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Charlie Kirk Keeps Spreading Baseless Claims to Justify His Christian Nationalism

Right-wing commentator and youth organizer Charlie Kirk continues to host TPUSA Faith’s monthly Freedom Night in America events at churches around the nation where he consistently spreads historically baseless claims about the Constitution and the founding of this country. On Wednesday night, Kirk and right-wing radio host Dennis Prager of Prager U appeared at Dream […]

Maher: Violence in CA, Memphis Goes Beyond Race and Focusing Solely on Race Keeps from Solving the Problem

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated that there has become a bizarre ritual where we wait to find out the race of perpetrators “like we’re waiting for the Oscar nominations, because that’s somehow, to a Source

US Interests ‘Legitimate Targets’ If Washington Keeps Supporting Saudi War on Yemen – Ansarullah

December 17, 2022  By Staff, Agencies A senior member of Yemen’s Ansarullah resistance movement warned the United States against its continued support for the devastating Saudi onslaught and all-out blockade against the country, saying that Washington’s strategic interests in the region would be the “legitimate targets” of retaliatory strikes by Yemeni armed forces if American […]

The World Cup Thankfully Keeps Politics in Football

With global attention focused on the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, there are the usual bleatings about politics being entangled with sport. Qatar being a country with no previous football tradition, these are being magnified beyond the usual levels. Selling out to big business! Ignoring Qatar’s human rights record! Preventing fans drinking! LBGT and migrant […]

North Korea Keeps Up Barrage Of Weapons Tests With Launch Of ICBM

The ICBM test, which was followed by two short-range ballistic launches into the sea, was condemned by neighbors and the U.S. Source

US Service Sector Keeps Momentum in August; Price Pressures Ease: ISM Survey

The U.S. services industry picked up again in August for the second straight month amid stronger order growth and employment, while supply bottlenecks and price pressures eased, reinforcing the view that the economy was not in recession despite output sinking in the first half of the year. The Institute for Supply Management said its non-manufacturing […]

Turkiye kingmaker party keeps options open ahead of Erdogan’s election test

A pro-Kurdish party set to play a key role in Turkish elections next year said it is open to talks with other opposition parties on finding a joint candidate who could end President Tayyip Erdogan’s two decades in power, Reuters reports. But senior deputy, Saruhan Oluc, told Reuters that the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), which […]

The US Keeps Betting On Cuba Surrendering Out Of Desperation

Last week, US President Joe Biden extended for one more year the sanctions on Cuba, arguing the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917. This mechanism has been used for the last 60 years to back the countless sanctions that make up the US blockade against Cuba. This time, Biden only limited himself to saying that […]

‘This Time for Keeps’ (1947): Traveling Back in Time to Mackinac Island

Few films ventured out of the soundstage during Hollywood’s Golden Era, since the major studios found it more cost-effective and efficient to film in the comfort of their atmosphere-controlled lots. However, a rare film would supplement its studio footage with some choice sequences shot in a unique location. One film that did this is MGM’s […]

Australia’s Excess Death Toll Just Keeps Getting Worse

Dr Ah Kahn Syed The Australian Bureau of Statistics just released its latest all-cause mortality statistics which are about 3 months behind real time. It paints a horrific picture of the effects of public health policy with around 15,000 excess deaths since October 2021 (the red shaded area represents excess deaths over the prior upper limits). In […]

Wife Puts ‘I Did That’ Stickers Next To Socks Husband Keeps Leaving On Floor

HUNTERS RIDGE, MS — Local wife and mother of three Hannah Baxter was tired of constantly reminding her husband, Brad, to put his socks in the dirty clothes hamper. So, she got passive-aggressive and had “I did that!” stickers printed with his face on it. Source

Head of IOF’s Northern Command: Hezbollah Keeps Us Busy All the Time

July 9, 2022 Translated by Staff, Hebrew Media The commander of the “Israeli” Occupation Forces’ [IOF] Northern Command, Major General Amir Baram, told the settlers of the northern border in Metula: “The Golan Heights is like a magnet, which attracts to it many things from Tehran through Iraq, to the Hermon [Jabal al-Sheikh] region. And […]

Why Japan Keeps Handing Out Certificates to Gay Couples But Won’t Let Them Get Married

On a stifling July day last summer, Yumi Nagaya and her partner did what generations of LGBTQ couples in Japan could only dream of. Wearing identical silver wedding rings, the two were issued a certificate formally recognizing their union in front of a Tokyo official. The piece of paper, called a partnership certificate, allows them […]

‘We’ve got to stop fooling ourselves’: Enthusiasm gap keeps getting worse for Dems

It’s beginning to look like nothing is going to bail the party out this year. The last time the enthusiasm gap was this wide, in 2010, Democrats lost more than 60 seats in the House. “Things could change,” said David Axelrod, previously an adviser to former President Barack Obama, in an email. “But with only […]

Batman, Commissioner Gordon Frustrated As Kamala Harris Keeps Paying The Joker’s Bail

GOTHAM—The Caped Crusader took a short break from keeping the streets of Gotham safe to express his frustration at Vice President Kamala Harris for paying The Joker’s bail every time Batman turned him over to authorities. “Twenty minutes. The Joker was incarcerated for twenty minutes before Kamala Harris bailed him out in the name of […]

“Disgusting” Blackface Trudeau Keeps Up Unhinged Rant Against Anti-Mandate Convoy

Above image: Left, #Freedom2022; Right, Justin Trudeau in black face, one of of at least 3 separate instances. Defending his policies which force all Canadians, on pain of loss of livelihood, to submit to still experimental injections which pathologists are now reporting are directly responsible for high numbers of deaths and horrific injuries, Justin Trudeau has […]

Dr. Andrew Kaufman Explains How Government Falsify Numbers And Keeps The Narrative Going

Dr. Andrew Kaufman explains how the government’s disinformation machine is working the numbers. Namely, that in the usual PCR test protocol, there are three primers (fragments of single-stranded DNA), and if all three are positive, it is considered to be a positive test and the person is diagnosed with Covid. As is now well understood, this […]

Leftist Who Keeps Taking COVID Tests Says He Can Quit Anytime

ARLINGTON, VA—A local family held an impromptu intervention for their son, Eric Chag, 35, who has been taking up to 24 COVID tests a day. “I can quit anytime I want!” screeched Eric. “I’m not out of control! You’re all out of control! I’m going to cancel you from my room!” The family first became […]

MSNBC’s Hayes: ‘The Right Keeps Losing the Culture and Winning the Culture War’

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes said Thursday on his show “All In” that the right was trying to win the culture by using politics, and that was ultimately not working. Hayes said, “This is something I think structures so much of American politics and the way I phrase it is that the right keeps losing the […]


In 1945 USA/DC murdered American General George S Patton for standing up for America and against the Rothschild’s red Russian Khazarian Mafia’s evil Communism/Zionism twins. In 1949 USA/DC murdered James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy-Secretary of the Department of Defense for fighting red Russian Communism and objecting to the formation of the Rothschilds private resort […]

The US keeps turning a blind eye to Israel’s settlement expansion

Israeli media have been pointing out that the Biden administration in Washington is not too bothered about the occupation state’s illegal settlement expansion. There is little reason to doubt the veracity of the claim. So far, US President Joe Biden has managed to maintain a fine balance between his agenda in favour of the two-state […]

Volkswagen CEO Keeps His Job, Company Ramps up EV Investments

Germany’s Volkswagen Group on Thursday revealed a series of measures that include CEO Herbert Diess keeping his job, overhauling the board, naming a new China leader, and the company raising its five-year spending plan for electric mobility to take on Tesla Inc. The Big Changes The 63-year old Diess will continue as Volkswagen Group CEO […]

Biden Keeps Crushing Sanctions Yet Blames Iran For Nuclear Impasse

 At the Vienna talks on restoring the Iran nuclear deal, the US and EU are accusing Iran of refusing to compromise. Mohammad Marandi, a University of Tehran professor advising the Iran delegation in Vienna, says that the compromise was the nuclear deal itself, and the problem is the US refusal to abide by its […]

Fauci Keeps Squashing Ivermectin Which Shows Efficacy Against Variants Like Omicron

As the medical association which discovered it decries the “hype” surrounding the so-called omicron variant of the COVID virus, of which there are many types in circulation most often resulting in the common cold, Anthony Fauci continues to deny the efficacy of Ivermectin even though it has shown potency against new strains of COVID. Fauci […]

Judge Keeps Oil Pipeline Case In Federal Court

Above Photo: Water protectors in Mackinaw City, Michigan, protest Enbridge’s Line 5 project on May 13, 2021. Whitney Gravelle. Line 5 moves 23 million gallons daily of crude oil and natural gas liquids between Superior, Wisconsin, and Sarnia, Ontario. A federal judge retained jurisdiction Tuesday in a dispute over a Canadian oil pipeline that runs […]

Biden Unsure Why Winnie The Pooh Keeps Speaking Chinese

WASHINGTON, D.C.—After being bathed and fed by staffers, U.S. President Joe Biden was led to a table facing a large TV screen, according to reports. The President’s face lit up when one of his favorite Disney characters appeared on the screen, then showed confusion as Winnie the Pooh began speaking Chinese. “Come on, man, why […]

Federal Appeals Court Keeps Block on Biden’s “Staggeringly Overbroad” COVID-19 Vaccine-or-Testing Rule for Large Companies

November 13th, 2021 Via: USA Today: A federal appeals court Friday called a Biden administration rule requiring large companies to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for employees “staggeringly overbroad” and ordered that its implementation remain blocked in a divisive case likely bound for the Supreme Court. … A three-judge panel called the rule “fatally flawed” and said […]

Hockey Game Keeps Greek-Canadian Family Tradition Alive

Stephan Lentzos and his cousins at the “Hochelaga Cup” in 2011. Credit: Stephan Lentzos Back in 1977, four Greek-Canadian boys — all cousins, and sons of Greek immigrants to Canada — started a pickup game of hockey in a front yard on Hochelaga Street in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and began a tradition that remains alive […]

The World Keeps Asking: Why Does BoJo Keep Getting Away With It?

The only way people like Boris Johnson can communicate with others is to laugh and joke and mess around all the time, no matter what else they may have to offer. This affliction does come with some advantages – people like him can be popular, until their jokes offend the wrong people, and seen as clever. […]

Feisty Grandma Keeps Ancient Indian Martial Art Alive

Kalaripayattu, also known as kalari, believed to be 3,000 years old, is the oldest surviving Indian martial art. It originated in the southern state of Kerala, India. Intertwined with Hindu religious beliefs, this ancient Indian martial art carries with it the wonders of spiritual healing, and religious salvation. Al Jazeera reports how a great-grandmother in […]

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