwegian romantic nationalism in painting. His son Thomas Fearnley (1841–1927) founded the Fearnley dynasty of shipping magnates. (Wikipedia) Share now! Source

Norwegian Fertilizer Giant Warns of Global Famine Due to High Gas Prices in Europe

    Sky-high gas prices in Europe could threaten food security throughout the world, the Norwegian fertiliser producer Yara has warned, emphasising that European nitrogen production is important for worldwide agriculture. In the company’s third-quarter report, Yara President Svein Tore Holsether warned that crop yields could fall as farmers may be forced to cut fertiliser […]

Norwegian parties agree to form a centre-left minority government

Norway’s Labour Partry says it has agreed to form a new minority government with the rural Centre party. Talks between the two parties had been ongoing for four weeks following last month’s election. But Jonas Gahr Støre — Labour party leader and likely Norway’s next prime minister — announced on Friday that an agreement had […]

Norwegian Breaks His Own World Record at 400m Hurdles to Win Gold

This may very well be the first and last time I report on the summer Olympics. I wonder if anyone breaks down the amount of medals by race, instead of country. link Share now! Source

Pink Offers to Pay Fine for Norwegian Handball Team Bikini Bottom Violation

Pop singer Pink offered to pay the fines for the Norwegian female beach handball team after they wore shorts in defiance of a league rule requiring the ladies to wear bikinis during games. Pink said, “The European handball federation SHOULD BE FINED FOR SEXISM,” in reference to the Norwegian men’s team, which is allowed to […]

Norwegian Cruise Lines suing Florida after vaccine passport ban

Norwegian Cruises is reportedly suing Florida for banning Covid certificates, or “vaccine passports”, in what it has called “an impossible dilemma” if cruises are to return. The company, in a complaint filed in the US district court of Miami, is asking for Florida’s ban on Covid certifications to be invalidated before vessels start sailing next […]

400-Year-Old Beeswax Candle Box Found in Melting Norwegian Ice

The standard bookish definition for global warming encompasses the melting of polar ice caps and a general rise in temperatures across the globe. At this very moment, sheets of ice are melting in regions which were once abundantly covered with snow. The Lendbreen ice patch located in Oppland County, Norway recently melted further, leading to […]

Norwegian health experts recommend stopping further use of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine

The Institute of Public Health in Norway has recommended that the government stop using the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine after a lengthy review of the jab. Oslo suspended its use on March 11. In a press release on Thursday, the agency said that after considering, in collaboration with external experts, the continued use of the heavily-scrutinized […]

Norwegian Broadcaster Includes Antisemitic Blood Libel About Matzah in Easter, Passover Quiz

A screenshot of the NRK quiz. Photo: Screenshot. The Norwegian government-owned broadcasting company NRK featured an antisemitic blood libel in a quiz about Easter and Passover published on its website on Thursday.  The eighth question in the quiz, entitled “a very special bread,” shows a picture of young boy holding pieces of matzah. Readers are […]

“Nothing but the vaccine can explain why they had blood clots” .. Norwegian physician and professor of medicine, Oslo Hospital

by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News A Norwegian physician and professor of medicine at Oslo University Hospital,  Pål Andre Holme, held a press conference earlier today to announce the results of their investigation into three healthcare workers under the age of 50 in Norway who developed blood clots following the AstraZeneca experimental vaccine, resulting in […]

Norwegian media says some people “have to die” from coronavirus vaccines as a sacrifice to humanity

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Norwegian experts say deadly blood clots were caused by the AstraZeneca covid vaccine

“Our theory that this is a powerful immune response most likely triggered by the vaccine, has been confirmed”, says professor and chief physician Pål Andre Holme. Three Norwegian health workers under the age of 50 have been hospitalized. One is dead. “The reason for the condition of our patients has been found”, chief physician and […]

Chief Norwegian Investigator Confirms AstraZeneca Vaccine Caused Rare Blood Clots Due to Unexpected Immune Reaction

In a huge development the Chief Norwegian Investigator and Physician Pal Andre Holme who examined the three hospitalized health workers has confirmed that it was indeed the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine which caused the rare blood clots due to unexpected immune reaction. Earlier, one of the three health workers who were admitted to Norway’s Rikshospitalet died. […]

‘Nothing else explains it’: Norwegian scientists say AstraZeneca DID cause blood clots, as British & Dutch experts dismiss theory

Norwegian scientists have linked the AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots – a condition seen in some people that led countries around the world to halt its use. But British and Dutch medics say there’s no evidence for such a link. “The cause of our patients’ condition has now been found,” Pal Andre Holme, the head […]

Iranian, Norwegian top diplomats hold phone talks

TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif spoke by phone with his Norwegian counterpart Ine Eriksen Spreide. The two foreign ministers discussed a variety of issues including the situation around a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and major world powers, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). “Good discussion with FM […]

Record Number of Complaints Flood in Over Norwegian Radio Host’s Antisemitic Tirade Against COVID-19 Vaccine in Israel

A truck belonging to Norway’s state-owned NRK broadcaster in seen in the capital Oslo. Photo: Reuters/Stoyan Nenov. Norway’s Broadcasting Council has received a record number of complaints in the wake of a radio program host’s antisemitic tirade on Tuesday morning on the state-owned NRK network. “So far we have received 310 complaints, they have been […]

13 deaths linked to Pfizer vaccine jabs – ‘We see nothing alarming,’ says Norwegian drugs regulator

We were warned not to be surprized at the elderly dying … and here they are proving that with this normalizing of deaths from the vaccine. (We were told the elderly were a priority for care?) EWR______________________________________________________________________ At least 13 people have died in Norway due to side effects of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, the […]

Dog found alive in Norwegian landslide rubble

A dog has been found alive in the rubble of a deadly landslide in Norway which struck last week. The landslide in the Norwegian village of Ask on 30 December swept away several homes and search teams continue to search for survivors. Seven people are known to have died so far and three others remain […]

Norwegian Wiggress Acts Like a Monkey

Imitating black monkey behavior is all the rage in Norway these days. SUPPORT MP

Rapidly Melting Norwegian Ice Exposes Land Littered with Ancient Arrows

Dozens of ancient arrows dating from the Neolithic to the Viking Era have melted out of the Langfonne ice sheet in Norway. In 2014 and 2016, reindeer bones and antlers, stone and river shell arrowheads, and iron points were exposed from Norway’s 60-acre Langfonne ice patch. Now, a collection of 68 ancient arrows, with some dating […]

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