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Beirut Port Blast: Banality of Media Keeps Truth Away

August 5, 2023 Mohammad Salami One of the conspicuous aspects of the deeply-rooted political crisis in Lebanon is that the Lebanese people are unable to unify their stance towards a historical explosion which comprises a human catastrophe. Few moments after the blast which rocked Beirut Port on August 4, 2020, politicians and media outlets rushed […]

The Banality of Good pt. 7: Global Tribes vs. National Pride

Global Tribes vs. National Pride Clara:   I have just been reading a Canadian Jewish news bulletin and all the tribal features are there: the community life with kosher catering, the private Sunday schools with their curriculum of Jewish culture, Judaism and the Holocaust, the comment on why we shouldn’t sympathize with Palestinian children and the trip for […]

The Banality of Good Pt. 5 – Pre TSD, Zionism and Empire

 By Clara S and Gilad Atzmon Clara:   After having read Exodus as a teenager I was convinced that after the Holocaust finding a new home in Israel and fighting anyone who threatened their existence was quite an understandable reaction of the Jewish people. Gilad: Do you mean killing Arabs and taking their land in the name of […]

The Banality of jewish Evil

The jewish stranglehold on the USSA and other formerly prosperous White homelands is predicated on the lie of jewish victimhood. In typical two-faced jewish fashion, victimhood is simultaneously an offensive and defensive weapon. It is the nonsensical justification for all the special privileges enjoyed by g*d’s chosen people, such as holohoax reparations and gross overrepresentation […]

BDS or emigration: pick one

Liberal Zionist Aluf Benn laments in Haaretz: “The Boycott of Israel Is No Miracle Drug.” Aluf Benn realizes that the frustrated liberal Zionist elites in Israel (who had high hopes for the 2015 elections) would like to co-opt the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (BDS), and ride it to their preferred destination – “saving Israel […]

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