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Volkswagen, Audi, And Porsche Adopt Tesla EV Plug As NACS Becomes Gold Standard

Volkswagen, Audi, And Porsche Adopt Tesla EV Plug As NACS Becomes Gold Standard The Volkswagen Group announced its brands, VW, Audi, and Porsche, will be integrating Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) plug into electric vehicles beginning in 2025, signifying yet another major automaker adopting NACS, which is becoming the de facto EV plug in North America.  […]

Volkswagen to Invest in Mines in Bid to Become Global Battery Supplier

BERLIN—Volkswagen plans to invest in mines to bring down the cost of battery cells, meet half of its own demand and sell to third-party customers, the carmaker’s board member in charge of technology said. Its strategy aligns with a wider trend of carmakers seeking greater control over parts of the supply chain traditionally left to […]

Volkswagen Says Chip Shortage Will Likely Extend to 2023

German vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen has said it does not anticipate chip shortages ending in 2023 and is instead gearing up for a “new normal” of supply-chain disruptions. Murat Aksel, head of procurement on the Volkswagen board, gave the bleak outlook in an interview with the German weekly Automobilwoche. Aksel said that while the situation has improved […]

Volkswagen CEO Keeps His Job, Company Ramps up EV Investments

Germany’s Volkswagen Group on Thursday revealed a series of measures that include CEO Herbert Diess keeping his job, overhauling the board, naming a new China leader, and the company raising its five-year spending plan for electric mobility to take on Tesla Inc. The Big Changes The 63-year old Diess will continue as Volkswagen Group CEO […]

Volkswagen Expects Battery, Raw Material Drive to Cost up to $34 Billion

FRANKFURT, GERMANY—Volkswagen’s planned European battery cell plants and securing vital raw materials will cost as much as 30 billion euros ($34 billion), board member Thomas Schmall said, putting a price tag on the expansion for the first time. Schmall, who is in charge of technology at Europe’s largest carmaker, said in an interview at  the […]

Remembering Volkswagen’s Troubled, and Holocaust, History

The main gate at the Auschwitz concentration camp. Photo: Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. On March 19, 2019, the world press widely reported that the chief executive of Volkswagen (VW), Herbert Diess, apologized for evoking a Nazi slogan to describe the importance of boosting the company’s profits. Diess used the line “Ebit macht frei” at a […]

Once Jews, now Uighurs: Why would Volkswagen want to be complicit in another genocide?

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Volkswagen Doubles EV Battery Order To $48 Billion

Volkswagen Doubles EV Battery Order To $48 Billion May 4th, 2018 Via: Fortune: A few hours after Elon Musk berated analysts for what he perceived as unimaginative questions, Volkswagen AG said it was writing a check for batteries that almost match Tesla’s entire market […]

Volkswagen Spends Billions More on Electric Cars in Search for Mass Market

Volkswagen Spends Billions More on Electric Cars in Search for Mass Market September 12th, 2017 Via: Reuters: Volkswagen is stepping up its shift to electric cars and plans to invest more than 20 billion euros ($24 billion) in zero-emission vehicles by 2030 to challenge […]

Volkswagen Partners with Nvidia to Expand Its Use of AI Beyond Autonomous Vehicles

Volkswagen Partners with Nvidia to Expand Its Use of AI Beyond Autonomous Vehicles June 27th, 2017 Use AI to fire workers, in other words. Via: TechCrunch: Volkswagen is working with Nvidia to expand its usage of its artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies beyond […]

Volkswagen to pay $2.8 bn fine in diesel emissions scandal

German carmaker Volkswagen will pay a $2.8 billion criminal penalty for cheating on diesel emissions test, in a negotiated settlement with the US Justice Department. US District Judge Sean Cox ordered the fine on Friday, following the terms of the deal in which Volkswagen pleaded guilty to conspiracy and obstruction of […]

Hidden EU Plan for “Super-Country” No Member Border Control, no Member central banks, no Member own currency, new EU Army!

The mask has finally come off the real reason for the “BREXIT” as a 10 page EU plan by France and Germany is now exposed, creating an EU “Super-State” where members would no longer be countries!  Apparently, 20 Ministers of the EU have already signed-off on the plan at secret meetings in Berlin and […]

Putin: ‘Russia needs to build insurmountable barrier against smuggling, illegal migrants’

     There is a need for an “insurmountable barrier” to smuggling and undocumented migration to be put on Russian borders, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday. The Russian president said that over 3,300 undocumented migrants were detained in Russia last year, and over 2,800 criminal cases were initiated over illegal border crossings. “The border service […]

Terror Bomb Rips Through Istanbul’s Sultanahmet Square

nsnbc : A terror bomb ripped through Istanbul’s Sultanahmet square close to the world-famous Haga Sofia and Blue Mosque. German tourists are among those killed by the blast stated local reporters. Turkish security services claimed body parts of the attacker identified him as Syrian. It is at this point in time uncertain whether reports that the self-proclaimed […]

Big Data tells shoppers what’s hot for holidays

Watson, IBM Corp.’s supercomputer that famously competed on the television show “Jeopardy,” is coming West. Source Article from

SpaceX Wrapping Up Falcon 9 Rocket Failure Investigation

Josh Brost, a business development executive with SpaceX, said at the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight here that the final report on the failure should be delivered to the Federal Aviation Administration, which licensed the launch,  “maybe in the next month.” On that launch, of a Dragon cargo spacecraft bound for the International […]

Government hounds Nazi-founded Volkswagen over pollution lies while ignoring these Nazi corporations killing Americans

(NaturalNews) It seems that some public policies are more important than others when it comes to the Obama Administration and other leftist regimes around the world. In recent days, the U.S. government and, perhaps eventually, others in Europe and Asia, lashed out at Volkswagen after the company was caught cheating on U.S. air […]

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