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Gaslight (1940) – Film, Literature and the New World Order

Watch on Archive / BitChute / Odysee / Rokfin / Rumble / YouTube BUY THE 2013 USB ARCHIVE: FROM 2013: In this edition of Film, Literature and the New World Order we welcome Thomas Sheridan, author of The Anvil of the Psyche, to discuss Gaslight, the 1940 British psychological thriller that introduced us to the concept of ‘gaslighting.’ In the discussion we point out how common […]

Norwegian Author Jon Fosse Wins Nobel Prize In Literature

Norwegian author Jon Fosse won the prize for “his innovative plays and prose, which give voice to the unsayable.” Source

RFK Jr & Bio Agents in Ukraine and Georgia Grey Literature vs. Actual Grey Zone Bio Weapons?

RFK Jr. & Bio Agents in Ukraine and Georgia: Grey Literature vs. Actual Grey Zone Bio Weapons? Those who have the sheer audacity, civilian, military whistleblower or journalists, “those  who are fool-hardy enough to expose the truth about US-funded biolabs” out of control science are usually labeled as conspiracy theorists and pay the price, sooner […]

How Young Adult Literature Became the Playground, and Battleground, for Adults

On a warm spring day roughly ten years ago, back when we still did such things, I caught a city bus to my office in downtown Minneapolis. It was a pleasant early morning ride, windows open, the people unusually quiet. I looked around and realized nearly everyone on the bus was reading a book. I […]

‘Palestine Writes’ returns to celebrate Palestinian literature and culture

The Palestine Writes Literature Festival returns in September to celebrate Palestinian literature and culture and end the silencing of Palestinian cultural workers. Source

Video: UK Queen Slams Censorship Of Literature As ‘Imposing Limits On Imagination’

Camilla, the Queen consort of the United Kingdom, and wife of King Charles, has surprised some by urging authors and writers to resist censorship, amid an enhanced effort to edit and rewrite classic works of literature to remove anything deemed ‘offensive’. Speaking at Clarence House in London last week, Camilla said “thank you, on behalf […]

Ricky Gervais Comments On Woke Purge Of Literature By The “Fragile” And “Easily Offended”

Comedian Ricky Gervais offered his two cents on recent reports that classic literature is being completely rewritten for a modern day woke audience, by wondering if his own work would be changed after he is dead. Tongue firmly in cheek and poking fun at himself, Gervais tweeted he is pondering whether the “fragile” and “easily […]

Searching For True Monarchy In Greek Literature

Since the beginning of time monarchs and monarchy have attracted a great deal of attention in the media.  Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later  Source

The Fate of Russian Literature in the Arab World

Russia recently took part in the Sharjah International Book Fair, the largest one in UAE. The exposition featured books published in the Russian Federation, which included Arabic. Russian representatives held talks with the Emiratis to launch a major joint project, translating and publishing a series of Russian classical and modern literature into Arabic. There was […]

Resistance literature and ‘pedagogy of the oppressed’ in colonized Palestine

This semester, I am teaching two novels and a few short stories written by brilliant, critical “Orientals,” and Africans following Edward Said’s advice to make use of his work on orientalism so we might then produce new studies of our own that would “illuminate the historical experience of Arabs and others,” including Muslims, in “a […]

Empty gestures or substantive change? On the Nobel Prize in Literature and its discontents

The fact that Tanzanian novelist Abdulrazak Gurnah won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Literature is welcome news, especially as the Swedish Academy is historically known for lacking in diversity, as if intellectual creativity is largely confined to Western intellectual circles. It is premature to suggest that the Academy has finally decided to break away from its ethnocentric […]

Nobel Panel Awards 2021 Prize For Literature To Novelist Abdulrazak Gurnah

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Tanzanian writer Abdulrazak Gurnah was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature on Thursday for works that explore the legacies of imperialism on uprooted individuals. The Swedish Academy said the award was in recognition of his “uncompromising and compassionate penetration of the effects of colonialism and the fate of the refugee in the […]

Royal Society of Literature ignores Anne Applebaum’s support for violence against Palestinian journalists

The Royal Society of Literature (RSL) recently presented the award-winning historian and journalist, Anne Applebaum, with a fellowship.  This prestigious accolade places her among the most honored figures in history for their outstanding contribution to literature. But does Applebaum deserve to be a member of this pantheon?   Applebaum has worked for major news outlets, is […]

In the Passing Away of Ramesh Upadhyaya Hindi Literature Has Lost A Gem

Veteran Hindi author and editor Ramesh Upadhyaya passed away recently at the age of 79 in Delhi. His contributions to Hindi literature and journalism as well as education spread over more than five decades were invaluable. He received several awards including the prestigious Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Award. His perspective was that of a left-oriented thinker […]

The Labyrinth in Literature

Renegade Editor’s Note: Just imagine if this was written after all the movies and books of recent years had been released. By W. H. MatthewsFrom Mazes and Labyritnhs [1922] THE romantic and mysterious flavour of the words “maze” and “labyrinth” has induced many a writer of fiction to adopt one or the other as the […]

Resistance is entrenched in Arab literature: ex-Lebanese minister

Resistance is entrenched in Arab literature: ex-Lebanese minister – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Noting that some Arab regimes seek reconciliation and negotiation with Israel, former Lebanese labor minister Tarad Hamadeh says that the concept of resistance is entrenched in Arab literature and media. “In the Arab political, literary and media discourse, the concept of resistance to […]

Politics and Literature in a Dystopian Age. The Iron Heel, We, and Collected Essays of George Orwell

February 20, 2021 by Francis Lee for the Saker Blog 1. Jack London and the Iron Heel The Iron Heel is a dystopian novel by the American writer Jack London, first published in 1908. It is considered to be one of the earliest examples of modern dystopian fiction. It was the fourth of London’s earlier output which […]

#DisruptTexts Mob Cancels Classic Literature to Combat “White Supremacy”

The books most of us read while in school are on the chopping block as “woke” teachers seek to erase literature that is too “White” from the curriculum. The movement #DisruptTexts is seeking to have Homer, Shakespeare, Melville, Hawthorne, and even “progressives” like Harper Lee removed from the classroom so as to combat the terrible […]

Children’s literature expert Mehdi Hejvani to attend Motamo book biennial in Belgium 

TEHRAN – The Iranian Association of Writers for Children and Youth has announced that Iranian children’s literature expert Mehdi Hejvani will be attending the Motamo International Biennial for Children’s Books in Belgium. The children’s book fair is organized every year in La Louvière with and by young people aged 6 to 18. The event has […]

Examining Seven Claims Made by the Standard Holocaust Literature

Holocaust or Hoax? Is Today’s Version of the Holocaust Any More Believable Than That of the Past? by Jürgen Graf The claims made by the standard literature Today’s version of the Holocaust (early 1997) runs as follows: a) The extermination programme: The objective of the National Socialists was the complete physical annihilation of all jews […]

Comparative literature

My limited but steady diet of early morning scripted news today yielded two pieces that I deemed of like focus and equal import. First, I read a piece forwarded to me by an academician friend who himself thrives on a diet of pro-Palestinian scholarly discourse and supplements that diet with his own research and writing. […]

FBI Source: Vegas Shooter Found With ANTIFA Literature, Photos Taken In Middle East

The Las Vegas shooter didn’t commit suicide as the mainstream media is reporting, but was killed by a FBI hostage rescue team who also found Antifa literature in his hotel room, according to a source linked to the team. The FBI team took the suspect out after he opened fired on them, according to the […]

Palestinian Festival of Literature celebrates 10 years of culture exchange, challenging oppression

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the winding alleyways in Nablus’s old city, the Community Resource Development Center of Nablus hosted the city’s gathering of the Palestinian Festival of Literature this week. Most of the guests and speakers arrived just at seven, the time the event was officially scheduled to start, but no one […]

Liberal Zionist group calls for ‘Obama Parameters’ to resolve conflict (but no real pressure on Israel)

The liberal Zionist group J Street has published a call on the Obama administration to take concrete action, and release “Obama Parameters” on the resolution of the conflict. Obama should nudge the Israelis with “reality checks,” J Street says. That’s a hint that it wants the Obama administration not to veto a resolution against settlements […]

‘Backslide on fundamental freedoms’: MEPs want Turkey migrant deal untied from EU accession talks

The talks on Turkey’s EU-membership should not speed up in the face of the last month’s Joint Action Plan struck between Ankara and Brussels, states the resolution agreed on by the European Parliament on Thursday. Most Germans oppose EU migrant deal with ‘untrustworthy’ Turkey – poll The EU legislators have denounced what they called a “serious […]

Erdogan greets Saudi King with Russian military march (VIDEO)

Video footage shows uniformed soldiers lined up in formation as Erdogan walks down a blue carpet and makes his way towards a microphone. Live music plays as the president makes his entrance – but the tune is very clearly the pre-revolutionary Russian march “Toska po rodine” (Longing for Home). Although there is debate over the […]

Texas gun rights activists holding ‘theatrical mass shooting’ near UT campus in protest of gun-free zones

(NaturalNews) Two gun rights groups have joined forces to stage a “theatrical mass shooting” on Saturday in Austin, Texas, demonstrating the danger of gun-free […]

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