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Right Wing Round-Up: Standard Operating Procedure

Zoë Richards, Ken Dilanian and Ryan J. Reilly @ NBC News: GOP lawmakers conflate standard FBI policies with an assassination attempt on Trump Congressional allies of Donald Trump on Tuesday conflated standard FBI operating procedures with what they called an attempt by President Joe Biden’s administration to assassinate the former president during a 2022 search […]

GoFundMe’s Palestine double standard makes it complicit in Gaza genocide

Pro-Palestine social media users are calling to boycott the fundraising platform GoFundMe over invasive ‘compliance measures’ for Gaza fundraisers. While manufactured famine creeps across the Strip, people are claiming GFM’s lengthy company procedures amount to racial discrimination and psychological warfare. Since the Israeli aggression in Gaza has continued to escalate beyond comprehension, “genocide escape” fundraisers […]

WAR TACTIC: Iran fires ballistic missiles from launchers disguised as standard shipping containers

(NaturalNews) A potential war tactic has just been launched by Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) when it fired two “Fateh class” ballistic missiles… Source

Inventor Of ‘Gold Standard’ Cognitive Test Suggests Biden Should Take One

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via, The inventor of the ‘gold standard’ in cognitive tests suggested Joe Biden should take one as the controversy surrounding the president’s mental ability continues to swirl. Questions over Biden’s mental decline soared above the fold of partisan fodder last week and can no longer be pinned on him […]

Standard Chartered Sees Ether HItting $4,000 By May, When Ethereum ETF Is Approved

One month ago, Standard Chartered predicted that with ETF approval in the rearview mirror, bitcoin would eventually rise up to $200,000. It has since turned its attention to ether and the inevitable ethereum ETF approval, and while it does not follow up with a similarly bombastic forecast, it nonetheless sees ETH rising to $4,000 by […]

Volkswagen, Audi, And Porsche Adopt Tesla EV Plug As NACS Becomes Gold Standard

Volkswagen, Audi, And Porsche Adopt Tesla EV Plug As NACS Becomes Gold Standard The Volkswagen Group announced its brands, VW, Audi, and Porsche, will be integrating Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) plug into electric vehicles beginning in 2025, signifying yet another major automaker adopting NACS, which is becoming the de facto EV plug in North America.  […]

I Hear These Are Standard Equipment In Congressional Offices Nowadays

Any guesses? — Historic Vids (@historyinmemes) December 14, 2023 Source

Americans need to make $11,400 more today to maintain the same standard of living they had in 2021

(NaturalNews) A recent analysis reveals that Americans need an additional $11,434 annually to maintain the same standard of living they had in January… Source

Dutch Central Bank Admits It Has Prepared For A New Gold Standard

By Jan Nieuwenhuijs, of Gainesville Coins In a recent interview the Dutch central bank (DNB) shares it has equalized its gold reserves, relative to GDP, to other countries in the eurozone and outside of Europe. This has been a political decision. If there is a financial crisis the gold price will skyrocket, and official gold […]

High Prices Are Eroding Our Standard of Living


Palestine vs Ukraine: How Pro-Israeli lobbies ensure a double standard

October 18, 2023  By Farah Hajj Hassan An analysis of how the Pro-Israeli lobbies that permeate mainstream media as well as Western nations into endorsing Israeli atrocities in the name of “Self-defense,” simultaneously condone the censoring of Pro-Palestinian sentiment and solidarity. Bennett unhinged, ranted at the presenter like a belligerent toddler, and claimed that “Israel” […]

Double standard? Democrats say Trump gets free pass on his age

President Biden is 80 years old. Former President Trump is 77.   Yet age has become a defining part of Biden’s image, and is potentially his political Achilles’ heel. Polls suggest voters in both political parties have doubts about electing Biden to a second term because of his age.  In contrast, age rarely comes up as… […]

The U.S. double standard on nuclear power is dangerous

A potential component of Saudi-Israeli normalization would allow the U.S. to help Saudi Arabia develop a nuclear program. In contrast, U.S. hostility to Iranian nuclear capabilities shows a dangerous double standard. Source

Biden Admin Wants 58 MPG Fuel Efficiency Standard By 2032

Biden Admin Wants 58 MPG Fuel Efficiency Standard By 2032 The Biden administration on Friday announced a proposal to require raising fuel economy standards to 58 miles per gallon. The proposal, from the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), would aim for a respective 2% annual increase for passenger cars, and a […]

California Approves Math Curriculum Promoting “Social Justice” Over Standard Skills

The critics claim that the framework incorporates concepts of social justice, political activism, and environmental justice into the math curriculum Source

UAE’s Sheikh Mansour says Man City Champions League win sets standard future successes

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, the UAE's Vice President and Deputy Prime Minister, as well as the owner of Manchester City and City Football Group, has congratulated the football club after winning their first-ever Champions League title yesterday in Istanbul, by beating Inter Milan 1-0. This triumph, combined with their victories in the English Premier League […]

BTC Conference 2023 Panel – “Journalism on a Bitcoin Standard”

BTC Conference 2023 Panel – “Journalism on a Bitcoin Standard”. Source

The IRS Increased the Standard Mileage Deduction for 2023

Due to the recent high fuel costs, the Internal Revenue Service has raised the standard mileage deduction for the business use of a vehicle. It means you can recover more of the costs of operating your business vehicles. In 2023, the IRS raised the standard mileage rate for businesses by $0.03. It brings it up […]

 Standard to Ben-Gvir Announcing the Fall of the Entity

Dec 15, 2022 by Nasser Kandil Those talking day and night about a wave of normalization invading the Arab world, in the midst of whom voices for resistance have been a dissonant chord, should fall silent. Suffice it for them to read or listen well or view and consider the hundreds of reports swarming in […]

Moscow World Standard Being Created For Alternative System in Precious Metals Trading

Eurasian alliance plans a Moscow World Standard to destroy LBMA’s monopoly in precious metals pricing  30 Aug 2022 23:31 Towards the end of July, news emerged in the Russian media that Moscow and a number of its Eurasian allies are now reviewing a proposal to create an entirely new trading and pricing infrastructure for the […]

Reminder: All Women Required To Report To Mike Pence To Receive Standard-Issue Handmaid Outfit By 5 PM Today

PUBLIC NOTICE: All women are required to report to Mike Pence to receive their standard-issue handmaid outfits by 5:00 PM EST today. Any woman who is not in line by 5:00 PM EST will be rounded up by Pence’s Soldiers of the Patriarchy and transported to one of the country’s 38 Handmaid Reeducation Hovels via […]

NATO’s Racist Refugee Double-Standard

Some 6.2 million Ukrainian refugees have fled to neighboring countries due to the ongoing war, many of which have been aided by NATO member states. However, the way in which Ukraine’s refugees have been aided reflects strikingly racist double-standards. In light of recent developments in the NATO-Russia conflict in Ukraine, Biden just signed a 40 […]

Your Standard Of Living Is Being Systematically Destroyed

Most Americans didn’t understand that the exceedingly foolish decisions of our leaders would eventually have a major impact on how they live their lives every single day.  But there are some of us that did.  Many of us literally begged our politicians to stop borrowing and spending trillions upon trillions of dollars that we did […]

Fauci Admits “Gold Standard” PCR Tests Prove Nothing, But COVID Fear Porn Continues Unabated

Straight from the horse’s mouth, what we have known all along, from the inventor of the PCR test, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Kary Mullis, who was Fauci’s fiercest critic and who conveniently died months before COVID. Fauci:  “PCR doesn`t measure replication-competent virus. It measures viral particles, nucleic acid.…I can continue to be positive with a […]

Biden Declares Emergency To Send Ukraine “Non-Standard Ammo” & Bucha False Flag Continues To Unravel

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/26/22). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Molotov Cocktails and the media’s double standard.

For the past two weeks, my social media timelines have been flooded with everything about Ukraine: news reports, friends sharing humanitarian appeals, celebrities and supermodels sharing solidarity posts, and the ordinary Twitter user sharing their opinions on the situation.  The images of people fleeing their homes with the clothes on their backs, families huddling in […]

The media’s racist double standard on Palestine

When I decided to become a journalist in college it was to amplify the suppressed voice and calls for freedom of my people. At that time I believed that journalism all over the world was one-sided: the truth, and nothing but truthful all the time.  I also believed that being a Palestinian journalist, particularly based […]

CNN’s Bash: McCarthy ‘Right’ — Dems Changed the Standard to Majority Deciding Who Can Be on Committees

CNN anchor Dana Bash said Monday on “OutFront” that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was “right” about the Democrats changing the standard practice in Congress to the majority telling the minority who can serve on committees. Burnett said, “So, Dana, final question is widely believed the GOP will shut down the committee if it regains control […]

Russia and Israel – a double-standard in international condemnation

Over the past month, in a break from its usual focus on COVID-19, the Western mainstream media has dedicated a sizeable amount of coverage to unverified claims by unnamed US intelligence officials that the Russian Federation is planning an imminent military invasion of its western neighbour Ukraine – under the rule of the successive US-EU […]

Belarus: A non-standard situation demands non-standard tools | View

Austria’s Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg has announced a conference on the political crisis in Belarus, set to take place on Monday, November 22. The following is Belarusian diplomat and opposition leader Pavel Latushka’s assessment of what steps need to be taken. World history knows many examples of external mediation to resolve domestic political crises, when the […]

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