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Belarus: A non-standard situation demands non-standard tools | View

Austria’s Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg has announced a conference on the political crisis in Belarus, set to take place on Monday, November 22. The following is Belarusian diplomat and opposition leader Pavel Latushka’s assessment of what steps need to be taken. World history knows many examples of external mediation to resolve domestic political crises, when the […]

Biden administration says IHRA definition of antisemitism is ‘gold standard’

The Biden administration has reiterated its support for the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism. The controversial interpretation conflates antisemitism with legitimate criticism of Israel. The IHRA working definition was formally adopted by the Trump administration in 2018. In April a group of Democratic House members, three of them Jewish, sent Secretary […]

Anger at double standard as white man filmed driving away from police stop

Social media users called out the racial double standard in North American policing after a white man in Canada was able to drive away from a cop, at one point hitting the officer with his truck, before he was arrested without incurring any serious injury. The 46-year-old man from Grand Praire in Alberta in western […]

Nolte: Fauci’s Obscenely Stupid, One-Size-Fits-All Mask Standard

Admitted liar Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on ABC’s This Week with Devoted Clintonista George Stephanopoulos and basically threatened all Americans with eternal mask mandates over the behavior of some: STEPHANOPOULOS: A third possible wave may be making the benefits of the vaccine very, very tangible to people. You’ve had former — you’ve had experts like the […]

Are You Prepared For a “New Normal” of Flashmobs, Revolutionaries and a Lower Standard of Living?

By Robert Wheeler The protests and riots that engulfed the United States just before the election seem to have calmed down. However, you only need to turn on the news to see that random protests and mob street action are popping up all across the country. Sometimes, the target of the mob attacks is the […]

Whitmer suggests double standard for Dem, GOP politicians on misconduct allegations

The first-term Democrat said Thursday that the allegations against Cuomo should be vetted and taken seriously and that she supports New York Attorney General Tish James’ investigation, but that she wasn’t going to prejudge the investigation. “If [the allegations] are true, then there should be accountability,” said Whitmer, who also said she is a survivor […]

UK to push at G7 for global standard on COVID-19 ‘vaccine passports’

Britain plans to use its presidency of the Group of Seven economic powers to push for an internationally recognized system of vaccine passports that could allow world travel to resume, though Prime Minister Boris Johnson acknowledged Tuesday that the idea raises “complex” ethical issues. The British government previously said it was not considering issuing vaccine passports to […]

Criminal background checks for immigrants now standard, other gaps remain

The most recent case of a Jewish immigrant to Israel caught up in allegations of sexual abuse has highlighted once again the potential for misuse of the Law of Return by individuals who wish to leave past criminal convictions behind them or whose deeds have not yet caught up with them. On Friday, The Jerusalem Post […]

Standard of living for Israelis plummets to 20-year low amid coronavirus crisis

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Glenn Greenwald Blasts Big Tech for Censoring ‘Unilaterally, with No Standard, Accountability or Appeal’

Journalist Glenn Greenwald has criticized Silicon Valley tech companies for an increase in censorship following the recent suspension of President Donald Trump’s social media accounts. Greenwald expects the Masters of the Universe to quickly escalate their censorship as the belief that ” tech oligarchs should police our discourse is a virtual consensus.” In a number […]

IME to issue standard salaf bonds to support housing sector

TEHRAN – Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) plans to presell housing units through standard salaf bonds in near future, the IME deputy for economic studies announced. “We will soon see the issuance of standard housing salaf bonds in the capital market to help financing in the housing sector and construction of new housing units in the […]

Tehran censures double standard in dealing with terrorism

TEHRAN — Tehran has called on the UN and its Human Rights Council to stop their selective approach toward human rights issues and condemn the recent assassination of top Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh as an act of terrorism. Inaction over this terrorist and criminal act and failure to highlight it in the relevant UN […]

Examining Seven Claims Made by the Standard Holocaust Literature

Holocaust or Hoax? Is Today’s Version of the Holocaust Any More Believable Than That of the Past? by Jürgen Graf The claims made by the standard literature Today’s version of the Holocaust (early 1997) runs as follows: a) The extermination programme: The objective of the National Socialists was the complete physical annihilation of all jews […]

Rape is Standard Operating Procedure For American Infantrymen

HomeOp-ed 9 Oct, 2020 14:56Get short URL FILE PHOTO: People pay respects at a mural of Vanessa Guillen, a soldier based at nearby Fort Hood on July 6, 2020 in Austin, Texas ©  Getty Images / Sergio Flores Follow RT on Daniel Kovalik teaches International Human Rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and is author […]

Rose McGowan Calls Out New York Times for Sexual Assault Double Standard: ‘So Obvious in Their Bias’

Actress-activist Rose McGowan is blasting the left-wing media, especially the New York Times, for what she sees as their double standard when it comes to reporting sexual assault allegations against liberals versus conservatives. McGowan, who has accused Oscar-winning filmmaker Alexander Payne of sexually assaulting her when she was 15, noted that left-wing media outlets used […]

Israel to form panel to set standard for post-bankruptcy living wage

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Leading the World Back to the Gold Standard-China & Russia

20 Aug, 2020 12:18Get short URL © / Michael Steinberg Follow RT onIn the latest episode of Keiser Report’s annual Summer Solutions series, Max and Stacy talk about governments’ endless money printing and a global hyperinflation in fiat currency. They talk to investor Lawrence Lepard about all that’s happening in the global economy, asking […]

A Brief History of the Gold Standard, with a Focus on the United States

[This article is part of the Understanding Money Mechanics series, by Robert P. Murphy. The series will be published as a book in late 2020.] To fully understand our current global monetary system, in which all of the major powers issue unbacked fiat money, it is helpful to learn how today’s system emerged from its earlier form. […]

When to switch to standard delivery in Google Ads (hint: you should have switched yesterday)

Long thought to be an easy, one-click optimization, accelerated delivery might be doing more harm than good (if it’s doing anything at all). Here’s why that is and what you should do about it. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. Source Article from

ISO rejects the NSA’s IoT crypto standard, believing it to be backdoored

For three years, International Standards Organization has been wrangling over which cryptographic algorithms will be incorporated into a standard for interoperability in “Internet of Things” gadgets; at issue has been the NSA’s insistence that “Simon” and “Speck” would be the standard block cipher algorithms in these devices. The NSA has a history […]

The double standard for ‘a peaceful English town’ and Gaza

Russia had no motive to assassinate the Skripals. Sergey Skripal was in Russian custody serving a prison term for being a double agent with Britain. He was later returned to England on a spy swap deal. If Russia wanted him dead, they would have passed a death sentence on him while he was in Russia. […]

On the ‘double standard’ for Israel

As we know, it’s very common for “pro-Israel” activists (I hate the term “pro-Israel”, but can’t think of a better term, so I put it in scare quotes) to accuse critics of Israel, especially advocates of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, or BDS, of anti-Semitic bias. One of the basic go-to pieces of evidence for anti-Semitic […]

Masters of Fake News: The Great US ‘Disinformation’ Double Standard

They say America is the land of opportunity. Only in American can you spin a new multi-million dollar industry off the back of an imaginary scandal like ‘Russia meddled in the 2016 Presidential Election’… DISINFORMATION SPECIALIST: FOX News presenter Heather Nauert now struggling as US State Departments spokesperson. By F. Michael Maloof The Trump administration […]

Are Consensus Science “Gold Standard Peer Reviews” Fraudulent BS Science?

By Catherine J. Frompovich “We conclude that penises are not best understood as the male sexual organ, or as a male reproductive organ, but instead as an enacted social construct that is both damaging and problematic for society and future generations… and is the conceptual driver behind much of climate change.” [1-2] The […]

US Applies Useful Double Standard to Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria

AFRIN, SYRIA — On Saturday, Syrian news agency SANA reported that six men had been hospitalized after an alleged Turkish chemical weapons attack on a small town near the city of Afrin in Northern Syria. Jiwan Mohammad, the director of the Afrin Hospital, told SANA that the men’s symptoms were indicative of those experienced after contact […]

Associated Press double standard in reporting Israel-Palestine conflict

     Associated Press is one of those news sources we expect to be objective and reliable. But when it comes to the subject of Israel-Palestine, things are not always as they seem. More than half the world’s population reads Associated Press content every day. But a study of news reports so far in 2018 indicates […]

US double standard: Riots v. sovereignty

IRNA – The US envoy at the UN has supported the rioters in Iran while saying that countries are ‘sovereign’. ‘In the past week, what has happened on the ground throughout the nation of Iran is something the world must take note of,’ said Nikki Haley whose country’s president has called Iranians ‘a terrorist nation’. […]

Off-Duty Officer Who Murdered Teen Should be Held to Higher Standard When Sentenced

For purposes of his murder trial, Ken Johnson wanted jurors to know he was a cop — that he was trained and experienced, that he had the instincts of a veteran police officer. On Monday, when his sentencing trial opens, Johnson should be held to that standard. He was off duty on March 13, 2016, […]

Another double-standard for Pelosi: ‘Horrible’ that accuser Paula Jones was able to sue Bill Clinton

     In the eyes of Nancy Pelosi, sexual harassment accusers are equal. Some are just more equal than others – and equality apparently depends on the political party of the accused. The House Minority Leader, and highest ranking woman in the U.S. government, told reporters she thought it was “horrible” that Paula Jones was able […]

Russia-China Real Gold Standard Means End Of US Dollar Dominance

In 2016, 24,338 tons of physical gold were traded, which was 43 percent more than in 2015, according to Claudio Grass, of Precious Metal Advisory Switzerland.   Gold moving from the West to the East “We have to put the BRICS initiative into a broader context. It is just part of a geopolitical tectonic shift […]

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